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Belle De Jour author explains why Aberdeen sex industry went social

Belle De Jour author explains why Aberdeen sex industry went social | Escorts |

The sex industry in Aberdeen is thriving, but you wouldn't know it by taking a trip down to the former red light district in the harbour.

Few ladies still advertise their trade on the corners of the city's streets and the once notorious harbour pavements lie vacant.


Escort agencies have gone social. They now use Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube to offer information about their workers' availability, services and how to contact them.


Aberdeen’s oil and gas industry is the honey pot that cemented the city’s fate as an attractive place for sex workers to set up shop.


Dr Brooke Magnanti, author of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, visited Aberdeen numerous times in 2003, an influential factor in her move to London where she pursued a high-profile career in the adult industry.


Brooke said: "If someone had ever offered to pay my travel to go up and see them in Aberdeen, I wouldn't have said no.


"I'm not surprised at all that sex workers use social media. The internet has given more sex workers a voice while still being able to maintain their anonymity, something that often wasn't possible before.


"Escorting has changed a lot since I was working. Now there are many more girls working independently, using blogs and social media. This means they're more able to reach out and support each other. Also they don't necessarily need to rely on escort agencies, who take a cut of their earnings.


"Most of the people I know who work in prostitution now are using sites specifically for that purpose."


Facebook and Twitter have previously removed escort profiles after being informed that the pages existed.


Brooke added: "If Twitter and Facebook banned sex workers, they would probably have to ban me, even though I'm not working as a prostitute anymore or advertising services.


"It's not that hard to do basic checks to ensure the person advertising a service is the same person providing it - the same kinds of checks you would do if you were a client booking an escort - you ask them some questions through email, or over their work number, talk to a real person.


"As for clients, they have their review boards, which are pretty comprehensive and that seems to flag up sex workers who are ripping people off and so on. To be honest though, sex workers defrauding clients is thankfully rare.


"There are also a lot of resources, mainly organised by these punters' forums, for people to anonymously report to the police if they have seen someone they suspect is abused."


Nastia moved to Aberdeen from Romania one month ago and offers escort services through Escort Scotland’s website, which tweets out changes on her profile.


She said: "I didn’t think when I came to Scotland that I would ever be here – I cannot say that this is a bad job. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. I don’t have a pimp and I keep the money I make.


"Friends of mine did this and they told me about it so I thought, why not?Clients here are OK, except when they are drunk or if they forget to come and see me, which they sometimes do.


"Most guys here are normal oil and gas workers - young guys. Now I am working in my own flat, it is better than having to be on the street – I feel safer, I do call-outs but I prefer customers to come here."


The 30-year-old lives in the city centre with a friend, who helps to protect her when clients visit.


She added: "I try my best to be safe and I think social media is good for this. It helps me to advertise my services. I don’t think people will use it to contact us, it’s too open. They don’t want people to know that they have used us.


"It helps me keep in touch with other girls and see what they are doing – keeping up with competition. I can tell people about my availability and there is more chance of getting clients."


In this lucrative game, Nastia charges £130 per hour and sees one to three clients every day.


The tweets posted by escort agencies are used to channel traffic onto their main website. They update prospective clients on who is available in each area, any changes that are made on the escort profile and any reviews that are left for the girls.


Jan Mcleod, an officer from Women's Support Project, said: "We are aware of escorts active in Aberdeen. In general we are aware that various aspects of the sex industry, including prostitution in the guise of escorting, are increasingly being promoted on social networking sites.


"One concern is that this normalises prostitution and it is harder for people - especially younger people and vulnerable people, to distinguish between acceptable and exploitative activities."


The unfiltered tweets and accessible pages arouse concern for the protection of young people, who are also being fed information that could lead to ‘virtual kerb crawling’.


Last year, under new guidelines, it was revealed that kerb crawlers caught trying to pick up prostitutes could face losing their driving licences in addition to any other sentence deemed appropriate.


The use of networking sites may now prompt a new definition of such crimes.

A Grampian Police spokesperson said: "We are aware that women engaged in the off-street sex industry will use all forms of social media.


"We do monitor these websites and carry out welfare checks with the girls who are operating legally.


"While we do attempt to trace those operating illegally, our primary focus is on identifying potential victims and reporting those individuals who are profiting from the sexual exploitation of women."


If you are concerned for the welfare of someone who is working in the industry, contactWomen's Support Project.

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Sex work at the Super Bowl: the myth and its makers

Sex work at the Super Bowl: the myth and its makers | Escorts |

For as long as spectators have wanted to crowd around men playing games, so have those who document sports boasted of how many women flock to service all those captive fans. Historians have claimed that along with athletes and the people who adored them, prostitutes, too, poured into ancient Greece for the Olympics, where they could earn a year's pay working the stands.


Now, the modern sex worker is believed to follow a similar migratory path, though considerably expanded by the reach of global tourism and mega-sports spectacles: the World Cup, the Grand Prix, the Super Bowl– all supposedly draw thousands of women offering paid sex.


It's an alluring fantasy, the kind of thing you could imagine in a dusty smut book, or serving as winky fodder for escort agencies and strip clubs in their seasonal marketing. The fantasy asks us to imagine the visiting packs of excitable men, engorged by victory or deflated by defeat. Who will celebrate with them? Who will soothe them? Worse, all that running and ball-chasing (or just watching it) is said to stoke a demand for sex so high that it would exhaust a city's native sex industry.


In headlines alternately titillating and cautionary, we were told that during the 2012 Olympics, London was to be "flooded" with prostitutes, and that for the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans, the city would host a "dark underworld" of illicit sex-for-sale. Like all fantasies, the "roving sporting sex workers" trope should be mostly harmless. It tells us about our culture's deeply-held myths and fears about sex work, but it can do little to spur any real concern for sex workers. In other words, it's an innocuous fantasy – until seized upon by those who find it threatening or politically useful.


Perhaps unintentionally taking a page from the sex industry itself, opponents of sex work capitalize on the roving-sporting-sex workers-fantasy for their causes. Anti-prostitution charities, called in by the media as experts, enjoy increased visibility. Similarly, law enforcement can stoke fear to garner public support for crackdowns on sex work – and too often, by extension, on those who perform it.


We saw this recently in London, where police raided brothels, arrested sex workers, and threatened them with further arrest if they returned to their neighborhoods – all part of their effort to "clean off the streets" for the 2012 Games. Contrary to claims that such crackdowns would focus on "the johns" and "demand", outreach workers reported that the police made it harder for them to provide sex workers with safer sex supplies, health information, and service referrals. Georgina Perry, service manager for Open Doors, an outreach service operating since 2003, writes that the fallout from Olympics-motivated crackdowns is ongoing:


"I'd say that we are currently picking up the pieces, and that it is going to take us a long time to restore sex worker faith in institutional support. Where once the relationship between sex worker services and clients was good, it is now broken. We are now viewed with suspicion as 'do-gooders or enforcers'.


