Once upon a Time at the Office: Learning to Recognize, Interpret and Tell Stories in Organizations | Excellent Business Blogs | Scoop.it

This study investigates the use of narrative in organizations by (1) examining current organizational storytelling practices in a variety of industries and (2) identifying key features that characterize stories with powerful impact. Sixty survey respondents reported narrative is used by leaders to transfer knowledge, shape culture, and motivate or curtail employee behavior, as well as by employees to manage stress. Interviews with eight experts on narrative revealed, perhaps surprisingly, that skimping on details is what makes stories powerful.


Consider this post more a long-read but rich with great material. I love the bar charts about the findings, and the articulation of exactly what makes stories 'stick.'


The insights are all replicatable for your business.


Yes, this article is in academic-speak. But don't let that stop you. It's solid research that we can all use to help us get smarter about biz storytelling, and/or to storify to share with clients.


Good job!

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