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This piece is written by Simon Mainwaring on his blog, I selected it because I loved reading his book We First and he is truly an inspiration to me and many others. Today is his birthday and the world is definitely a better place because he's in it! Happy Birthday Simon!!


In this article, Simon talks about the power of crowdsourcing through social media. and uses the example of how it has been demonstrated through the power of citizen activism during the economic collapse and bankruptcy in Iceland when 950 people were randomly selected to spend a day discussing a new constitution.

Their meetings were open to the public streamed live on its Facebook page. They also had a Twitter and Youtube account where they interacted with the public and created a constitution written by the people for the people.

Here's what caught my attention:

**What’s important to keep in mind when we think about the future is that social media enables all parties to have a platform. 

**We can use it as a tool to unify our voices as thoughtful, compassionate beings seeking to build a better world for all humankind.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Change Through Ongoing Discussions"

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