"Where once sex workers may have felt it possible to report crimes against them to the police, there is now a dangerous and distrustful environment in London with crimes going unreported for fear of unwanted repercussions."


A similar pattern of pre-game publicity, followed by arrests, played out in New Orleans in the days before the Super Bowl. Anti-prostitution activists like Terra Koslowski warned the media, "we know that pimps show up from all over the country for what essentially is one big party." She was going to the Super Bowl, too – to put bars of soap printed with "Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution" in hotels, and a national hotline number into all their rooms.


Fox News had a camera crew follow a team of volunteers as theyattempted to rescue "sex slaves" from streets and strip clubs. "Potential signs included hurried girls, struggling to make eye contact", the network explained. They snapped mobile phone photos of license plates they believed belonged to "johns", and recorded a group of women who appeared to be taking a cigarette break in front of a club. The report continued:


"While tourists may believe a stripper's smile is a sign she's choosing the lifestyle, the trained advocates and police investigators know it could be a trick."


With nearly any woman working in a club a potential target – or any woman on the street, hurrying home with her eyes down for whatever reason – it may be a minor miracle that the New Orleans police department has reported only eight arrests, and these with the considerable resources of the state police, the Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI. They also report making "rescues" – detaining women whom they believed to be selling sex, and whom they then released and referred to services. The Times-Picayune reported:


"Two of the women, ages 21 and 24, were brought to Covenant House, a homeless shelter for young people at the edge of the French Quarter, according to executive director James Kelly. After taking a shower and spending the night, however, the women left without accepting the services Kelly and others were trying to offer them.

"'We believe they went back to turning tricks,' Kelly said. 'We did our best to try to care for them and try to get them to stay, but they were 21 and 24, and there was no way we could force them to stay, and neither could the FBI.'"


Looking at what happened in London, where sex workers turned down aid for fear of service providers cooperating with police, it's easy to understand why these women left the shelter. No matter how well-intentioned service providers are, accepting help from anyone who works with the police can be very difficult in a climate of heavy enforcement. Service providers may simply lack the resources sex workers need. When I reached Kelly by phone, he told me the women said they had a brother coming to pick them up, but that he thought they wanted "to go back out and make money".


We don't know what will happen to these two women, whom the press and police described as "rescued", or even if they needed rescuing. But we do know, for sex workers who need help, who are trying to get into a shelter or a health clinic, the support they seek is compromised by police raids, and by the environment of distrust and fear thus amplified.


This cycle has played out before, and will likely play out again. The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women issued a 2011 report (pdf), after similar fears and crackdowns during the Olympics in Greece and Canada, and in the World Cup in South Africa and Germany (where experts expected some 40,000 women would be "imported" for the event"). GAATW looked at the data on sex work, migration, and arrests around these events, along with several past Super Bowls, and concluded:


"Based on available information (including anecdotal reports), many sex workers report being surprised and disappointed at the lack of business during large sporting events. In any case, any small increases in the demand for paid sexual services have not reached the extremely high levels predicted by prostitution abolitionist groups."


Brazil – which will host the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 – may provide an opportunity to break the cycle. Prostitution is legal in Brazil (though running a prostitution-related business, like a club or brothel, is not). Brazilian sex workers have some political power: theyinfluenced the Brazilian government to reject $40m in Aids funding from the US, because to accept it would require Brazil to sign an anti-prostitution pledge, and Gabriela Leite, of the Brazilian sex worker organization Davida, was the first sex worker to run for Brazilian Congress.


There's some discouraging signs, too: in addition to providing cover for crackdowns on sex workers, major sporting events also make it easier for politicians and developers to target low-income neighborhoods for "redevelopment". In Rio de Janeiro, Global Voices reports that in advance of the Olympics, "communities earmarked for eviction and removal by the city" have been removed by tractors and riot police. It's estimated that as many as 170,000 people could be evicted in "preparation" for the 2016 games.


Residents of Brazil's favelas are not giving in. Cenira dos Santos, who owns a home in the Vila Autódromo settlement, told the New York Times:


"The authorities think progress is demolishing our community just so they can host the Olympics for a few weeks. But we've shocked them by resisting."


But perhaps the most positive sign complicating the fantasy of the "flood" of sex workers is a recent story out of Brazil: in anticipation of games-related tourism, the AP reported that 20 sex workers had enrolled in free English classes. The news took a respectable run around the web – and blogger Matt Yglesias remarked on the sex workers' business acumen, "It's not brain surgery."


Against the torrent of panicked stories about violence and degradation, peeping rescuers and aggressive police, the idea that sex workers might be making the same sort of pre-game preparations as anyone else is almost controversially ordinary.

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'Sex & Relax': Job Center Apologizes for Offer in Bordello...

'Sex & Relax': Job Center Apologizes for Offer in Bordello... | Escorts |

It's happened again: A German job center has tried to line up a position for a young woman in a brothel. The job was just serving drinks, but the issue has rekindled the debate about how far the government should go to get people back in the workforce. 

A German job center is calling it an "oversight," but the young woman in question isn't taking it lightly. A 19-year-old woman in the southern German city of Augsburg had been hunting for a job for months before the local, government-run job center contacted her about a potential position.

According to a report in the local Augsburger Allgemeinenewspaper, the woman received a letter from the job center on Saturday suggesting she apply for a service staff position at an establishment called the Colosseum. The precondition for working there is an "appropriate appearance," the letter said, and she would serve drinks for 42 hours each week, primarily at night and on weekends.


There's just one problem: A web search for the Colosseum revealed the company's true nature. It's a brothel, a "nudist club" where one can "sex & relax (sic) on over 2,500 square meters" and encounter "girls with mega service and more." The brothel also offers a whirlpool bath and a bar -- just in case customers get thirsty.


"I was absolutely outraged," the newspaper quoted the woman as saying. "My mother immediately screamed when she saw the letter." The trained housekeeper had been looking for a job since November -- but as a cleaner, she told the paper, and "not at the counter of some whorehouse."


The job agency has apologized to the young woman, saying a mistake was made. A manager told the newspaper that the job agency has an internal policy of asking jobseekers in a screening interview whether they would be interested in jobs connected with the adult entertainment industry. In this case, they hadn't.


However, the job agency does not provide listings for jobs as prostitutes.


Women Can't Be Forced to Work in the Sex Industry

The incident raises some interesting points in the country, which is regarded as progressive on sexual matters. In 2002, the country legalized prostitution, and two years later, Berlin introduced reforms in the unemployment laws aimed at slowly stripping away benefits for the jobless if they were unwilling to accept employment offers. The amendments also made it technically legal for job agencies to broker jobs in prostitution. Since these changes to the country's laws, those employed as sex workers have the same rights to a pension and health insurance as any other worker.


