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Rescooped by Jasmin Rez from Digital Storytelling!

Crash Course in Storytelling

Crash Course in Storytelling | Creative_Inspiration |
Marketing is storytelling at its core. Here are 5 things marketers can learn from expert storytellers.

Via José Carlos
sarspri's curator insight, April 12, 2013 9:37 AM

Applicable well beyond the realm of marketing ...

Scooped by Jasmin Rez!

Are You A Jerk? Not keeping up with #social #media for more than a couple of days is straight up offensive.

 Straight Up Offensive.

Whaaaaaat. Yes, a couple of days can seem an eternity.

"Even if the burning ball of fire in the sky (that nobody really understands) is officially named Fred."

It's still not a valid reason to fall off the face of the Series of Tubes.

This is a self- intervention. 

Actions do speak louder than words. 
Nobody's a jerk here.
Pinky Promise not to intentionally come off as one either.
Invincible contracts have been reviewed.

@ All who have been glaring with the Stink Eye...

Calm Down. <3

Jasmin Rez's insight:

Whaaaaaat. Yes, a couple of days can seem an eternity.

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