Visit the site for the introductory video. These folks were successful at fundraising on Kick-Starter.


From the site:

"While many see the recession as another blip in the business cycle, we see a deeper transformation- perhaps as profound as the Industrial Revolution. Whether we are talking about fundamental notions of property or that which motivates us to work in the first place, today new social patterns are emerging that better serve our networked world. The story we are telling is one of hope and new possibility. While many conventional institutions are crumbling, in this moment there is a unique chance for humanity to fundamentally reinvent its presence on this planet.


For the next year, we’ll be devoting each month to a different pattern, trend, or big idea. We’ll cast off on a journey of discovery with you- our intrepid network of new economy pioneers. We’ll be exploring the contours of this new economy together, finding new knowledge, sharing it with each other, discussing, and boiling it all down to the essence. At the end of each month, we’ll put together a video highlighting what we’ve learned together. 

Via Elle D'Coda