Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions
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Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions
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Invention v. Reinvention In The Age of Disruption

Invention v. Reinvention In The Age of Disruption | Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions | Scoop.it
janlgordon's insight:

This post was written by Andy Capaloff for Curatti about a very important topic, navigating change through the age of disruption.

Here are a few highlights:

The infusion of new ideas and the understanding of whether necessary change can be accomplished in a timely and effective manner from within and when to seek that freshness externally, are vital to the continued success of any company.

The importance of the ability to accept that something you do, whether a large or small aspect of your processes, has become a hindrance to your future growth and must be replaced, cannot be minimised.

Selected by Jan Gordon for Curatti covering Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions

Read more here: [http://bit.ly/199OAQa]

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Generation Flux: The Pioneers Of The New Chaotic Frontier Of Business

Generation Flux: The Pioneers Of The New Chaotic Frontier Of Business | Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions | Scoop.it

This timely and relevant article was written by Robert Safien a staff writer for Fast Company

"The future of business is pure chaos. Here’s how you can survive--and perhaps even thrive".

My commentary:

Reading this is unsettling, exciting, challenging and most of all, there are no concrete answers, no formula, no roadmap. Those people and/or organizations that are comfortable with ambiguity and chaos will survive.  Lots to digest, worth your time. If you don't have time to read the whole article, I've captured the key points and what you should pay attention to.

The author refers to Generation Flux who are the pioneers leading the way in this era of chaos.  People that fall into this category can be any age and from any industry.

The following quote from

At age 19, Pete Cashmore founded a tech blog in Scotland which grew into a monster site for social news.  Now 26 and CEO of that site, Mashable, he  sets the tone for the mindset of this group and what this article is all about with the following quote:

"I don't have any personal challenges about throwing away the past. If you're not changing, you're giving others a chance to catch up."

Mashable has more than 2 million Twitter followers.

Here's a synopsis:

Any business that ignores these transformations does so at its own peril. Despite recession, currency crises, and tremors of financial instability, the pace of disruption is roaring ahead.

**The frictionless spread of information and the expansion of personal, corporate, and global networks have plenty of room to run. And here's the conundrum:

**When business people search for the right forecast--the road map and model that will define the next era--no credible long-term picture emerges.

**There is one certainty, however. The next decade or two will be defined more by fluidity than by any new, settled paradigm

**if there is a pattern to all this, it is that there is no pattern. The most valuable insight is that we are, in a critical sense, in a time of chaos.


To flourish requires a new kind of openness. More than 150 years ago, Charles Darwin foreshadowed this era in his description of natural selection: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives; nor the most intelligent that survives.

****"It is the one that is most adaptable to change." As we traverse this treacherous, exciting bridge to tomorrow, there is no clearer message than that.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions"

Read full article here: [http://bit.ly/AeiVf6]

Karen Dietz's comment, January 9, 2012 10:05 PM
Great article Jan! Thanks for curating it. I very much enjoyed the read -- it's an accurate description of today and the future.
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Promoting innovation by understanding people

Promoting innovation by understanding people | Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions | Scoop.it

I selected this piece written by Jose Baldaia because  what he says here is so important because it is a mindset that companies must adopt if they want to thrive in business today.

Hi uses this quote from Marty Neumeier that really captures the essence of what he's saying.

“A company can’t will itself to be agile. Agility is an emergent property that appears when an organization has the right mindset, the right skills, and the ability to multiply those skills through collaboration. To count agility as a core competence, you have to embed it into the culture. You have to encourage an enterprise wide appetite for radical ideas. You have to keep the company in a constant state of inventiveness. It’s one thing to inject a company with inventiveness. It’s another thing to build a company on inventiveness.”

Here's an excerpt that caught my attention:

"Design thinking is, intrinsically, a prototyping process that feeds the deep understanding of what people want and enjoy (or not) about the way things are done, made, distributed, etc.

**That is, design thinking try to understand people as a whole when performing a specific activity, not just what they do, but how they feel and how it is that their needs connect to other situations in their life.

**Through design thinking, innovations do not come from incremental adjustments. They arise from the work of interdisciplinary teams of T shaped people, constantly encouraged to fail early to be able to respond to changing market conditions.

**It is essential to look beyond what is, and see what could be, using the imagination to generate entirely new solutions and identify what will drive the success of the solutions.

Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions"

Read full article here: [http://bit.ly/yNaoEX]

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We’re all Minorities Now - Time for A Change in Thinking

We’re all Minorities Now - Time for A Change in Thinking | Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions | Scoop.it

This thought-provoking, timely piece was written by one of my favorite people, Aaron Biebert on 8pmwarrior. Bravo, well put!

This is a must read as we usher in 2012

Here's an excerpt and what caught my attention:

The world has come to our backyard and now our race, political affiliation, language, religion, and fashion actually put us in the minority. Are you ready?

**When we swim down the stream from our little pond to the big ocean, we find out the truth. Our traditional majorities are not only meaningless,

**but they might cause us to lean on the wrong strength for a globalized world.

****Most people on Earth don’t speak a certain way, have a certain look, believe a certain thing, or act a certain way. Not even close. Anyone living in a majority mindset is living in a fantasy land as the world gets more connected.

**We won’t be able to ignore it.

**The big world out there is full of our future clients, doctors, suppliers, friends, and business partners.

So now what?

****Leaders need to change their understanding of strength and seek out opportunities to collaborate with others.

****We need more partners. We need to build more coalitions and seek more consensus when making decisions. Common ground will be more valuable than higher ground.

****The pride in any “majority” must be replaced with a newfound sense of wonder, awareness, and appreciation for others who are different.

**It’s time to focus on common ground and common problems.

Selected by Jan Gordon "Exploring Change Through Ongoing Conversations"

Read full article: [http://8pmwarrior.com/2011/12/were-all-minorities-now/]

Aaron Biebert's comment, December 12, 2011 8:26 PM
Thanks Jan. This means so much to me. This was not a popular post. Many private comments...
janlgordon's comment, December 12, 2011 9:47 PM
@Aaron Biebert

My pleasure Aaron - I'm happy to stand beside you, it was very courageous to write this and I support you all the way:-)