At one point, a major debate erupted in the tabloid media over whether government-run job centers could force women into prostitution. In 2004, however, the job centers issued a voluntary regulation that women who refused job offers as prostitutes would not have their unemployment benefits curtailed.


Nevertheless, there have been repeated incidents in which women have felt pressured. And, legal or not, the protests are likely to be loud whenever any kind of morally questionable offer is made.


In a precedent-setting case on the matter, Germany's Federal Social Court ruled in 2009 that the country's constitution does not permit the "active promotion of prostitution through the exercise of official authority" -- a decision that provided legal backing to the job centers' position.



The ruling came after the operator of two brothels -- both called Laura's Girls -- in Speyer and Karlsruhe sued after a job agency refused to post listings to fill positions for 12 prostitutes from Germany and the European Union.


At the time, job center officials argued they would not do placements for prostitution "as long as there is no clear moral position on prostitution in Germany." However, they continued, if there were a moral consensus that it was an acceptable position, they would be required to treat it as a "normal profession -- without any fussing or quibbling."


Until then, though, whenever it is suggested -- even accidentally -- that a person serve drinks in a red-light-district institution, scandal is likely to ensue.

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The Student Sex Work Project... Can You Help?

The Student Sex Work Project is a three year project funded by the Big Lottery.


The overall purpose of the project is to  promote learning and understanding about student sex worker needs and associated issues, and to provide an innovative sexual health service to a marginalised population through an ethical, empowering research led framework.


The project came about because of the following issues:

A lack of research in relation to student sex work in the UK.The lack of policy acknowledgement in Wales that young people may be involved in sex work.Student sex workers, as young people, should be entitled to receive sexual health advice within a safe and non judgmental setting.The need to provide an innovative service that reaches out to a specific population.The need to begin to dialogue about student sex work in Wales. 

The project is led by Swansea University in partnership with Terrence Higgins Trust, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board- Integrated Sexual Health Service, the National Union of Students Wales and Newport Film School. 


You can find more information about the project partners at:


Terrence Higgins Trust-


Cardiff and Vale UHB-


The National Union of Students Wales -


Newport Film School -

External Evaluation

The Student Sex Work Project is subject to an on-going external evaluation. We are very fortunate that the evaluators for the project are Dr Teela Sanders and Rosie Campbell. Both are specialists in sex work and sex worker project delivery. Find out more about Teela and Rosie.

Steering Committee

The Student Sex Work Project is very fortunate to have the support of a number of key individuals who are working with us to help us to achieve our aims. Two key individuals who sit on the external steering committee are Professor Maggie O’Neil from Durham University and Judy Jenkins from Swansea University. Find out more  

What We Want to Achieve

The project has set specific objectives towards achieving our aims:

An increase in community learning and understanding about student sex worker needs and associated issues.A new empirical understanding of the motivations of student sex workers and their physical and mental wellbeing needs.New solutions that reach out to an isolated community group and which improve student sex workers’ access to sexual health services, and advice/ information on physical and mental well being.Increased social inclusion for student sex workers within policy, practice and the student community, and improvements to wellbeing and sexual health.

We have developed a number of ways to achieve our outcomes. These include:

Questionnaire: An attitudinal questionnaire will be send to all students in Wales about sexual health, attitudes towards sex work and attitudes towards students who engage in sex work.Peer Researchers: An inclusionary participatory action research approach will invite student sex workers to join the project team as ‘peer researchers’.Website: An e-health website, will provide access to peer mentors; a ‘chat room’ facility; sign-posts to national / local service information and advice on keeping safe.Film: A film on student sex work will be produced. The film will promote the project but also, importantly, will raise awareness about student sex work and reduce prejudice and stigma against student sex workers.Guidance: We will develop and disseminate good practice guidance to deliver better health care and support for student sex workers and to facilitate the inclusion of sex worker students in policy and practice in Wales.


How Can You Help?

There are a number of ways you can get involved in this project:

If you are a student at a Higher Education Institution in Wales you can complete the online questionnaire about attitudes to sex work- this will be available soon, please keep checking the website.

This website contains information which might be useful to you about sexual health and services whether you are a student sex worker or not, so please have a look around it.

If you are a student in Wales who is working or has worked in adult entertainment we would love to hear from you and would like to know about your experiences. You can take part by completing the contact form and we will get back to you or you can email us at There may be opportunities for you to come and work with us on this exciting, innovative research project.



The site is not run by Terrence Higgins Trust, and THT is not responsible for its content

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From Kensington, with 100% independent passion - PunterPress - Escorts News

From Kensington, with 100% independent passion - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Who made the comment elaborated further buy sharing how many independent escorts in Kensington or even London aren’t in fact, truly self-reliant ladies, but also work with agencies under an alias of some sort and therefore aren’t truly London independent escorts...

Chiara Todano's curator insight, May 18, 2015 5:50 PM

Ha! Like what you see? High class independent London escorts have news and reviews so one can really appraise the services prior to any booking...

Chiara Todano's curator insight, May 19, 2015 10:31 AM

Some news stories circulate very quickly on the web and I'm sure this lady looks very familiar!

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In Dominican Republic seaside village, a virtual supermarket of sex

In Dominican Republic seaside village, a virtual supermarket of sex | Escorts |

BOCA CHICA, Dominican Republic – By day, Italian tourists pack the beach of this Caribbean seafront village. By night, prostitutes fill its streets.


“Prostitution is everywhere here; on the beach, in the bars, in the clubs,” said Antonio Guzman, 36, a hustler who has worked the beach for 15 years and regularly connects tourists with prostitutes. “This place runs on it.”


On a weekend at midday recently, a few blocks from a beach where hundreds of Europeans tanned, a few middle-age men entered a small club on a quiet street. Inside, they had their choice of pretty, young, mostly Dominican women: $50 bought them two hours in a private room with the girl of their choice, drinks and food, the men said.


Across this nation of 10 million, similar scenes play out — from small bars and hotels where tourists pay $40 for a half hour with a woman to packaged sex tourism vacations costing upward of $4,000 for a three-night, all-inclusive stay.


Long before explosive allegations emerged claiming Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., and a political contributor flew to the country for wild parties with several prostitutes, the Dominican Republic had cemented its reputation as a hub for sex tourism. Menendez has denied the allegations, calling them a political smear campaign.


Studies suggest between 60,000 and 100,000 women work in the sex trade in the country, according to the Center for Integral Orientation and Investigation, a health and outreach organization based in the capital, Santo Domingo.

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French kissing London Escorts - Blonde Brunette Couple - Alexis and Camila - PunterPress - Escorts News

French kissing London Escorts - Blonde Brunette Couple - Alexis and Camila - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

If you feel adventurous this evening then why not book Alexis and Camila.

