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"Untangling the Social Web" is a multi-part whitepaper from Integer that attempts to quantify the relationship between social media and business."


Personas are a great tool for helping you craft your biz stories and connecting more effectively with your customers.


Personas are basically little stories you create about your main customer types (with lots of pics!).  


This article shares 4 social networking Personas and how they interact on line. With this information you can start crafting your stories to connect with the Personas that fit best with your business.


Oh, and by the way -- which Persona are you? I'm the Professional I think :) 


As the author says, "Take a few minutes to review the full whitepaper (it’s free!) Think about your customers and which of the four types suits them best. Then, take a look at your social media posts over the last few weeks. Are you speaking to your audience? If not, it’s time for a new plan."


But before you do that, also check out Carol Pearson's book "The Hero & The Outlaw" ( which is all about how to identify and use specific archetypes of your customers and how to shape your marketing content and stories towards them.


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