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Feel the force

Feel the force | FBI Virus Removal | Scoop.it
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FBI Moneypak Virus - How to Remove PC Blocked/Locked FBI Virus - YooSecurity Removal Guides

FBI Moneypak Virus - How to Remove PC Blocked/Locked FBI Virus - YooSecurity Removal Guides | FBI Virus Removal | Scoop.it
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If your computer is infected with FBI virus, please follow the instructions to remove FBI virus completely.




Establishment or in a Computer program insert damage Computer functions or destroy data, impact of Computer use and be able to replicate a set of Computer instructions or the program code is called a Computer Virus (Computer Virus get). Destructive, replication and infectivity.


 The virus is how name?
Most of the time you have used antivirus software detected the own machine such as Backdoor. RmtBomb. 12, Mauritius Win32. SendIP. 15, etc. These also took a bunch of English figures of virus, then received at some people, so long a string of name, how do I know what is virus?
In fact as long as we have some virus naming rules, we can by antivirus software virus appeared in the report name to determine whether the virus some common characteristics: the general format is: prefix > < virus. The virus < name >. < virus suffix >
Virus prefix refers to a type of, he is used to distinguish the virus of racial classification. Different types of viruses, their prefixes are also different. Such as our common prefix Mauritius Trojan virus, Worm prefix is Worm, etc. There are other.
Virus name refers to a family characteristics, is used to distinguish and identify the virus family, such as the famous CIH virus before the family names are unified "CIH, oscillation wave worm family name is" Sasser ".
Virus variant characteristics of suffix is a virus, is used to distinguish a specific variant of a family of viruses. Generally use 26 letters in English, such as Worm. Sasser. B is refers to the oscillation wave Worm virus variant b, so generally called "oscillation wave variant b" or "oscillation wave variant b". If the virus variants are very much, can be mixed with Numbers and letters said variety identification.
Name of the Lord
Lord name is according to the features of the virus body string by the analyst, specific ACTS, or the compiler platform to be used, if not sure you can use string "Agent" instead of the name, less than 10 k files can be named as "Samll.
Version information
Only allow for the digital version information, for the version information is not clear do not add version information.
Primary name variants
If the main behavior of the virus type, behavior type, host file type, name of the Lord all the same, is considered to be the same family of viruses, then need to distinguish between different varieties, virus. If a version number is not enough to use the most you can extend the three, and both are lowercase letters a - z, such as: aa, ab, aaa, aab and so on. Calculated by the system automatically, do not need to manually enter or select.
Attached the name
Virus has auxiliary function can be used by running the file, is usually as the virus is added to the repository, this type of virus records need to be affiliated with the main body of the virus name record. Attached name currently has the following kinds:
Client: the control end of the backdoor
KEY_HOOK description: used for articulated keyboard module
API_HOOK description: used for hooking API module
The Install instructions: to Install the module of the virus
Dll: file for dynamic libraries, and contains a variety of functions
(empty) : there is no attached name, virus, this record is subject to record
Attached name variants
If the main behavior of the virus type, behavior type, file type, name of main host number, name of the main varieties, the accessory name are the same, is considered to be the same family of viruses, then need to distinguish between different varieties, virus. Variant number is don't write letters a - z, if a version number is not enough use, can extend the three most, such as: aa, ab, aaa, aab and so on. Calculated by the system automatically, do not need to manually enter or select.
Length of the virus
Virus length field is used only for the main behavior types for infection Virus (Virus get), the value of the field for the figure. Variable-length field value is 0, said the virus.
Here attached some common prefix explanation (for we use most of the Windows operating system) :
(1) virus
System virus prefix for Win32, PE, Win95, W32, W95 and so on. These viruses are commonly Shared characteristics can be infected with the Windows operating system *. Exe and *. DLL files, and spread by these documents. Such as CIH virus.
(2) the worm
The Worm prefix is: Worm. The common characteristics of the virus is spread through the network or system vulnerabilities, a large part of the worm has poisoned to send mail, blocking network features. Such as shock wave (blocking) network, the mailman mailing poisoned (), etc.
