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Rescooped by Kenneth Mikkelsen from Collaborationweb

3 Major Trends in Knowledge Work

3 Major Trends in Knowledge Work | Excellent Business Blogs | Scoop.it

1. Social technologies have become boring
“… key social technologies such as tagging, blogs, wikis and micro-blogging have hit the Slope of Enlightenment and are soon on the Plateau of Productivity.”

2. Collaboration is the new black
“There is, however, still a large knowing-doing gap when it comes to collaboration.”

3. Knowledge management is back
“It was rumored that Knowledge Management died in the late 90’s. Thankfully, it never did and now it’s back again, dressed up as “Knowledge Sharing”.”

Via Sascha Reimann, David Hain
Scooped by Kenneth Mikkelsen

Tata's management training director: sustainability a business necessity

Tata's management training director: sustainability a business necessity | Excellent Business Blogs | Scoop.it

Tata's new management education director and founder of Conscious Capitalism believes that when CSR is unlinked to the way money is made, there's a problem.

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