You will have a really good time because of their bubbly personalities...

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Bohemia Escorts - Prague Escort Agency, International Escort Service

Bohemia Escorts - Prague Escort Agency, International Escort Service | Escorts |
Bohemia Escorts is a high class and most experienced Prague Escort agency that provides luxury outcall girls for Czech and International escort services

Via BohemiaEscorts
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Escorts And Massage Parlours Named In Newspaper |

Escorts And Massage Parlours Named In Newspaper | | Escorts |

Advertising boards outside newsagents around Wrexham yesterday read “DOGGING SEX SITES ALERT” , which one joker on twitter observed saying “Not sure if this is a news story or distasteful promotion from The Evening Leader”.


The boards were not censored and were viewable to old and young alike, plus tourists and other visitors to the town.


Yesterday’s Leader headline reads as pictured above, “Beauty Spots Named On ‘Dogging’ Sex Sites”, relaying apparent community concern on such news. The report is based off a new website created just two weeks ago which is merely a front end to another dating service website. Such sites are created with lots of duplicated content with certain words changed to make it appear locally relevant. Other quotes in the article are pulled from pages that are dated from as far back as 2005.


Specific spots were mentioned in the article, such as The Flash, and a car park in Coedpoeth. One up in arms outraged Wrexhamite  twitter user commented “On one hand, the Leader CONDEMNS the list of local dogging sites in Wrexham, while on the other it lists them on its own homepage. Arf.”

Ironically under a large title of “Great Days Out” on Page 37 of the same edition of the Leader there were ‘personal’ adverts, split into Escorts and Massage Parlours. The same adverts appear in today’s Leader as well.


‘Savannah’ encourages people to call an 01352 number to enquire on details for their ‘Dom Room’, whereas ‘Cleo’ says she is just five minutes away from Wrexham railway station. ‘Chesterfields’ gives an 01244 Chester number, and Fairyspells says they are in Wrexham.


Much like the research into the Leader’s dogging article a very simple Google search gives further details on several sites about these. One, Punternet, which describes itself as “The premier site for patrons and providers of adult personal services in the UK. This is the place to find service providers and to read and submit reviews” gives graphic details not just of the establishments but individual encounters and explicit services provided – between consenting adults.


Out of three adverts we compared to Punternet reports all had matching names and telephone numbers, with reports dating back several years so we are in no doubt they are the same places.


Some of the adverts appear to be for individuals, however others have different names and descriptions attached to their Punternet reports. One from Flint states they have ‘two ladies available every day’ and accompanying Punternet style reports indicate what services could be expected for the £40, a price indicated in one Leader advert for a ‘quality massage’.


Further to the adverts for business, out of thirteen adverts, four mention they are looking for new ‘staff’.


Labour MEP Mary Honeyball published a report last year into media sex ads. It states that in 2008 Newsquest media group banned all sex ads in its publications, and in 2010 the Metropolitan Police sent a letter to 170 editors of London newspapers making it clear the responsibility of newspaper editors to scrutinize the ways they publish advertisements so as to not unwittingly support either sex trafficking or the exploitation of prostitution.


Bryn Cefn Councillor Barbra Roxburgh provided a quote to the Leader on the dogging story and when we asked if she approved of Escort and Massage Parlour adverts in the same newspaper on the same day, she said “Well we live in a free country” however specified that she was not aware of the Leader adverts “I don’t read it so I don’t know”.

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Facebook has removed dozens of the pages after being contacted by The Times newspaper, which apparently had nothing better to do than go through shedloads of Facebook pages looking for prostitutes

Facebook has removed dozens of the pages after being contacted by The Times newspaper, which apparently had nothing better to do than go through shedloads of Facebook pages looking for prostitutes | Escorts |
Facebook is fast turning into a red light district and prostitutes and escort agencies create hundreds of unrestricted pages on Facebook.

As you might expect many of the pages include explicit photographs, descriptions of services alongside phones numbers, addresses and prices. This is causing problems amongst those who think that the world’s oldest profession should not exist.  They have also rattled off the usual “what about the children” fears.  Apparently children, who would be illegally on Facebook anyway, could friend a prostitute and learn that sex is not really about birds and bees after all.

Facebook has removed dozens of the pages after being contacted by The Times newspaper, which apparently had nothing better to do than go through shedloads of Facebook pages looking for prostitutes. Twitter is another site where such postings are prominent, but under the company’s rules, content would need to be illegal to be considered in breach of its terms and conditions.


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Investigation launched over care home prostitutes... The fact is, sex workers are allowed by law to sexually enable people but care workers are not...

Investigation launched over care home prostitutes... The fact is, sex workers are allowed by law to sexually enable people but care workers are not... | Escorts |

Helena Barrow, the former manager of The Chaseley Trust care home in Eastbourne, East Sussex, said staff were defending the residents' "basic human rights" to sexual relationships by helping them to access escorts.


East Sussex County Council has launched an investigation into the possible "exploitation and abuse" of vulnerable people.


Ms Barrow said: "The fact is, sex workers are allowed by law to sexually enable people but care workers are not.


"If someone is asked, we would often call in a professional, someone trained to do that. It's known as a residents' 'special visit'."


Ms Barrow, who has now left Chaseley to manage a care home in nearby St Leonards, told a local newspaper residents always paid for the call girls themselves through pensions, savings or benefits.


She said staff would often telephone sex workers and invite them to the care home, which provides accommodation for 55 people with neurological problems and learning difficulties.


When possible, staff would dial the number and hold the telephone to the disabled person's ear so they could make the call themselves.


Se added: "If you have a resident who is groping staff, one way of resolving that problem is to get a sex worker in and who is trained to deal with that situation. But most of the time, these are people who feel frustrated by a primeval need they cannot fulfil."


"We would help them with the phone, dial the number or use the computer to contact someone who could help. If we refused, we would not be delivering a holistic level of care."


When the prostitute arrived they would be welcomed and escorted by a member of staff to the room where the resident would be waiting.


Staff would put a 'special red sock' on the door handle to make sure the couple would not be disturbed before checking on them every 15 minutes.

On one occasion local strippers were invited to the care home to put on a 'special show' for residents.


The current manager of the home said the practice is continuing.


Sue Wyatt, Chaseley's current manager, said prostitutes were still welcome in the care home but a 'third party consultant' now contacted prostitutes on behalf of the care home staff.


She said: "People have needs, so sometimes we might need to set up a room in a certain way. We are there to help. We respect our residents as individuals so that is why we help this to happen."


A spokesperson for East Sussex County Council said: "We will examine our concerns through the Pans-Sussex Multi Agency Policy and Procedures for safeguarding Adults at Risk.


