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Quality vs Quantity
Curated by Aslan Patov
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30+ Cool Content Curation Tools for Personal & Professional Use

30+ Cool Content Curation Tools for Personal & Professional Use | Marketing&Advertising |
As the web becomes more and more inundated with blogs, videos, tweets, status updates, news, articles, and countless other forms of content, "information over...
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Capture, Annotate and Organize Content Into Collages, Books or Flows with Surfmark

Capture, Annotate and Organize Content Into Collages, Books or Flows with Surfmark | Marketing&Advertising |

Robin Good: Surfmark is a new content curation service introducing some innovative and forward-looking features.


Surfmark in fact provides not only standard capabilities to easily capture, collect and organize content from any web page, but it adds intelligently alternative display formats to allow the exploration of such collections in multiple ways.


Another key innovative feature of Surfmark is its ability to generate bibliographies and summaries of content collections.


Surfmark allows social collaborative curation, history of all edits made, and the ability to share publicly or keep a collection private.


Collections can be downloaded in PDF or text formats and all pages saved in a collection are fully preserved with all the formatting and links intact so that you can refer back to exactly what you saw. 


Free to use. 




Try out and more info:


(thanks to Ana Cristina Pratas for discovering this) 

Via Robin Good, Giuseppe Mauriello
Beth Kanter's comment, April 26, 2012 11:49 AM
Could be so useful for research for curriculum development
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Curation Plugin for WordPress Does It All: Curation Traffic

Curation Plugin for WordPress Does It All: Curation Traffic | Marketing&Advertising |

Robin Good: CurationTraffic is a new WordPress plugin that allows anyone to curate a newsradar, a thematic channel or any other type of curated format directly from within Wordpress.


The first thing that stroke me about CurationTraffic is its output template similarity with own magazine format. Very close. See it here for example: ;


CurationTraffic utilizes a bookmarklet to allow the curator to pull in any content from any web page article, video or even pin. The curators dashboard resembles very much the typical editing panel, though there are now many tools and services using that very same approach. The CuratorTraffic dashboard has a few extra neat features from what you can find in including the ability to automatically integrate specific content you have pre-selected in an article, or the ability to post to multiple channels/sites at once.

Sharing functionalities have been integrated by utilizing providing a link to Hootsuite, AddThis and Pinterest from within your dashboard, and scheduling ones with a link to Buffer. Much more complex than but ingenious and - although more time consuming - effective.


CurationTraffic offers a lot more control in terms of design and customization of your final layout, by providing several base templates that can be further personalized to the last detail.


Very useful is the integration of custom modules in the basic templates that allow curators to integrate an email subscription form or specific promotions. Also effective and useful is the integration of both a topbar that is always visibile as you scroll through the page - and which can be customized any way you want - and a main menu, which is also completely customizable. 


By comparing it to, CurationTraffic has a few strong key advantages in its favor. These are:

- Your own platform, your own site, your own RSS

- Highly customizable design and look & feel

- Good backend editing dashboard

- One-time cost

- Publishes straight to WordPress on the other hand maintains its leadership thanks to:

- Immediate search visibility, traffic and audience

- Advanced news discovery tools

- Integrated one-click social sharing and scheduling

- Cooler look and feel out of the box

- Community of curators

- Co-editors


Nonetheless the many advantages that offers I must admit that CurationTraffic appears to have many excellent features and an interesting business model that make it a serious content curation platform contender for those already using WordPress.


If you are willing to make some extra effort in finding and sharing content, already have an established audience and do not need the extra exposure that can give, then CurationTraffic may be a serious alternative to consider.


Pricing: $97 one time. 


More info: ;
(note: the above is an affiliate link - I will get a commission if you decide to buy CurationTraffic - thanks for supporting my curation work)

Via Robin Good
Laura Brown's comment, April 23, 2012 8:29 PM
I did mean PressThis. It's very simple and free to use for WordPress. I don't have trouble using i for images. I've never tried for video, but I'm not a fan of video posts. It comes with WordPress, no need to download a plugin. It is in Settings (Writing I think). Just pull it up to your bookmark bar in whichever web browser you use. It can post directly to your blog, or you can leave it as a draft until you refine the content to suit you.
peterlakeman's comment, April 27, 2012 2:53 AM
I've bought curation traffic about 3 weeks ago, becouse I used to use Scoopit, but needed more functionality and the pro version of scoopit is way to expensive. I really meen that it is a great tool. I have my own 'scoopit' again, but with all the functions and plugins I want. It works great as you would expect it to work. My 'scoopi'page is at please have a look to see it.
Robin Good's comment, April 27, 2012 3:05 AM
Thank you Peter for your spontaneous and useful feedback. Would you then recommend this tool to other curators? Do you see all advantages to it or is there some small drawback as well?

Many thanks in advance,

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Part 1: Another Look At Content Curation - What it Entails & Why it's so Valuable

Part 1: Another Look At Content Curation - What it Entails & Why it's so Valuable | Marketing&Advertising |

Here's another article about content curation but is't definitely worthy of your time. It was written by Jonathan Crowe for Business2community.


In this two-part series, the author's  gives  an explanation of what content curation entails and how it can be a valuable tool in your content marketing strategy.




The author covers a couple of misconceptions about curation and explains why curating third party content can help you become a trusted source and build your brand.