(3) Trojan viruses, hackers, viruses
Trojan virus the prefix is: Mauritius, hackers, virus prefix name generally as a Hack. Trojan virus is common features through the network or system vulnerabilities and hide into the user's system, then reveal that the user's information to the world and the hacker and virus has a visual interface, to remote control user's computer. Trojans, viruses are usually come in pairs, namely Trojan virus is responsible for into the user's computer, viruses and hackers will be controlled by the Trojan virus. Now the two types are more and more tend to integration. General Trojan, such as QQ message tail Trojan Mauritius QQ3344, and everyone may meet more Trojan for online games such as Mauritius LMir. PSW. 60. Here add that virus of PSW or what PWD is generally indicates that the virus is stealing passwords, such as the function of the letters (usually is the abbreviation of "English" password "password") some hacker programs such as: fierce network (Hack.Net its ehrs. Client), etc.
(4) script virus
Prefix Script virus is: Script. Script virus common characteristics is the use of Script language, the spread of the virus through the web, such as the red code (Script. Redlof). Prefix script virus will also have the following: the VBS, JS (that is what scripting), such as happy hour (VBS. Happytime), 14 (JS) Fortnight. C.s.), etc.
(5) (ncsa)
But in fact is also is a kind of script virus (ncsa), because of its particularity, so here alone into a class. Macro viruses prefix is: Macro, the second prefix is: Word, packaged, Excel, Excel97 (and perhaps other) one of them. Who only packaged and version of WORD document before virus USES the packaged as the prefix, format is: Macro. Packaged; Who only infection after packaged version of WORD document in WORD as the prefix, format is: Macro. The WORD; Who only EXCEL97 infection virus and previous versions of EXCEL documents using EXCEL97 as the prefix, format is: Macro. EXCEL97; Every infection virus EXCEL97 later versions of EXCEL documents only use EXCEL as the prefix, format is: Macro. EXCEL, and so on. Is common characteristics of this kind of virus can infect the OFFICE documents, and then spread through the OFFICE of general template, such as: the beauty of the famous lisa (Macro. Melissa).
Virus (6) the back door
Backdoor virus prefix is: Backdoor. Common characteristics of this kind of virus is spread through the network, to the system line, brings to the user's computer security hidden danger.
(7) virus cultivation program
Common characteristics of this kind of virus is running will release one or a few new virus from the body to the system directory, released by the new virus. Such as: ice seeder (Dropper. BingHe2.2 C), MSN striker (Dropper. Worm. Smibag), etc.
(8) destructive virus program
Prefixes are destructive virus program: Harm. Common characteristics of this kind of virus is itself has nice to entice users to click on the icon, when the user clicks on this kind of virus, the virus will be directly on the user's computer. Such as: formatted disk C (Harm) formatC) f), Killer command (such as Harm.Com mand. Killer).
(9) joking virus
Joke virus prefix is: Joke. Also known as hoaxes. Common characteristics of this kind of virus is itself has nice to entice users to click on the icon, when the user clicks on this kind of virus, the virus can make all kinds of damage to frighten the user operation, actually has not any damage. The user's computer virus Such as: female the ghost (Joke. Girl ghost) virus.
Binding machine (10) virus
Bundling machine virus prefix is: Binder. Common characteristics of this kind of virus is the virus writers will use a specific bundle program will virus tied up with some applications such as QQ, IE, on the surface is a normal file, when users run the bundled virus, will run the application on the surface, and then hide is tied run virus, cause a harm to the user thereby. Such as: bundled QQ (Binder. QQPass. QQBin), killer (Binder. Killsys) system, etc.
Above for more common virus prefix, sometimes we will also see some of the other, but are less common, simple mention here:
DoS: will a DoS attack on a host or server;
Overflow themselves or exploits: automatically by system vulnerabilities to spread itself, or is he itself is one for an overflow of Hacking tools;
HackTool: hacking tools, maybe itself does not damage your machines, but will be use to do with you double to destroy others.
