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Listen to $UGVRKVNX GOODNIGHT MIXTAPE VOL.5 by SUGVRKVNX for free. Follow SUGVRKVNX to never miss another show.
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TREGS - Chord Progressions Vol. 1

TREGS - Chord Progressions Vol. 1 | notes of 2016 |
50 midi progressions in this pack. Several different styles but mostly R & B and house progressions.
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Late Bloom

Stream Late Bloom, a playlist by Soft Glas from desktop or your mobile device
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Cumbia Locura, by Taggy Matcher & Kumbia Boruka

Cumbia Locura by Taggy Matcher & Kumbia Boruka, released 12 September 2016

1. Cumbia Locura
2. Cumbia Locura (Dub)

Taggy Matcher (aka Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart) is back with another musical trip, always knocking where you don’t expect him to. For this new single, the French Reggae producer has teamed up with the uprising Cumbia combo, Kumbia Boruka, for a scorching track inspired by Dillinger’s legendary Reggae single, “Cocaine in My Brain”.

Kumbia Boruka is a band led by Hernan Cortes, a percussionist and singer born in Monterrey, capital of the Cumbia music. After playing and touring with some of the biggest Cumbia’s artists, such as Celso Pina, he founded the six piece combo few years ago in Lyon and is currently touring and presenting their first EP, La Vida se Vive.

As a major figure of the music scene in Lyon, Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart was immediately seduced by Hernan voice and style. It ended in this perfect collaboration and meeting, between Jamaican vibes and Mexican melodies, now presented by Stix Records on a vinyl 7inch.
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2007, by eli filosov [ p h i l o ]

2007 by eli filosov [ p h i l o ], released 15 August 2016

1. youknowme
2. reachout
3. pallet
4. inthisworld
5. mist
6. justus
7. lonenights
8. pinpoint
9. throughthecity
10. promises
11. windmills
12. oneofone [ rwk ]
13. shore
14. secrets
15. someonelikeyou
16. wantmethere
17. ourworld
18. artifacts
19. blankforest
20. belongtome
21. ride
22. maybetheywont
23. pine
24. cantdothisanymore
25. leftyou
26. heather
27. inthedark
28. madman
29. itmaysoundcrazy
30. rememberus

discover: @elifilosov
art: @hinathanbye @iamsimoneng
pre-order 2007 on cassette:

alaya. a gallery of audio and visual art.
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WAIFU by GUNDAM, released 14 August 2016

1. Oh Girl
2. Future Flamenco
3. Just Like U
4. Cat & Mouse
5. Fruit Punch
6. Elephant In The Room
7. Bikini Beach
8. Burnin' Rubber (Interlude)
9. Heaven Sent
10. Luv Me Lady
11. For Her
12. Evening Glow
13. Late Night Flight
14. Starlight Girl
15. Parting Ways / Love Letter (Outro)

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R&B + Grime
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Combo Critters OST, by Maxo

ポケモンGOが大きな話題となってますが、日本産のゲームが世界に与えた影響と、いま沸き起こっている80's、90'sへのノスタルジーから生まれた最先端の音楽の動きを確認できる作品として、Maxoのコレをご紹介します。この辺の音の動きはサウンドクラウドで2013年前後から活発化しており、重要なものはサウンドドロップス・アプリの"kawaii, video game"でまとめて聴けるので、ご興味のある方は是非! ;-)

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Combo Critters OST by Maxo, released 13 July 2016

1. Title
2. Enter Starti!
3. Starti
4. Battlefield
5. Catch
6. Boss
7. Enter Veggi!
8. Veggi
9. Enter Zaspiri!
10. Zaspiri
11. Enter Thriller!
12. Thriller
13. Enter Rocki!
14. Rocki
15. Enter Jawbreaker!
16. Jawbreaker
17. Extra 1 ~ Boss (Alt.)
18. Extra 2 ~ Catch (Alt.)

Soundtrack to Combo Critters by Lucky Kat Studios

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#VIBRA, by AbJo

#VIBRA by AbJo, released 01 July 2016

1. Alma do Sol (Introdução)
2. Tudo Que
3. Cannabis Sativa
4. Relatividad
5. #CaixaGang
6. Fela Interlude
7. Aerofônio
8. Dear Mamao
9. Ache O Caminho (For Dilla & Phife Dawg)

The follow up to Vibração Comigo, #VIBRA is the second installation of my ode to any and all Latin vibes, a lá future beats-style. The focus for this album: paying homage to all my favorite samples/sample sources, most of which were used by my musical heroes, Madlib, Jay Dee aka J Dilla, DOOM, and many others, while layering in samples from other latin/Brasilian, as well as African influences of theirs (and mine) like Arthur Verocai, Fela Kuti, or Azymuth, forming my own interpretation of all their musical palettes.