Here's what caught my attention:


**Another way to think about content curation is comparing it to networking. 


**Members of an audience engage in a larger conversation by connecting them with the latest ideas and innovative leaders in their field


** it can also connect them — through comment fields, etc. — with each other.


My commentary:


**Some people ignore the comment section but this is a place where you can  monitor what your audience is thinking and feeling, while engaging in conversation with them


**Curation can generate internal value for your company, as well.


Selected by Jan Gordon covering, "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


Read full article here: []

Via janlgordon
John van den Brink's comment, March 29, 2012 3:18 PM
Jan, thank you for this scoop!
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Relationships and Recommendations Soon More Valuable Than SEO

Relationships and Recommendations Soon More Valuable Than SEO | Marketing&Advertising |

Jan Gordon: "Here's what caught my attention:


 Axel: As long as people search for a product not knowing their name or a technology, not knowing its source or a solution not knowing who is a potential supplier SEO is an important part of the marketing mix...


However, this is slowly and steadily changing.


Today 60 – 80% of the so called educated purchase decision is based on recommendations by trusted individuals or groups that have no or no significant interest in the sale but helpful and experienced people using or knowing the product or service in need.


And the number of recommendation based purchases is steadily growing. I'm sure it will hit the 80 – 90% range in the next 5 to 10 years.


Now – what does that mean to SEO?


Why should a business invest in search engine optimization if most of the purchase decisions are based on recommendations?


Wouldn't it be smarter to invest into the "recommendation chain" instead in SEO?


Wouldn't it be more effective and successful to make sure people recommend a product than hoping to come up higher in the list of search results?"


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


Read the full article:

Via janlgordon, k3hamilton, juandoming, Robin Good
janlgordon's comment, March 15, 2012 8:05 PM
You made my day! I always love reading and curating your articles this was definitely no exception. Thank you for always raising the bar and making us pay attention to what's really important.
janlgordon's comment, June 17, 2012 3:53 PM
Thank you for this Robin, it's greatly appreciated. It's exciting to watch and be a part of all this change, I'm sure you agree:-)
Robin Good's comment, June 18, 2012 2:28 AM
Yes Jan... I don't know exactly what you are referring to, but this the only sure thing we have today: this is time of fast and continuous change... so I am certainly enjoying the ride.

On another note: I would humbly suggest to consider posting shorter stories, especially when you are also pointing to the original, as what I am looking for from you, is not a rehash of what's in the article - outside of a 1-3 para excerpt - but the reasons why you are recommending it. You are already doing both, but it is overwhelming for me. Too much stuff, and I haven't even seen the original yet.

I would also gently mute some of the visual noise you create by heavily formatting with asterisks, bolds and big font sizes. In my case that doesn't help much. It actually hinders my ability to rapidly scan and check whether you have something good there.

I suggest to limit greatly the formatting options you use and to highlight only what is really relevant, because when too many things are highlighted, bolded, asterisked, none has any more an effect on me. It's like a crowd screaming: who do you help? :-)
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Why Marketers Should Invest in Visual Content Creation

Why Marketers Should Invest in Visual Content Creation | Marketing&Advertising |
Learn why visual content is a critical part of your content creation strategy.
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Content Curation In 45 Minutes A Day... And Free

Content Curation In 45 Minutes A Day... And Free | Marketing&Advertising |

I’m sure a lot of you guys have looked into curation software available ...

Obviously with the radically different price points they all do different things, but here’s the gist – a whole lot of this you can do for free.


Step One – Define your Parameters

Define your parameters by where you want the goods to go. Make sure everything is accessible from the beginning so you can leverage your curated content efficiently from the start.

Step Two – Choose your Weapons

e.g.; G+ and FB


Step Three – Be Intentional with your Schedule

I can’t speak to your industry/niche but I can tell you that when I do my curation at somewhere between 6 and 8am EST I find a goldmine of posts that are brand-flipping-new


Step Four – Be Crazy Time Sensitive

I make sure to only curate content that is timely [less than 1% of the time curate something more than 24 hours old]

Open up a google search and type in “content marketing” at the beginning of my day, and set it to the last 24 hours.


Step Five – Be Consistent

As long as you are curating the same general stuff over and over it will work for you.

Notice: Steps 1-5 are all about the setup or protocol. Steps 6-9 are the actual daily work.


Step Six – Prepare for Battle

Open windows to the following places:

Google search
WP dashboard to my curation site
Google +
I also have a Word document open


Step Seven – Get Rolling

e.g. search for the term “content marketing” in the last 24 hours as shown above; grab 5 or 6 posts that are relevant and make tweets about them and put them on timely/buffer/scoopit


Step Eight – Natural Overflow

Doing twitter first thing after curation is great, if you have the time.

20-30 minutes after you have your automated posts in place to interact with your feed, clean out the spam tweeps, follow back the real people, etc.


Step Nine – Use what you Learn

Use your curation is as the basis for your own blogs

Not regurgitation, but rather letting your new-found knowledge fuel your next post. Or, add to the list of blog ideas you have on a running list somewhere.


Setting aside this 45 minutes a day to get the most relevant pieces of content your industry has to offer can not only fill your feeds, but it can also fuel your entire day. And it should, because you should be talking about the latest things in your industry.


Great ideas by Amie Marse - ;

Via maxOz, janlgordon
Matmi's comment, April 5, 2012 8:16 AM
Some great tips. Would you also spend the time commenting on the curated posts? I know there are some who believe that it is a necessity and others who feel there is no need as you are merely helping others to filter the noise. I try to mix it up depending on time available.