Could you after caught a virus through the above said method of preliminary judgment of the virus in the basic situation, to achieve the effect of the fittest. In antivirus cannot be automatically detected, intends to use manual mode when this information is of great help to you
A computer virus infect through what way?
Computer viruses are called viruses because its infectious nature. Traditional channels usually has the following kinds:
(1) via diskette: through the use of outside infected floppy disk, for example, various channels to the system tray, of unknown origin software, video games and so on are the most common infections. Due to use floppy disk with the virus infected machines, and transmitted to "clean" of uninfected floppy disk. Large Numbers of floppy disk exchange, legal or illegal copy program, using a variety of uncontrolled casually on the machine software cause the spread of the virus infection, and flood.
(2) through hard disk: transmitted by the hard disk is also important channel, due to a virus machine move to other places to use, maintenance, etc., will clean the floppy disk transmission and diffusion.
(3) through the CD: because the disc capacity big, store the massive amounts of executable files, large amounts of the virus can hide encoded music, to the read-only type optical disc, not to write, so CD may not clear the virus. Aim at profit illegally pirated software production process, specifically responsible for virus protection, also have never really reliable and feasible technical guarantee to avoid the incoming, infection, popular and spread of the virus. At present, the spread of pirated DVDS brought great convenience to the spread of the virus.
(4) through the network, the contagion spread very quickly, within a very short time spread through the machine on the network.
As the Internet is popular, to the spread of the virus and a new approach to its development makes the virus could become a disaster, the spread of the virus is faster, antivirus tasks more difficult. Internet brings two different kinds of security threat, a threat from the download file, these are browsing or downloading files there may be a virus. Another threat comes from email. Most Internet mail system provides the format the document sent between network attached mail function, therefore, suffer the virus document or file you may pass into the enterprise network gateway and mail server. Network using the simplicity and openness makes the threat of more and more serious.
A computer virus infection must satisfy the conditions for?
Not necessarily.
Infection of computer virus is divided into two kinds. One is under certain conditions can be infectious, namely the transmission conditions. Another kind is the repeated infection of an infected object that is unconditional.
From the current spread to spread the virus spread to see so-called conditions, refers to some virus in the process of transmission, in the infected system to put their own unique tzu chi in a specific location. This virus in attack the system again, found to have own logo is no longer an infected, if it is a new system or software, first of all read the value of the specific location and make judgment, if found reading values do not agree with their logo, or application of this system, or data plate to infect, it is a condition; Another case, some virus on to judge whether an infected file types, such as black Friday only viral infections. COM or. EXE files, and so on; There is a situation in which some virus in computer system some of the equipment to determine conditions to determine whether the infection. Marijuana virus can infect the hard disk, for example, can infect floppy disks, but to read and write operations on B floppy disk drive is not contagious. But we also discovered that some viruses to infect objects repeated infection. Such as black Friday as long as the virus found. EXE files for an infection, then run to infect repeatedly.
Visible when conditional virus can infect, virus can also infect unconditionally.
A computer virus infection is a common process of what?
When system is running, the virus file into the system through viral vector systems of internal memory and permanent memory. The virus in the system memory monitoring system run, when it is found that there is a target and meet the conditions, and from the memory will be deposited into the attack target to itself, so as to spread the virus. And viruses use system INT the interruption of 13 h, speaking, reading and writing disk and writes it to external floppy or hard disk storage systems, and infection of other systems.
Executable file after infection and how to infect new executable file?
. EXE executable file. COM or infected with the virus, such as black Friday, is it in into the memory conditions being infected file into memory. Once in the memory, started the operation of the monitoring system. When it found to be infected goal, the following:
(1) first of all to run the executable file identifies a specific address information to determine whether infected with the virus;
(2) when the condition is met, the use of 13 h INT the virus link to executable file head or the tail or the middle, coexist with large disk;
(3) completion of infection, to continue the operation of the monitoring system, trying to find a new target.
How is the operating system viruses to infect?
