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Thanks to @dscofield (Deb Mills-Scoffield), I discovered this brilliant infographic this saturday morning.

Putting on my "gender glasses", I couldn't help but spotting only 4 women among ...48 men!

The usual ratio comes down to 8% of women at the top.

Let's have a look at these women who deserved to be included in the "great moments in management".

In the 90s: Theresa Amabile for "How to Kill Creativity" and how managers systematically (but unintentionally) crush people's ability to innovate.

In the 80s: Felice Schwartz with "Management Women and the new facts of life" and starts a conversation about "the mommy track".

In the 70s (déjà!!!) Rosabeth Moss Kanter publishes Men and Women of the Corporation, a landmark work on Corporate Power as it relates to women.

and, cherry on the cake, Mary Parker Follet, in the early 20s, with the brilliant notion of Power with versus Power on. She calls for power with not power over, workers. And invents the Participatory Management!

To be fair, having taught Organizational Behaviour in Business School, that's more women than I ever heard of in the management theory books, where they are totally invisible.

Still, couldn't Harvard Business Review include in the 2000s as many women as men and reflect gender-balance in management?

They could have easily chosen among a wealth of brilliant thinkers (notice I didn't say "gurus")

- Lynda Gratton The Shift, the future of work is already there

- Sylvia Ann Hewlett

- Avivah Wittenberg Cox Why and How Women mean business

- Jeanne Meister The 2020 Workplace and the future of management

- Renée Mauborgne (founder of the Blue Ocean Strategy Institute at Insead)

- Herminia Ibarra ( OB Professor at Insead). And the list goes on and on...


Via Marion Chapsal