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Great article with thought provoking observations, good suggestions and even a graphic to highlight her ideas that speaks for itself. by Conversationagent,


"This is a slightly different question I asked a couple of years back. Invest in better promises There are many ways to deal with uncertainty."

Here's are a few thing that caught my attention:

Today, we put the term "social" in front of media, marketing, networks and bolt features on. Social media is the modern version of the telephone.

****Social media is not the conversation.

****It's not the answer to all your prayers.

****If you're at the point of praying, then the business model is the one needing help.

****It's the room in which you hold the conversation. It still comes down to saying, doing, or producing something valuable for your customer.

It's early days. Many a platform being built could be the predecessor of something else much more useful in the future.

****Right now, people don't converse, they comment. Big difference. Technologies have evolved greatly.

We're still catching up. - yes we are

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