Normal PC DOS startup process is:
(1) charging boot into the system after the test procedure and execute the program on the system's basic equipment for testing;
(2) after testing normal from system disk 0 0 1 sectors namely logic 0 sector read into the Boot loader program into memory, 0000:7 c00 place;
(3) into the Boot execution;
(4) for system disk Boot determine whether, if it is not a system disk prompt;
Non - system disk or disk error
Replace and strike any key when ready
Otherwise, read in IBM and IBM HTTP: / / DOS.COM BIO.COM two hidden files;
(5) two implicit file execution of IBM and IBM HTTP: / / DOS.COM BIO.COM, COMMAND.COM into memory;
(6) the system run normally, DOS startup success.
If the system has been infected with the virus, PC DOS startup will be different, its process is:
(1) will the Boot area of virus code is read into memory first, 0000:7 c00 place;
(2) the virus itself one safe areas, all code is read into memory resident in memory, the operation of the monitoring system;
(3) modify the INT 13 h interrupt service handler entry address, make it point to control module and implement of the virus. Because any kind of virus to infect floppy or hard disk, cannot leave the disk read and write operations, modify INT 13 h interrupt service routine entry address is a little not operation;
(4) program is read into memory read into normal Boot after all content to the memory of 0000:7 c00 place, for the normal Boot process;
(5) of viruses to waiting ready to infect new system disk or the system disk.
If found that can attack, virus, should undertake the following work:
(1) the target disk boot sector read into memory, the disk is judging whether infected the virus;
(2) when the transmission conditions, the all or part of the virus into the Boot area, the normal disk Boot sector programs written to disk feature location;
(3) to return to normal INT 13 h interrupt service handler, completed the target disk transmission.
Operating system viruses under what circumstances the infection of soft, hard disk?
Operating system viruses only when system boots into the memory. If contaminated with the virus, a floppy disk boot your system but not from it, the virus will not enter the memory, also can't active. Such as dot floppy disk, hard disk boot sector virus, with plate after launch system with the virus, the virus will reside memory, on which disk operation, on which drive to infection.
Operating system viruses on non system disk after infection is the most simple processing method?
Because operating system viruses into memory only at system boot time, already started to non system disk after infection, not from above it in the guidance system, the virus does not enter the memory. At this time of infected non system disk disinfection is the most simple method is to copy the useful files on the disk, and then will take poison dish to reformat. Backdoor, hazard levels: 1,
Description: Chinese name - "back door", refers to the users don't know and don't allow, in the infected system can run in a hidden way of infected systems for remote control, and the user cannot be banned by the method of normal operation. "Back door" actually is a special case of the Trojan, the difference is between them "back door" to the infected system for remote control (such as file management, process control, etc.).
Worm, hazard level: 2,
Description: Chinese name - "worm", refers to the use of a loophole in the system, outgoing mail software, Shared directories, and can transfer files (such as: MSN, OICQ, IRC, etc.), portable storage media (such as U disk, floppy disk), the way to spread their virus. This type of virus its behavior pattern type is used to represent the use way of communication.
Mail, hazard levels: 1 note: spread through email
IM, hazard level: 2, description: through the carrier of some not clear or more clear carrier to spread itself
MSN, hazard levels: 3, that spread through MSN
QQ, hazard levels: 4, note: spread by OICQ
Level of ICQ harm: 5, that spread through ICQ
Peer-to-peer (P2P), level of hazard: 6, note: spread by P2P software
The IRC, hazard levels: 7, that spreads through the ICR
Other, note: do not rely on other software communication mode of transmission, such as: the use of system vulnerabilities, Shared directories, removable storage medium.
Mauritius, hazard levels: 3, note: Chinese name - "Trojan horse", is refers to under the condition of the users don't know and don't allow, in the infected system running in a hidden way, and users can't through the normal way of its operation is prohibited. The virus usually have interests purpose, its interests purpose, that is, the son of the virus.
Spy, the level of harm: 1, note: steal the user information (such as files, etc.)
PSW, hazard level: 2, description: have to steal passwords
DL, hazard levels: 3: download the virus and run, determine the terms and conditions: without of any interface to call out, logical function as follows: from the download file to load or run a website.
