The wine estate Azienda Agricola Valturio was founded by Adriano Galli and Isabella Santarelli in 2002 with the aim of restoring the production of high quality wine to Montefeltro following centuries-old traditions that date from the times of the Dukes of Montefeltro to the beginning of the last century.
At the beginning of the nineteen hundreds, the Antimi Clari family, one of the most illustrious of Macerata Feltria, repeatedly won gold medals at the National Wine Exposition of Turin and traces of old barriques can still be found in the cellars of Palazzo Gentili Belli.
The late lawyer Egisto Gentile Belli narrated that at the beginning of the last century, his family was supplying products from its spinning-mills to France in exchange for small oak barrels used for aging wine.

Via Mariano Pallottini