"This has the potential to place vulnerable East Sussex residents at risk of exploitation and abuse."


One prostitute, who did not wish to be named, said: "I go to own particular care home in West Sussex at least once a month, more often once or twice every two weeks, but others too.


"Obviously every client has the same colour money and the job isn't done for enjoyment's sake."

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Former Escort Zahia Dehar To Launch Ready-to-Wear Lingerie, Become a Lifestyle Brand

Former Escort Zahia Dehar To Launch Ready-to-Wear Lingerie, Become a Lifestyle Brand | Escorts |

Everyone’s favorite former French escortturned ‘couture’ lingerie designer Zahia Dehar is setting her sights on global domination: The designer is planning to conquer the ready-to-wear and lifestyle market one flower pasty at a time.


Dehar showed her latest collection yesterday in Paris–a show which ended with the designer sitting atop a flower-strewn carriage, in the middle of a massive flower heart, holding a baby lamb and getting sprinkled with rose petals. As one does.


Anyway, after the show, WWD spoke with Tugdual Denis, the brand’s operations and sales director, who said that, despite what critics have said, the couture lingerie line has been a retail success. In fact it’s been such a success that the one-year-old label is planning on launching a ready-to-wear line this fall.


“It’s been very well received by buyers,” Denis said. “Our plan is to have a corner in a premium department store in every major city.”


With lingerie sets retailing for $200, Zahia’s lower-priced line will compete with the likes of Agent Provocateur and Chantal Thomas.


But Zahia isn’t stopping at lingerie. “Down the line we want to branch out and diversify into swimwear, hosiery, potentially also cosmetics–we are talking to major licensors with a lot of interest in the brand,” Denis said. “What we want to build is a lifestyle brand within the next few years.”


Zahia Dehar, lifestyle brand? We suppose stranger things have happened. And several industry VIPs have already embraced her: Karl Lagerfeld shot her look book last season, and, according to the trade, Terry Richardson shot the current couture and the new ready-to-wear campaign. Which is probably the least surprising part of this whole thing.


And lest we forget, Dehar has better funding than most startup labels thanks to Hong Kong-based equity fund First Mark, which backs the brand.

So what do you think? If this is coming to a department store near you soon, would you buy it?

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Brothels for disabled people: Guess what? We like sex too

Brothels for disabled people: Guess what? We like sex too | Escorts |

It doesn't have to be just about sexual activity, sometimes building confidence is just as important 

In 2008, an Observer survey found that 70% of people would not consider having a sexual relationship with someone with a physical disability.


In 2009, Lucy Baxter, mother of Otto Baxter, who has Down’s Syndrome, said that she would have no problem if her son “went to a brothel in Amsterdam” to have a sexual experience.

In 2012, FHM magazine revealed its three sexiest female Paralympians. In the same year, married Paralympian Sarah Storey revealed her first  pregnancy, and Channel 4 screened its first series of a dating show for disabled people with a title that could use serious improvement. The second series ends tomorrow, and the show has done its job- proved that we are very dateable, thank you very much.


At the beginning of 2013, Hollywood movie The Sessions, which tells the story of a man paralysed by polio who visits a sex therapist, was nominated for two Golden Globes. Sadly, it didn’t win any.


Then, just last week, former madam Becky Adams revealed to the media that she wants to open an accessible brothel for disabled clients in England in 2014. She has already created a free service which connects disabled people with female prostitutes.


I’m a woman and I have been disabled since birth. I thanked FHM when they recognised something I have always known - that disabled women can be beautiful, too. I was thrilled to hear that Sarah Storey is pregnant. I’ve seen every episode of The Undateables and I look forward to watching The Sessions.

However, back in 2009, I smiled a very embarrassed smile when I heard of what Lucy Baxter wanted her son to do. He’s around my age, and if my mother wanted to have that level of involvement in my love life, I would not have been impressed. But at the time, when I thought about the results of the Observersurvey, it was easy to understand why the Baxters felt they had no other choice but to go to Amsterdam.


When I was growing up in the 1990s, there was absolutely no recognition that disabled people had romantic or sexual feelings. But, guess what, world? We do.


So I can see that Becky Adams, by her planned actions, wants to show the world that she realises and recognises this very important fact. I thank her for this.


In 2009, when Otto Baxter hit the headlines, the Observer survey was much more recent. Today, its five years old, and based on all the progress that has been made in this area since it was released, a little outdated, in my opinion.


I would like to hope that a similar survey today would have very different results that would be more favourable towards disabled people.


For one thing, Becky Adams told BBC Radio 2′s Jeremy Vine that she had received as many emails from people seeking to work with her as people looking to use the service.  So, non-disabled women today don’t seem to be against the idea of having a sexual experience with a disabled man.


I’m pleased to see that Becky Adams is concerned about making her service accessible to people with physical disabilities. She plans to furnish it with ramps, hoists and other helpful equipment.  She told BBC Radio Ulster’s Stephen Nolan that physically disabled people want access to sexual services as much as anyone else, but they can face physical barriers.

"Working ladies often set up in a flat above a chip shop which is difficult to access," she says, "so it is about setting up somewhere that is totally accessible."

Brothels are illegal in the United Kingdom. But Adams has an answer ready for this. She believes that her project has a higher positive purpose, maintaining that: "If you are educating or training people with disabilities with their sexual functions, it is not a brothel." She has invested £62,000 in the project.

She says clients for her current service, called Para-Doxies and running in Milton Keynes, can be men, women or couples, and come from a range of backgrounds.

"We see service men who've been wounded. They are going through traumatic times and so choose not to try and form a relationship. They like to boost their confidence by seeing a lady and maybe having a massage."

The women, who she refers to as body workers, sometimes show men with autism how to chat up girls. Sex, Adams explains, is often not on the cards. 

"A lot of our clients have no ability to perform a sexual experience," she says, "it could be just about holding somebody naked skin to naked skin for an hour."

The not for profit company has been running since last year and Adams says she already receives around 12 enquiries a week. The service aims to help disabled people to find workers and there are experts available to give advice to disabled people, parents and carers, on any legal questions arising.

Adams also told Nolan that she recognises that disabled people can and do form sexual relationships in their own right. This is something I would personally agree with. I feel strongly that disabled people should be allowed to form romantic and sexual relationships for themselves, just like anyone else, whether these are with other disabled people or not. I am pleased to see this is recognised.

Adams has been criticised for putting two vulnerable groups - disabled people and sex workers - together through her services. 

Defending her service, and the people involved in it, Adams says: "We have a very small number of ladies, most of whom have come from the nursing profession or caring profession. They see themselves as holistic body workers, rather than prostitutes," and apparently most work on a voluntary basis.

Does the service cheapen the idea of sex? Adams doesn't think so:

"From the comments we get from clients, they have a much better human experience afterwards, because many of them were in residential care all their lives and have no human experience.