Logic conditions triggered by the event:
. Does not normal events 1, download or downloaded files can't decide for the virus, the operating principles: the file can't conform to the normal function of software component identifier clause, identified as: Mauritius DL
Event 2. Download the file is a virus, the operating principles: download a file is a virus, identified as: Mauritius DL
IMMSG, hazard levels: 4, unclear description: via a carrier of one or more specific carrier transmission instant messaging (an action and the spread of the worm, the worm is a virus, Trojan horse is simply the transmission message)
MSNMSG, hazard levels: 5, that spread through MSN instant messaging
QQMSG, hazard levels: 6, note: instant messaging via OICQ
ICQMSG, hazard levels: 7, that spread through ICQ instant messaging
UCMSG, hazard levels: 8, note: instant messaging via UC
The Proxy, the level of harm: 9, explains: the infected computers as Proxy server
Clicker, hazard levels: 10, instructions: click on the specified page, determine the terms and conditions: without of any interface to call out, logical function is: click on a web page.
Operating principles: this file is not in conformity with the normal software function component identifier clause, identified as: Mauritius Clicker.
(this document, the terms of the normal software function component identifier for reference rascal software decision rules of rogue software decision)
Dialer, the level of harm: 12, that diddle Money through dial-up procedures, attention: cannot describe its purpose but also accords with the basic characteristics of the Trojan virus, no specific child behavior is described
AOL, Notifier, according to the original virus name reservation.
Virus comes, hazard levels: 4, note: Chinese name - "infection Virus", refers to the code attached to the infected host file (such as: PE, COM file under DOS, VBS file, has run the macro file), make the Virus code in an infected host file to run right when the Virus.
Harm, Harm levels: 5, note: Chinese name - "destructive program", refers to those who will not spread infection, run after the direct destruction of the local computer (such as format the hard disk, delete files, etc) lead to the local computer can't normal use.
Dropper, hazard levels: 6, note: Chinese name - "release of virus program", refers to do not belong to normal or self-extracting installation process, and the release of the virus and will they run after running.
Determine terms: not out of any interface, logical function is: since the release files to load or run.
Logic conditions triggered by the event:
Events: 1. The file is not released by the virus. Operating principles: to release the documents and the emancipator itself no logical relation and the file is not in conformity with the normal software function component identifier clause, identified as: Droper
Event 2: the release of the file is a virus. Operating principles: to release the file is a virus, make sure the file is as follows: the Droper
Hack, the level of hazard: no, description: Chinese name - "hacker tools", refers to can be in local computer through the network tool to attack other computers.
Exploits, leak detection attack tools
DDoser, denial of service attack tools
Flooder, flood attack tools, note: can't clear the attacks and hackers related software, without specific child behavior is described
Spam and junk mail
Nuker, sniffers, Spoofer, Anti, note: avoid hacking tools
Binder, the level of hazard: no, that bind the tools of the virus
Normal software function component identifier clause: check the documents in the body has the following information to identify which is the function of the normal software components: file version information and software information (registry keys, installation directory), etc.
The host file
Host file refer to the file type virus use, whether there are according to the properties. The current host file has the following kinds.  
JS: JavaScript script file
VBS description: VBScript script files
Description of Java. Java Class files
COM: Dos COM file
EXE: Dos EXE file
Boot: hard disk or floppy disk Boot sector
Word description: MS Word files of the company
Excel: MS Excel file of the company
Description: PE PE file
WinREG description: registry files
Ruby: a script
Python: a script
BAT: BAT script files
IRC: IRC script


The FBI Moneypak virus or FBI virus is very hard to be deleted. Please use the information or contact YooSecurity experts to remove this FBI virus. You can read more information on YooSecurity malware removal guide.



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FBI MoneyGram Virus

FBI MoneyGram Virus | FBI Virus Removal | Scoop.it
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FBI MoneyGram Virus http://guides.yoosecurity.com/remove-fbi-moneygram-virus/
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