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Turns out most engaged library users are also biggest tech users | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour | PBS

Turns out most engaged library users are also biggest tech users | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour | PBS | Ever Growing | Scoop.it
A new study from the Pew Research Center found that more than two-thirds of Americans are actively engaged with public libraries. The report examines the relationship Americans have with their libraries and technology. Dusty, worn books versus sleek new computers, tablets or smartphones may seem like unlikely companions, but it’s really all about information. Continue reading →

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19 March 2014

Here we go again! A theme is rising to the top as I explore articles for this blog this morning.


That theme is, simply put...


The common narrative in public discourse is more often than we'd like to believe, inaccurate or misleading or embarrassingly accepted with no more sense of serious contemplation than we ridicule lemmings for not having..


OUCH! That was a bitter pill to swallow.


Why do so many of us involve ourselves in the heated debate regarding paper-based reading vs. digital reading?


Some prefer paper; some prefer digital. And, according to this PEW Research, many prefer information in whatever form it is available.


My concern is that if we assume that our preferences represent the best choice for our students, too many of whom simply have no preference for reading at all, then which ever medium provides the possibility for bridging our students' reluctance for reading is the best one to promote as we encourage them to care about reading as a valuable life-long practice. And, for our enthusiastic readers? Just get out of their way when it comes to what medium serves their curiosity. Just focus upon encouraging and extending their curiosity. Perhaps that is our more important responsibility.



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dining-etiquette-101 [Infographic]

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