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The Huffington Post did an interview with Scott Blake who makes art out of barcodes. Fascinating.

Here's an excerpt:

Scott Blake makes incredible interactive portraits out of bar codes, illustrating how black-and-white data can come to resemble a personal connection. The Omaha-based artist creates convincing human expression out of symbols of commodity, depicting the strange relationship between who we are and what we consume.

HP: You've mentioned that consumerism and celebrity are linked. How does art fit in with this relationship?

SB: I am sort of interested in art as a commodity. Especially making art on the computer which to this day is considered a lesser medium. People used to joke about making art on Photoshop: "All you do is select a filter and it's done." I sort of take offense to that.

I think you can be creative on a computer. My bar code work is commenting on digital art as a commodity. It is sort of poking fun at the fact that I'm trying to sell bar codes, which are these icons for buying and selling. And I'm sort of turning that on its head. Digital art isn't one of a kind, it isn't unique... there is no original. I can make infinite copies. So in a way I am addressing this new digital way of making and consuming art.

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