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Scooped by Mohammed El Sharkawy

Vi Vi Fi (Dr. Haitham Desoky) the new revolution in Touch world.

Vi Vi Fi (Dr. Haitham Desoky) the new revolution in Touch world. | Ezy Roller | Scoop.it
Mohammed El Sharkawy's insight:

Touch sticker technology is a new human-object interface that is capable of transforming all non conductive surfaces with limited thickness (wood, glass, etc) into touch sensors or screens. Despite of its huge impact on all peoples’ lives, it is be considered one of the simplest innovations amongst all sensing and screening technologies. Only by sticking transparent stickers placed on opposite side of operation interface, it invisibly turns nonconductive materials into touch surfaces that can interact with human contact.


The idea mainly relies on the effect of electrostatic energy inside the human body. When physical contact occurs between human body and any insulating surface like wood, plastic glass, marble or textile, these stickers sense the position and movement of the human contact and thus transmit it though Wi-Fi environment into the main controller, which accordingly order actuators to take the matching action.


We want to collaborate with Multi-National companies and design Integrated Touch solutions that will address all human user interface applications.

At VIVIFI Touch Sticker Solutions we are going to take the lead with our new Innovation , a first in middle east.

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