Questions: The Bedrock of Change and Creativity | Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions |

This article by Polly LaBarre for Harvard Business Review is aimed at the Business Community but is really a lesson for everyone, no matter what their interest.

The gist is:

Don't enter a conversation with only answers.  The questions you ask could be the catalyst for your next or biggest leap forward. 

Questions value and empower those you are asking, and create conversation, as opposed to the boundaries which are set when people come into a conversation with only answers.

The big question referred to in the article was asked in 1999 by IBM Director Jane Harper

***In an era when every young, gifted programmer, engineer, or entrepreneur's first instinct was to write their own business plan or head to a fast-growing startup, she asked:

***"Why would really great people — the best technical and managerial talent in the world — want to come work at IBM?"

**This question spawned Extreme Blue in Cambridge, Mass., which has since grown into a thriving platform for innovation and talent acquisition.  That this type of talent would go to Big Blue, was previously unthinkable.

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