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The Part Of Success You're Really Afraid Of.

One of the wacky psychology lessons we learned from the 1990′s was our inherent “fear of success.”

Still today you’ll hear someone tell you that: “the only thing holding you back from achieving your goals is your fear of success”. Deep down. You are afraid of being successful. And that fear is subconsciously making you do things that sabotage your chances of being successful.  But that’s just nonsense.

Jasmin Rez's insight:

"You aren’t afraid of being successful. In fact, you want to be successful more than anything else in the world. You achieving the best for yourself is wired into the very core of your being. You can’t help it.

Success is the language that your brain uses to filter the world around you. Part survival, part need for  superhuman accomplishment — the synapses in your brain fire millions of times per second to calculate, correlate, and coordinate your chances for being successful.

It’s simple biology. There is no escaping the science behind success."

- Dan Waldschmidt

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4 Wonderful Critical Thinking Graphics ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

4 Wonderful Critical Thinking Graphics ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning | Creative_Inspiration |

I think most of us are  visual learners .We love infographics and diagrams that present data in a visually attractive way and we probably  find it easier  to process and internalize such  data.

Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge
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