"After his first session with a body worker, one client said that he hadn't realised women have warm skin."


All that is left for me to say as a disabled woman and a feminist is - although I don’t think I’d use it myself - I hope Adams’ planned centre will be open to disabled women as well as men.

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International Escort Awards Makes a Stop in South Florida to Find Best Local Rent Boy |

International Escort Awards Makes a Stop in South Florida to Find Best Local Rent Boy | | Escorts |

The Oscars are nearing, but what would award season be without honoring those who truly make our lives easier – rent boys.


The 7th annual International Escort Awards, aptly named “The Hookies,” will take place on March 22. But before they crown the best hooker in the world, the best hooker in Florida must be decided first.


The regional completion takes place Feb. 15 at 11 p.m. at the Boardwalk bar in Fort Lauderdale. The event will pit five of the best tops, bottoms and versatile rent boys the Sunshine State has to offer against each other in an online fan vote to determine who will be crowned Mr. Florida 2013, and be eligible for the opportunity to be named the 2013 International Escort of the Year.


Hosted by porn director-turned-DJ Chi Chi LaRue and local drag entertainer Misty Eyez, the Mr. Florida competition is sure to raise some eyebrows—among other other things.


Misty Eyez said she is looking forward to sharing the stage with Chi Chi LaRue, who she calls “a legend.” She also thinks rent boys, an occupation frowned upon by some, make the world a better place by making people happy.


“I think it’s great to recognize every entertainer or art form,” Misty Eyez said. “These rent boys willingly subject themselves to some very undesirable clients -- relieving their stress and making them feel much more self-confident.”


Among the nominees are two 24-year-olds, Brian Bonds and Noah Driver.

Bonds, a Little Rock, Arkansas native, has been escorting for almost two years now. He called the nomination “surprising” because he was never informed until SFGN told him.


“I’m excited for it though,” Bonds said. “It’s just really cool – that’s about all I can say.”


Bonds, who works mainly in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, hopes that the exposure, and perhaps a win, will drive his clientele up and give him the chance to show people worldwide his assets.


“I have a few regulars [in Florida], but I’m looking forward to the chance of getting to travel internationally now. I finally have a reason to get a passport,” he said.


Much like Bonds, Driver, who advertises in Tampa, Florida, had no idea about his nomination either, but was equally as excited. When he started escorting four years ago to help pay for school and to travel more, he never thought he’d get the chance to showcase himself on an international stage.

“It’s great to be able to get my name out there,” Driver said. “This nomination shows my clients are happy with me and my performance.”


Driver said he has been to Sydney and Rome and welcomes the chance to show why he considers himself to be the best traveling companion out there, rather than an hourly escort.


“When I’m contacted by a client that wants to go somewhere we both don’t live, I look into where we’re going,” Driver said. “I look up shows and restaurants so I can give them the whole boyfriend experience.” users can vote on 17 different categories as well as the regional selections in categories like best newcomer, best body and even best transsexual.


Regional voting takes place at and the categories are voted on the pages of the thousands of escort pages hosts.

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Elise will make it ever so special x - PunterPress - Escorts News

Elise will make it ever so special x - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Elise is a charming intelligent young lady who has the ability to blend into any scenario or situation that you care to mention, Elise with her striking blonde hair and ice cool blue eyes is a girl whose looks instantly transport your heart to paradise, her charm, and incredible personality will leave you in no doubt that you have been in the company of someone very special indeed,Elise is a girl for any occasion or event, no matter what it may be, Elise will make your booking memorable and ever so special !!...

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Luxury Hungarian Escort Couple (Female+Man) - PunterPress - Escorts News

Luxury Hungarian Escort Couple (Female+Man) - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Elite International Couple Escort based in Hungary available in Vienna and to travel WORLDWIDE. 

We offer the ultimate pleasures; whether you are a single woman, a single gentleman or a Couple, who would like to join us in the pleasures of a threesome/foursome...

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Wolverhampton fraudster admits £76k escort agency scam

Wolverhampton fraudster admits £76k escort agency scam | Escorts |

A conman has admitted setting up a bogus Black Country escort agency in a £76,000 scam almost 10 years after being locked up for a carbon copy crime.


Stuart Aitchison, from Wolverhampton, was warned he now again faces jail after trading standards officials uncovered his latest operation.


During a hearing at Wolverhampton Crown Court yesterday he pleaded guilty to acting fraudulently between June 1, 2010 and December 9, 2011 intending to make gain for himself by falsely representing that he was able to provide work to escorts. It can be revealed today that he operated under two names, Companions UK Professional Escort Service and Fleurs.


He made outlandish claims in adverts that attracted at least 400 people – both men and women - from throughout the country to pay a registration and monthly fees to act as escorts when he had no data base of clients for them to date.


Victims from as far afield as Aberdeenshire were lured into signed up for the bogus escort agency with false promises of earning over £1000-a-week.


But Andy Jervis who is head of regulatory services at Wolverhampton City Council and in overall control of the local authority’s Trading Standards department said they found no records of any calls or bookings.


Computers seized from his home showed no details of any business activity but statements revealed almost £77,000 had gone through bank accounts linked to him between 2010 and 2011.


The unemployed 43-year-old from rented accommodation in Church Road, Oxley, was sent to prison for three and a half years in June 2003 for setting up another fake escort agency that preyed on the “naive, gullible and financially desperate” who paid a total of £300,000 to be on the books.


This time the fraud involved a total loss of £76,725, revealed prosecutor Kevin Saunders who added that there would be no Proceeds of Crime case because “this defendant has no realistic assets.” Lee Markley, defending, conceded: “A custodial sentence seems inevitable.”


Aitchison will be sentenced on March 11, the father-of-three was given bail until that date to allow him to resolve “child care issues.”

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'The bank gave me a mortgage as soon as I told them I was an escort', says prostitute who has slept with 900 men... as she reveals Valentine's was her busiest time - and her favourite client was a...

'The bank gave me a mortgage as soon as I told them I was an escort', says prostitute who has slept with 900 men... as she reveals Valentine's was her busiest time - and her favourite client was  a... | Escorts |
Rebecca Dakin, 37, from Derbyshire, worked as an escort for nine yearsParents knew about her career - her mother dropped her at bus stop the day she saw her first clientCould earn £1,400 for one session. 'The bank gave me a mortgage straight away when they heard I was an escort,' she says
Once after sex a client called reception for champagne and clean sheets as his wife was due in 30 minutesThree years on Rebecca is a dating coach and author of a book on sex tips and infidelity

'If your man is not asking you for sex anymore, it means he's seeking it elsewhere. He's not going to accept being in a marriage without sex,' says ex-prostitute Rebecca Dakin, 37.

