1080P is Better Than 4K (Or Why I Chose the Canon C100). By Ryan E. Walters | Film & Cinema | Scoop.it

Posted by Ryan E.Walters on May 3, 2013 • 


"After many years of owning a wide range of camera systems, including a RED ONE and an EPIC, I decided to sell it all and rent. So for the past three years I have been exclusively renting cameras on a per project basis, that is, until recently when I made the plunge and bought the Canon C100. Little did I know how many eyebrows and questions it would raise when I posted a picture on Facebook. Here is why I chose a 1080p, 4:2:0 camera over a 4k RAW camera.


Reason 1: It Is The Craftsperson, Not The Tool, That Matters

I am a firm believer that it is the talent behind the lens that matters most, not the camera. I want to surround myself with people and productions who value the craft more than the tech. When was the last time you hired a carpenter and asked what brand hammer he was using? Or what brush the painter used on the oil painting you bought? Or how about the contents of this blog — does it matter if I am writing it on a Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android?"





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