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Rescooped by Isabel Barbosa from New Web 2.0 tools for education

Create Animation - Sketch Star

Create Animation - Sketch Star | Facebook and Teachers | Scoop.it

Sketch Star is a fantastic place where you can create animations and drawings, see them online and and share them with a community of fellow artists!

Via Gust MEES, Smaragda Papadopoulou, Natassa Dourvetaki, Nikos Amanatidis, Elena Elliniadou, Official AndreasCY, michel verstrepen, Kathleen Cercone
Γιώργος Παπαναστασίου's curator insight, February 17, 2013 8:48 AM

Από αρχές Ιανουαρίου, δωρεάν σε όλες τις κατηγορίες και θέματα που περιέχει.


Lia Papapetrou's comment, February 17, 2013 12:23 PM
όλα θέλουν προσοχή Theodora :)
chdelmar's curator insight, March 15, 2013 1:06 AM

création d'animations

Rescooped by Isabel Barbosa from 21st century learning and education

Bloom's digital taxonomy Wheel and Knowledge Dimension

Bloom's digital taxonomy Wheel and Knowledge Dimension | Facebook and Teachers | Scoop.it

Very impressive digital animation, a must see...


Here the link: http://eductechalogy.org/swfapp/blooms/wheel/engage.swf


Via Gust MEES, Heather Peretz
Nathalie Ferret's curator insight, July 11, 1:55 AM

Uma excelente animação digital da taxonomia de Bloom para a era digital. A não perder...

Jorge Leal's curator insight, July 11, 3:37 PM

yeah very impressive , thank to share it..!

Roberto Ivan Ramirez's curator insight, July 16, 12:35 PM

La rueda taxonómica se irá enriqueciendo en la medida que las TIC sigan su propia evolución creativa e innovadora en lel proceso de implementación, evaluación y seguimiento en los entornos de aprendizaje físicos, virtuales y mixtos.