The 6 C's of Story Branding: A Breakthrough Approach To Identify & Develop A Compelling Brand Story | Bulldog Reporter | How to find and tell your story |

Stories don't tell us how to think or what to value. Rather, they provide a welcomed freedom to self-select the truths we read into them. This is why they can be immensely powerful.


Too often we think of 'story branding' as 'story pushing.' But I love what the author Jim Signorelli says, "In many ways, stories provide a great example for brands to follow. Brands, like stories, also contain truths. But whose truth is it, the brand's or ours? It is one thing for brands to push their meanings on us, and quite another to help us to our own conclusions." In the author's view, if approached properly, story branding avoids this whole 'pushing' dynamic.


So do you want to creat a brand story for your business? Then create a Story Brief first. This article talks about how to do just that. I really like this concept, and the beginning steps the author suggests. 

Via Karen Dietz