Panettone filled with ice-cream, brandy soaked fruit and Vino Cotto | Festa Bella Italia—A celebration of Italian food, wine, craftsmanship, culture + ingenuity |

Panettone is the Italian traditional Christmas cake which has a soft and buttery texture and full of candied fruit and raisins. It’s wonderful just as it is, but in a our family we stuff the Panettone with ice-cream and brandy soaked fruits. Use Vino Cotto to soak the cavity of the Panettone. It’s always a winning dessert. Buy a good quality Panettone or Pandoro (this variety does not have the candid fruit or raisins) for this recipe.
This recipe is best made a day in advance to allow flavours to develop and the ice-cream to set.

Via Mariano Pallottini