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Why Is the Soft Stuff So Hard?

Why Is the Soft Stuff So Hard? | Executive Coaching Growth | Scoop.it

We know that the brain is exquisitely tuned to social relationships, shaped by and shaping our relationships with others from birth onwards. A number of evolutionary psychologists maintain that our brain is proportionately the largest of all mammals because of the need to maintain relationships with large numbers of people. So why should relationship issues be so hard and what can the neurosciences tell us that might help?


Article from Developing Leaders - Issue 13 - Autumn 2013. Find it on page 48-51 in the magazine.  

Via Kenneth Mikkelsen, John Thurlbeck, FCMI FRSA
Ron McIntyre's insight:

As we discuss Relationship Capital, this article can help understanding why the term is so tough to acknowledge.

John Thurlbeck, FCMI FRSA's curator insight, November 26, 2013 11:17 AM

I've always felt that the labelling of relationship management as 'soft stuff' is wholly inaccurate, as it has never been so and never will be!


Managing your relationships as a leader and manager has always been tough, complex and often downright hazardous! So 'soft stuff' is a complete oxymoron! However, here's a useful article to explore why is is so hard just that little bit further!

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