Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus makes another millionaire at Caesars Atlantic City | This Week in Gambling - Fantasy Sports |

Kathy Wayda admittedly didn’t sleep much Sunday night as the thought of becoming Caesars Atlantic City’s newest millionaire kept racing through her mind. Luckily, insomnia wasn’t the only thing in the cards for the Southgate, Michigan native: so was a Diamond Super Royal Flush.

Though the date said Father’s Day, Sunday June 17 was all about this mother of one. At 5:30pm, Kathy sat anxiously at the Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus table, located directly across from the Caesars nightclub DUSK, as the dealer flipped the final card.

“There were three other people sitting down at my table and everybody wanted to see what was going on,” said Kathy. “When I saw all six cards, I thought, ‘I cannot believe this, this is impossible.’ It was just a great feeling.”