Fellow vibers, you may now completely, absolutely, infinitely, vibe out...
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Blend & Press Play Compilation

Stream Blend & Press Play Compilation, a playlist by Smoothie Tunes from desktop or your mobile device
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Thierry Disko EP

Stream Thierry Disko EP, a playlist by Sunni (Colón) from desktop or your mobile device
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Viaje Andino 2, by Sello Regional

Viaje Andino 2 by Sello Regional, released 18 May 2016

1. Chancha Via Circuito - Lamanai
2. Cholazo Sound System - Cholazo
3. DJ Quien MKTLW - Marcha Fúnebre
4. Lascivio Bohemia - Karraka
5. DJ Neber - El Gato Compay
6. Vruno - Murió El Pescador
7. Señor Chancho - La Marcha Del Amanecer
8. Paloma Del Cerro - Silencio Fértil (Matanza Remix)
9. Spaniol - Apresentação De Percussões Brasileiras
10. Shushupe - Flor Del Diablo
11. Tom Zé - Cademar (DJ Nirso Remix)
12. Pablo Pachacutik - Cumbia Choleada
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The South East Grind Vol. 4, by The South East Grind

The South East Grind Vol. 4 by The South East Grind, released 14 April 2016

1. Wolf Grey & KOMPRA - Trust, Lately
2. XHVIL - Soul Bossa Nova
3. Hier - Can't Let Go (ft. Lily So)
4. William Crooks - Hi
5. Mbe - Orphic Hymn
6. CMRN - Let Go
7. LOJACK - Funeral
8. NAPKN - Göbekli Tepe
9. ESPA - Disciple
10. Tiber - Nausea
11. LVYN - Everest
12. Dead As Disco - With You
13. Average & Atman - Bet You Like It



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odds//ends [2k16], by mt. marcy

odds//ends [2k16] by mt. marcy, released 29 November 2016

1. maybe i'm overthinking this
2. you should be here
3. i miss you
4. hurt
5. sweaters
6. bliss
7. talk to animals
8. ...and then my knees came through my chest w/ rhoda

just some stuff that i released this year that didn't make it to an EP & also some unreleased tracks. thanks for all the support in 2k16 <3
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Smile Man by ABSRDST

Stream Smile Man by ABSRDST, a playlist by NON STOP POP from desktop or your mobile device
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The Visitor, by Kadhja Bonet

The Visitor, by Kadhja Bonet | notes of 2016 |

The Visitor by Kadhja Bonet, released 21 October 2016

1. Intro - Earth Birth
2. Honeycomb
3. Fairweather Friend
4. The Visitor
5. Gramma Honey
6. Portrait Of Tracy
7. Nobody Other
8. Francisco

“The newly signed, genre defying Kadhja Bonet has announced the release of her debut The Visitor. On the album, Kadhja – pronounced “kod-ya” – invites us into a world not wholly our own, where past and future meet in a parallel, yet far lovelier, present. In anticipation of the release, Gorilla vs. Bear has shared the first track “Honeycomb”. Now available for streaming and free download, the song drifts listeners into a timeless, unplaceable realm of Kadhja’s own making. Fat Possum and Fresh Selects, two respected labels from different genres, have joined forces to bring us this transcendent debut – available in full on October 21.

The Visitor opens with an awe you’d expect from the golden age of cinema. In its half-mythical atmosphere, “Earth Birth” offers keys and choirs science-fictionally echoing down from deep space. This overture fades and Kadhja’s voice velvetly emerges on “Honeycomb” with a timelessness sending listeners scrambling to find her nearest genre. After running through classical, jazz, soul, folk, and even psychedelia, you find it ultimately impossible to comfortably place her. This is all by Kadhja’s design. For if she were “folk” it would only be the folk of some future aeon, a thousand hears hence. If her rich instrumentation of strings and wind strikes us as a “classic,” it’s not because it harkens to any past era, but because Kadhja paints perennial imagery that could as much be now as then as any other time.

Kadhja stays pretty mum – if not a little mysterious – about her own life story. She insists that her audience convene with her on imaginative and musical planes, instead of through byword associations with any scene or venue, be it in Los Angeles or on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro. What we do learn and should know about Kadhja is her early and formal training in classical music quarters, where she mastered violin and viola, learned flute and guitar, and gained the sharp compositional talents that frame every note and curve of The Visitor.

All writing and arrangement— except for the Jaco Pastorius melody put to her words on Portrait of Tracy— is entirely of Kadhja’s creation. While calling in friends like Te’amir Yohannes Sweeney for drums, as well as Low Leaf, Peter Dyer, Randal Fisher, and Itai Shapira for harp, synth, flute, and bass, Bonet still plays a good half of the instruments herself, including guitar, violin, flute, and the backup vocals that fill up the skies of her music. Kadhja also produced The Visitor, though with much of its mixing and engineering handled by her assistant producer Itai Shapira, one of the few souls trusted behind the curtains of her musical process.

