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May 4th: all fabspaces unit under one theme! Suggest a theme or vote for your favorite one now!


What is a FabJam?

A single day event that brings together fabspaces (hackerspaces, designspaces, fablabs…) from
all around the world for a short, action-packed creative workshop, or fabsprint.

What is OuiShareFest?

OuiShare Fest is the first major European event dedicated to the Collaborative Economy. It will
take place in Paris on May 2-4th, 2013 and is organized by the non-profit and global community
OuiShare. You can find the OuiShare Fest program here http://ouisharefest.com/#program.

Why FabJam X OuiShareFest?

An opportunity to strengthen, to bring together, the collaborative spirit.



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