Evolution of Reggae music
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Snoop Lion's Mind Gardens @mind_gardens Plant a seed, grow a garden, change a life! @PepperItForward

Take the pledge and support the cause at: http://www.causes.com/mindgardens Snoop Lion was first inspired to create Mind Gardens after witnessing the devastation.


Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, thinks access to healthy food is something every child deserves. After witnessing malnutrition and its effect on children in Jamaica, Snoop Lion is taking action by launching Mind Gardens, a new community gardens project that will provide healthy organic fruits and vegetables to children worldwide. 

The mission of Mind Gardens is simple: every child should have access to healthy food. Healthy food nurtures the body and the mind, making access to nutritious food options a crucial part of helping communities to grow and thrive. With this in mind, Snoop Lion and Reed's Ginger Brew have partnered to support Mind Gardens, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building community gardens in impoverished neighborhoods. These organic community gardens will provide children with access to vital nutrients, through fresh fruits and vegetables.

Mind Gardens @mind_gardens

The Mind Gardens Project, created by Snoop Lion, brings community gardens to under served areas in Jamaica. Plant a seed, grow a garden, change a life!



For more information, visit:

Follow Mind Gardens online!

Follow our partner, Reed's Ginger Brew:

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Nivek Xavier's insight:

The Reggae music comes originally form Jamaica and the religion there is Rastafari. The Reggae music and the religion are so empowering that it changed one of the best american rappers into a Reggae singer. The pro of this situation is that he found a better way for  himself to help the people and give back to those in need. For me this situation has no cons becuase he is doing great with the reggae music infact he may be doing better than the Rap music and  if not he will get a lot better plus he wants to change the world for the better. 

Lauren Shigemasa's curator insight, January 23, 2014 1:59 AM

Celebrities can be advocates too! Snoop Lion is one of many that are starting their own organizations and raising awareness for issues such as access to healthy food! Check out "Mind Gardens"!

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Bob Marley HD - Jamaica' Tribute Concert

Bob Marley HD - Jamaica' Tribute Concert | Evolution of Reggae music | Scoop.it

1. Turn the Lights Down Low--Lauryn Hill
2. Waiting in Vain--Chrissie Hynde
3. Jammin'--Chrissie Hynde & Jimmy Cliff
4. No More Trouble--Erykah Badu
5. No Woman No Cry--Erykah Badu & Jimmy Cliff
6. Who the Cap Fit--Queen Latifah
7. War--Darius Rucker
8. Three Little Birds--Tracy Chapman
9. Rasta Man Chant--Busta Rhymes & Julian Marley
10. Kinky Reggae--Chris Robinson & Damian Marley
11. Get Up Stand Up--Ben Harper
12. Lively Up Yourself--Toots Hibbert & the Wailers
13. Trenchtown Rock--Tracy Chapman, Stephen Marley & Ziggy Marley
14. Rat Race--Eve & Stephen Marley
15. Africa Unite--Marley Family Band, the Melody Makers & the Wailers
16. Redemption Song--Lauryn Hill & Ziggy Marley
17. Could You Be Loved--Marley Family
18. Pass It On--The Melody Makers
19. One Love--FINALE (all performers)



Nivek Xavier's insight:

Proving that Bob Marley might be the best Reggae artist who ever lived just like Michael Jackson might be the best Pop artist who ever lived. So many artist wish that they could be a part of a tribute to an amazing artist this big and with people who look up to him specially his family. There are Tributes to Bob Marley all over the world.

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Flashback Thursday: Bob Marley (English Jamaican / Afro-Jamaican) [Jamaican]

Flashback Thursday: Bob Marley (English Jamaican / Afro-Jamaican) [Jamaican] | Evolution of Reggae music | Scoop.it

Known as: Legendary Reggae Singer-Songwriter & Musician (Leader of “Bob Marley & The Wailers”; Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1994; Ranked 11 on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time; One of the most influential musical artists of all time)

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Nivek Xavier's insight:

Bob Marley for me in my opinion is the best Reggae artist of all time. Ofcourse is only my opinion many think differently but he has been the inspiration for many Reggae bands. So he might be one of the reason for the evolution and progress of Reggae.

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Skrillex & Damian Marley - Make It Bun Dem (Kid Morbid Bootleg) HQ

FREE download here: https://soundcloud.com/angerfistmusic

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Nivek Xavier's insight:

Reagge artist are not only doing Reagge music they are collaborating with artist of  other genres. For example the Damian Marley and Skrillex collaboration for the song Make it Bun Dem. I honestly never thought that they would do a collaboration. Two different genres getting together to make more good music for us two enjoy and dance to.

MyNaughtyScotland's curator insight, April 22, 2013 6:40 AM

a great remix from kid morbid 

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CALL FOR ENTRIES : One Love! One Poster Design Contest! | Graphic Design and Art Photography Inspiration

CALL FOR ENTRIES : One Love! One Poster Design Contest! | Graphic Design and Art Photography Inspiration | Evolution of Reggae music | Scoop.it

The First International Reggae Poster Contest 2012

Theme: Toward a Reggae Hall of Fame: Celebrating great Jamaican Music.


The objective of the First International Reggae Poster Contest 2012 is to continue to build awareness for Reggae music and to celebrate the global achievements of Reggae and its impact on the world. The term Reggae encompasses all the popular Jamaican musical genres; Ska, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae, Dub, Dancehall and the unique Jamaican Soundsystem. We are looking for your talent and vision and we are very excited to see what designers can come up with in their original poster designs that will capture the energy and vibe of Reggae Music.


Join us NOW!

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Nivek Xavier's insight:

Reggae music has evolved  to the  point that its  a worldwide genre and it inspire people to speak their minds not only in music but other things for example this poster contest. People love Reggae because it is a good way of having possitive vibrations every day. Speak your mind in any way possible and love the inspiration that Reggae gives to your heart and brain.

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