Free guide to packaging creative limited edition, limited or specialty items for holiday sales online | Fashion Technology Designers & Startups |

A free ebook with tips that will help make your holiday  sales campaign run smoother!

I help creatives who fall under special niches, one of a kind, custom, local, handmade, Black, Green,  Brooklyn  Global, Caribbean, African, artist, Designers, Artisans, Stylist Crafters, use technology to  create a profit from their passion.  I focus on those who produce locally across the  globe. I understand that how they package their product can help it move

In launching a marketing  initiative it is necessary that these great products are  well packaged.  So we’ll be sending out a guide that  will help them better package their products, services and merchandise for holiday sale.  Not just gift  giving (Hostess, office, corporate gifts) but  the consumer's need to