'I'm sure there are women who know that their man has been cheating but are happy because they don't want to have sex with him anymore. 

'They are probably relieved that he's not hassling them and just decide to turn a blind eye. Everyone always hates the escorts but you have to remember there are women are probably quite thankful that they're around.'

Valentine's Day evokes mixed emotions for Rebecca, reminding her of the nine years she worked as an escort and of the men who will cheat on their wives this February 14, many of them with paid companions.

These days, Rebecca works as an author, dating coach and infidelity expert - something she feels she has a unique perspective on. 

She says it is her duty to educate both men and women about the reasons married men seek out the company of escorts.

'About 60 per cent of the men I saw while I was escorting were married or had girlfriends,' says Rebecca. 

'Men cheat for different reasons. Some may be genuinely lacking intimacy at home but others just get off on the danger element of wondering whether they'll get caught.'

Valentine's Day can be a busy time for escorts. 

On one occasion, Rebecca spent the afternoon in a Newcastle hotel with a client. When they had finished having sex, he called down to reception asking for champagne and a change of sheets as his wife was arriving half an hour later for a romantic Valentine's evening with her husband.

'I was so angry,' says Rebecca. 'I think clients sometimes forgot that my loyalties lie with women. 

'I don't know why we always get the blame in these situations – it's the responsibility of the person in the relationship to be faithful. 

'Even if the hottest woman in the world comes on to your boyfriend, he should be strong enough to withstand it and, if he's not, she's done you a favour.'

Rebecca remembers another occasion on which she spent the night in London with a married client who had told his wife he was watching a football match in Manchester.

'In the morning he was he in bed reading the paper, catching up on the football results and memorising who had scored goals and what had happened during the match. Later that day, his wife called and I heard him telling her about the match – even what the weather had been like.'

Despite such experiences, Rebecca enjoyed her work from the moment she began escorting aged 25. After failing at college, struggling through a string of dead end jobs, and without any capital or training behind her, Rebecca decided that this was her only chance of making good money. 

The daughter of a navy navigator and a school teacher, Rebecca had an auspicious start in life, attending a convent school in Derbyshire and embarking on a fashion degree. 

However, after dropping out of university without finishing her course, Rebecca found herself in a cycle of boring, low paid jobs. By this time, she had already worked as a glamour model and a dancer so, for her, becoming an escort was the next step.

Since she was living at home at the time, Rebecca was honest with her parents about what she was planning to do.

'My parents had despaired of me,' she says. 

'I'd always been a rebellious child and at this point they just didn't know what to do with me. It would have been different if I was 18, but because I was 25 I think they realised I was an adult and they just wanted to let me make my own mistakes.


'It was not the job my mum would have chosen for me but once she saw I was going to really nice restaurants and hotels and meeting people like bankers and solicitors, I think she became marginally more comfortable with it.'

Rebecca's mum dropped her at the bus stop the day she went to see her first client, an accountant in Liverpool. While she barely had the money for a bus fare on the way to her date, on the way back Rebecca was £1,400 richer.

'I remember getting the train back and just counting all these notes,' she says. 'After working for as little as £100 a week in my previous job as a travel agent, I couldn't believe I'd just made so much money.'

Rebecca didn't look back and within three months of setting up her own business, she had a mortgage and was buying her own flat.

'The guy in the bank gave me a mortgage straight away when he heard I was an escort,' she says. 'He told me they never had any problem with girls in my profession.'

Because she chose always to work for herself rather than for an agency, Rebecca would spend the days looking for new clients, doing admin and organising her own advertising.

As she was highly selective about who she would see, Rebecca never spent time with more than 4 men a week and sometimes went for a month without a booking if she didn't feel comfortable about any of the potential clients who would get in touch.

When she did work, the rewards were great. Specialising in overnight stays, Rebecca frequently found herself whisked abroad, spending time with men in Hong Kong, Dubai, Italy, Paris and Switzerland. She saw some clients regularly and developed close relationships with them.

'My favourite was a guy in his 70s,' she says.


'He was married but his wife didn't want to sleep in the same bed as him anymore because he snored! He owned a factory and was loaded - he would spend thousands of pounds on jewellery and clothes for me. I liked him because he was a lovely guy though, very respectful with a dry sense of humour. We didn't even really have sex - it was more about the companionship.'

Although the money was good and Rebecca admits to getting a buzz from dressing up and walking into swanky hotels to meet her clients, eventually she decided enough was enough.

'I want to have kids and settle down and I didn't want to be working as an escort while I did that,' she says. 'I wanted to prove to myself that I could do something else and was capable of earning money in another way.'

Rebecca says that men cheat for myriad reasons. 'Some guys are just cheats,' she says. 

'Some are not confident about communicating with their other half. They think that if they tell her they want more sex, she'll be upset. 

'Some don't want to leave, as they love their wife, but they need more intimacy. By seeing an escort, they're just trying to find a way to stay with the woman they love.'

Although Rebecca does not condone cheating, in some instances she thinks it can be justified.

'I want to challenge women's point of view. I want women to read the stories in my book and think - I quite like this guy and understand where he's coming from.'

One man who has anonymously contributed to Rebecca's book is living with a wife who suffers from severe manic depression. 

He doesn't want to leave because he would have to take the children and his wife would be broken-hearted, but he still craves intimacy with a woman and has therefore decided to pay escorts for sex and companionship.

'You can't help but feel for him,' Rebecca says.

'Cheating is not black and white. There are some circumstances where people don't have any other options. My book will be really valuable insight into how men are thinking.'

It has now been three years since Rebecca worked as an escort and, although she sometimes misses the quick cash, her life has moved on. At the same time as writing her book on infidelity, she is putting together a book of sex tips, working as a media ‘sexpert' and running a dating coach service, charging men for Skype sessions in which she guides them through the minefields of flirting, dating and relationships using her training as an NLP Master Practitioner.

'Some women have a problem with me giving this advice because of the job I used to do but I've dated around 900 men and my knowledge comes from experience,' says Rebecca. 'I know what I'm doing is of value – I just want to help people stay in relationships.'

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Prostitutes Congratulate Eagles, Says You Are Close To Free Sex

Prostitutes Congratulate Eagles, Says You Are Close To Free Sex | Escorts |

The Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (ANP) has once again congratulated the Super Eagles of Nigeria for beating the Ivorian National team to qualified for the semi Finals stage of the Orange African Cup of Nations, South Africa 2013, urging them to go for gold.


Jessica Elvis, the national secretary of the ANP, in her statement, urged the national team to make the country proud by moving on to the finals and bringing back the trophy.


“The Super Eagles have done a great job by breaking the Jinx, at the initial stage every body believed that the Ivorian with defeat the eagles but the Super eagles continue to fly high”.


