5 Ways to Avoid the Biggest Regrets of Dying | Ever Growing | Scoop.it

by Celestine Chua

Death comes to all of us at some point.  Have you thought about how you would feel when the time comes for you to die?  Have you considered if you would have any regrets about how you led your life?

A palliative nurse who counseled dying patients in the final weeks of their lives took the liberty to record the most common regrets among them.  

I believe in learning from the experiences of others.  Having the insights of people who have lived to the end of their lives is strikingly helpful in living our best lives.  Rather than reiterate the details of their regrets, I’m going to share them briefly and provide suggestions on how we can ensure that these regrets don’t become our regrets on our deathbeds someday.  While we can’t change our past, we can change the present and the future.  How our lives pan out from here is dependent on what we do starting today.

Via Ariana Amorim