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2 billion people are online. 85% of customers expect businesses to be active in social media. Word of mouse = word of mouth.


Here are 7 reasons - http://bit.ly/JrexbQ - and some thought provoking questions to get you loving Facebook, Twitter, emarketing, blogs and more...


#1. 80% businesses are NOT passionate

Show you’re human. Business is built on relationships. Your web presence must show you are passionate

#2. 55% more web visitors & 67% more leads for businesses that blog

#3. 68% Email subscribers & Twitter followers are likely to buy

#4. 20-30% Emarketing response rate

#5. 30% customer questions & compliments get no reply

#6. 77% customers read brand posts but don’t comment

#7. 71% complaints on Twitter are NOT responded to


Download / Embed: http://bit.ly/JrexbQ 

Via maxOz, janlgordon