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Quality vs Quantity
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Amazing. A new project for marketing professionals wants to attract 30 young marketing talents by giving them 30% share (1% stake to one marketer) at the very start up. It seems, getting a sweet stake will be easy... They say that the one who pretends to that share should send them a mail with several answers to several questions mentioned on the website and after that in a few months 30 luckies will be selected. Who will be those guys?!) 

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Companies Will Adapt to the Intelligent Web, or Die

Companies Will Adapt to the Intelligent Web, or Die | Marketing&Advertising |

Statistics show that time spent on social-networking sites is going up, as time spent on traditional ad websites decreases. As this happens, the traditional pixel data that advertisers use to target ads becomes less relevant. For one thing, this data is static –- whereas the new Intelligent Web is about harnessing real-time and open Web data, which is dynamic and in a constant state of change.
Businesses that are not tying services into the social Web and the social graph soon will be out of business. If you don't believe me, look at what major online establishments are doing. Google, for one, recently launched Search Plus Your World as a way to incorporate more share graph data from its users into its search results. When Google moves, it's wise to at least pay attention.
So why will legacy ad networks die? Can't they just adapt? The analogy that comes to mind is the mechanic who attempts to fix a plane that's already in flight. Legacy ad networks have already taken off and, unfortunately for them, it is incredibly difficult to change their business model mid-flight to adapt to the demands of the Intelligent Web. They will need to develop entirely new products to exist in the Intelligent Web's highly social and real-time environment.

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Curation Plugin for WordPress Does It All: Curation Traffic

Curation Plugin for WordPress Does It All: Curation Traffic | Marketing&Advertising |

Robin Good: CurationTraffic is a new WordPress plugin that allows anyone to curate a newsradar, a thematic channel or any other type of curated format directly from within Wordpress.


The first thing that stroke me about CurationTraffic is its output template similarity with own magazine format. Very close. See it here for example: ;


CurationTraffic utilizes a bookmarklet to allow the curator to pull in any content from any web page article, video or even pin. The curators dashboard resembles very much the typical editing panel, though there are now many tools and services using that very same approach. The CuratorTraffic dashboard has a few extra neat features from what you can find in including the ability to automatically integrate specific content you have pre-selected in an article, or the ability to post to multiple channels/sites at once.

Sharing functionalities have been integrated by utilizing providing a link to Hootsuite, AddThis and Pinterest from within your dashboard, and scheduling ones with a link to Buffer. Much more complex than but ingenious and - although more time consuming - effective.


CurationTraffic offers a lot more control in terms of design and customization of your final layout, by providing several base templates that can be further personalized to the last detail.


Very useful is the integration of custom modules in the basic templates that allow curators to integrate an email subscription form or specific promotions. Also effective and useful is the integration of both a topbar that is always visibile as you scroll through the page - and which can be customized any way you want - and a main menu, which is also completely customizable. 


By comparing it to, CurationTraffic has a few strong key advantages in its favor. These are:

- Your own platform, your own site, your own RSS

- Highly customizable design and look & feel

- Good backend editing dashboard

- One-time cost

- Publishes straight to WordPress on the other hand maintains its leadership thanks to:

- Immediate search visibility, traffic and audience

- Advanced news discovery tools

- Integrated one-click social sharing and scheduling

- Cooler look and feel out of the box

- Community of curators

- Co-editors


Nonetheless the many advantages that offers I must admit that CurationTraffic appears to have many excellent features and an interesting business model that make it a serious content curation platform contender for those already using WordPress.


If you are willing to make some extra effort in finding and sharing content, already have an established audience and do not need the extra exposure that can give, then CurationTraffic may be a serious alternative to consider.


Pricing: $97 one time. 


More info: ;
(note: the above is an affiliate link - I will get a commission if you decide to buy CurationTraffic - thanks for supporting my curation work)

Via Robin Good
Laura Brown's comment, April 23, 2012 8:29 PM
I did mean PressThis. It's very simple and free to use for WordPress. I don't have trouble using i for images. I've never tried for video, but I'm not a fan of video posts. It comes with WordPress, no need to download a plugin. It is in Settings (Writing I think). Just pull it up to your bookmark bar in whichever web browser you use. It can post directly to your blog, or you can leave it as a draft until you refine the content to suit you.
peterlakeman's comment, April 27, 2012 2:53 AM
I've bought curation traffic about 3 weeks ago, becouse I used to use Scoopit, but needed more functionality and the pro version of scoopit is way to expensive. I really meen that it is a great tool. I have my own 'scoopit' again, but with all the functions and plugins I want. It works great as you would expect it to work. My 'scoopi'page is at please have a look to see it.
Robin Good's comment, April 27, 2012 3:05 AM
Thank you Peter for your spontaneous and useful feedback. Would you then recommend this tool to other curators? Do you see all advantages to it or is there some small drawback as well?

Many thanks in advance,