Making Volunteering More Popular By Making It More Relevant | Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions |
Service is a fundamental pillar of American society, and its roots go back to the origins of the nation.

Giving back to the community has been core to America ever since this nation was founded. But the way we serve hasn’t shifted with the way we work.

**While most service opportunities involve things like building houses, painting schools, or picking up trash, these activities don’t play to the strengths of the majority of Americans.

**When people don’t have the option to volunteer in a way that draws on their strengths or their skills 

**when people don’t have the option to volunteer in a way that make sense to them  

**when volunteering doesn’t result in an impactful outcome, people volunteer halfheartedly or they don’t volunteer at all.

This is a pretty serious consequence.

**In fact, the volunteer rate in America over the past 10 years has dropped nearly 3%.

How do we change this? We’ve created the first scalable online pro bono service provider called Catchafire.

In one year we’ve registered nearly 2,000 organizations and 10,000 professionals, but we’re nowhere near our goal, which is to make it commonplace for everyone to give what they are good at.

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