The Visitor is an opus unpolluted by the mixed advice or overproductions that plague other albums. It plays through like one individual’s lucid dream in what is sometimes an all-too-dreamless musical landscape. Once we hear it, we recognize it as something that’s been harder and harder to find in the last thirty or forty years, though so badly missed. Kadhja has humbly learned from her predecessors while following their signs ever forward.”
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Stream Jentrify, a playlist by Elujay from desktop or your mobile device
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jus chillin, by ConsciousThoughts

jus chillin by ConsciousThoughts, released 17 August 2016

1. 5 A.M Beats
2. Don't Stop
3. Hiromi
4. Mirage
5. On My Mind
6. Rainy Days
7. Stay In Drugs, Don't Do School.

Volume 1
Its time to light one up and contemplate life
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Stream D97, a playlist by verzache from desktop or your mobile device
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Summer in Europe Mini-Mix

Stream Summer in Europe Mini-Mix by EKALI from desktop or your mobile device
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Ekali Summer In Europe Mix ’16 Ekali - ID Slumberjack - ID What So Not & Ganz - Joy (Sumberjack Remix) (Unreleased) G Jones - ID Infuze - ID Kill The Noise - Mine (Getter Remix) Rl Grime - Core (Djemba Djemba Bootleg) EPROM & G Jones - Warrior (Unreleased) Vincent - ID SOPHIE - Lemonade (Kid Lizard Flip) Flux Pavilion - I Can’t Stop (Ekali Remix + Just a Gent Flip) Josh Pan ft. Explore & Movibes - Killshot Mr. Carmack - Reputation Burial (ID Remix) Tails - ID Hudson Mohawke - Chimes (Alexander Lewis & Y2K Remix)
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CONJURER EP by DEFFIE, released 01 July 2016

1. Primary (feat. Blissfall & Alexander Lewis)
2. It Ain't Full (feat. sober rob & Masego)
3. Canary
4. Chiquitito
5. Conjurer (feat. Mikos Da Gawd)

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Say Your Prayers Vol. 1

Stream Say Your Prayers Vol. 1, a playlist by otxhello from desktop or your mobile device
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ZenSupremacy - Family (Full tape - Free Download)

Stream ZenSupremacy - Family (Full tape - Free Download), a playlist by ZenSupremacy from desktop or your mobile device
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Zora's Domain _ Zelda's Lullaby (Smigonaut Rework), by Night Owl Collective

Zora's Domain _ Zelda's Lullaby (Smigonaut Rework) by Night Owl Collective, released 29 May 2016

1. Zora's Domain _ Zelda's Lullaby (Smigonaut Rework)
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アブサーディストがリミックスしたリンジー・ロウエンドの"Gt40"に出会ったのが二年ほど前。この頃からMaxoやプッシャーなどが、ニンテンドー64やファミコン世代の独特な郷愁が滲みでた作品をサウンドクラウドへ公開し始め、そこから、ゼルダやマリオ、ドンキーコングなど、特定のゲームのキャラクター・ボイスや効果音、メロディーを、ネタとして使う動きが世界中に広まった。例えばテニソンの などは、もともと8bitサウンドを意識的に使う傾向のあった彼らの音を、ゲーム・ミュージックとジャズを同列にとらえたような独特な作風へと一気に昇華させたし、リル・ヨッティーの など、ゲーム・ミュージックの特性や効果音がそのまま曲のキャラクターになってしまっているものまで現れた。
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Sound Drops on the App Store

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Sound Drops. Download Sound Drops and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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サイドチェーン・コンプレッションという音響エフェクトをご存知だろうか? その存在が気になりだしたのは、今から4,5年ほど前、フレンチ・ハウスの一部の作品で、キックの位置と同時に鳴る、シンセ・パッドやSEが極端に圧縮/開放された、不思議なバウンス感、ハネ感を生み出しているものに出会ったからだ。しかし当時は、音響効果としては面白いものの、フィルターのバリエーションの一つなのだろうな、程度にしか気には止めていなかった。もちろんフィルターとは全くの別物なのだが。
それから数年経ち、俄然再注目するキッカケとなったのが、ご存知ケイトラナーダの出世作となった、ジャネットの"IF"のリミックスと、ティードラ・モーゼスの"Be Your Girl"のリミックスである。今まで聽いたことのない音、これは本当に衝撃的だった。およそR&B界隈では、それまで全く存在しなかったアレンジだったのだから。そう、サイドチェーン・コンプは、音響処理であるのと同度に、新しい楽曲アレンジとしても通用することが、その新しい音のインパクトそのもので証明されたのである。
iOSアプリの「サウンド・ドロップス」内に今回新しく追加したプレイリスト "sidechain compression" には、現時点で50曲強の、サイドチェーン・コンプが印象的で、センス良く、かっこ良く効いている曲を選んでみた。常にランダム再生されるので、気になった曲を見つけた際は、お気に入りタップをお忘れなく。そしてもちろん、公開後も随時楽曲を追加していゆく予定である。

shout out to the OG @kaytranada for being the originator of this sound,

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