Speaking further, Jessica added that the Association still maintain her stand to declare one week of free sex if the Eagles win the trophy.


“To show our support for the national team, we’ll be declaring one week free sex if the Super Eagles can win the trophy,” she added.

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Former ‘Belle de Jour’ concerned about Irish sex workers legislation

Former ‘Belle de Jour’ concerned about Irish sex workers legislation | Escorts |

THE FORMER ESCORT, writer Brooke Magnanti – once known as Belle de Jour – has joined the calls for sex workers in Ireland to get to have their say on a review of prostitution legislation.


Magnanti, who blogged anonymously for six years about her experiences in sex work under the name Belle de Jour – which in turn inspired a TV series – told TheJournal.ieabout her concerns around the current hearings on such legislation by the Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality.


The criminal law in this area is being reviewed because of the changed nature of prostitution in Ireland. Currently, Irish law does not criminalise the exchange of sex for money but it does criminalise most prostitution-related activities such as pimping.



The type of legislation considered may be based on the Swedish model, which criminalises the purchase of sex, and members of Sweden’s police force have met with Irish gardaí on the issue.


Magnanti, who has watched the committee hearings online and tweeted about them under the hashtag #sexworkhearing, told that she has become concerned that to date no sex workers have spoken to the committee, although groups representing them have.


Magnanti said that she and others have mailed the committee about this, while she hasalso spoken to its chair, Pat Neary.  She said she was told by Neary that sex workers will be included in future hearings which will not be open to observers or webcast, but was not told when these hearings would take place.


Magnanti said:

There was a lot of concern because I was hearing from sex workers based in Ireland who had actually first been trying to go to hearings, but also trying to get on the list of people presenting evidence. So far it has been other groups and other organisations claiming to speak for sex workers.


She hopes allowances will be made for people who want to take part anonymously due to the stigma around sex work.


People on both sides of the issue are watching very closely what is happening in Ireland. This could set the tone for what is happening with legalisation in the UK [and other countries].
These are voices that need to be heard, people like me whose experience is relatively positive, and people who have negative experiences.

“We are so used to sex workers not speaking out,” she said. “People are so used to this idea that researchers and social workers and outreach programmes are going to be the people who have our voice for us.”


While blogging and social media provide a way for sex workers to have their voices heard, Magnanti said governments could allow people to anonymously submit their thoughts on legislation using technology.


There is no reason why we can’t protect somebody’s privacy, their anonymity and still get [to hear from them]. It’s such a huge thing that’s missing. We wouldn’t make legislation for anything else without including [the people concerned].

Having made a submission to the commission, Magnanti said she would consider speaking, but explained: “I really think to get the best possible input you need to get people who are currently or former sex workers in Ireland.”


Swedish model

Magnanti’s main concern about adopting the Swedish model “is around whether or not this actually improves the life of a sex worker”. The Swedish model comes from the end-demand model, which “seems to say if we stop men buying sex then everything will be OK”.


But Magnanti questions if criminalising men does actually stop them buying sex. She said that the voices coming out of Sweden suggest that the new laws have “made it more dangerous” and are forcing some sex workers underground.


“How can you criminalise one side of the transaction and not the other?” asked Magnanti.


You then have to be tracking the sex workers. People say that it has brought down trafficking but all their biggest arrests in Sweden for trafficking have been since the law came in. It is seeing more trafficked women and there is a higher proportion of Swedish men who have had paid sex. Obviously demand hasn’t gone.
My concern is: does it make life safer? That has to guide policy through and through.

Are governments ignoring other models of legislation? Magnanti believes they may be. She said that the Swedish model, for example, is supported by the religious side of the spectrum and radical feminist groups, but it isn’t supported by others.


To ensure that all legal avenues and viewpoints are discussed during the hearings, she is appealing to the Irish committee to ensure that sex workers’ voices are heard – especially as other countries are taking note.


The main thing that surprised me when I spoke to Mr Neary was [the government] don’t seem to realise how closely people are watching. It really could set a precedent.
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Domming for Dummies - NOW Magazine

Domming for Dummies - NOW Magazine | Escorts |
NOW MagazineDomming for DummiesNOW MagazineGo on boards like MERB, TERB, the Red Zone, Eros and Back Page and peruse the dominatrix ads, some of which will lead you to personal websites.

Via Slave4mymaster, Gracie Passette
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Erika | Gallery | Dior Call Girls - PunterPress - Escorts News

Erika | Gallery | Dior Call Girls - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

A little treat for all you readers at Punter Press, the lovely Erika new at Dior Escorts for you to book. Yes this lovely babe can be booked for both incalls, in her very swish Paddington apartment, or outcalls to Central London venues. What ever you have in mind be it a dinner date, a overnight or hitting one of the top clubs in London Erika can accomadate and will be the perfect companion. This Eastern European beauty has a great command of the English language so getting deep and meaningful with her is no problem at all...

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'Sugar Daddies' website closer to Christian dating site than escort service, founder says

'Sugar Daddies' website closer to Christian dating site than escort service, founder says | Escorts |

The founder of a website that pairs wealthy "Sugar Daddies" with young, attractive "Sugar Babies" in need of some financial assistance says he's not a pimp and his website isn't promoting prostitution -- in fact it’s more akin to a Christian dating site than an escort service.


In fact, Brandon Wade, the founder of, says prostitution is strictly forbidden on the website. Instead, he told CTV's Canada AM, the goal is to "match people with money, obviously successful people, who are willing to spoil and pamper, with those who want to be spoiled and pampered."


"Just because money is somehow exchanged there because he's paying for dinner or buying gifts or paying for travel or even helping with college, it doesn't necessarily mean it's an escort service. It's actually very, very different. He or she is actually a wealthy boyfriend or girlfriend, that's all it is," Wade said.

Wade admits the Sugar Daddies or Sugar Mommies have an expectation of getting something in return for their generosity, but what that entails depends entirely on the Sugar Baby. It could be companionship, or even business contacts or networking opportunities. And if sex is exchanged, that's ok too, he said.


"This is a dating site. On a Christian dating site or any normal dating site, isn't the goal to match two people and hopefully there's some romantic connection, and a sexual relationship can occur?" Wade asked.


He added: “We’re talking about adults here, so at the end of the day people do what they want.”


The Las Vegas-based website's business model seems to be working. claims to have a membership of more than two million -- half of whom have apparently signed up with a university or college email address. Last year 183 students from Toronto's Ryerson University signed up.


According to Wade, Sugar Daddies can range from billionaires to those with only $1,000 or $2,000 per month in disposable income with which to pamper their Sugar Baby.


Chanel Kanku, a recent graduate from York University and an admitted Sugar Baby, says she used the site purely for networking purposes in hopes of advancing her acting career and opening doors in the field of law, which she hopes to pursue -- not as a means of trading sex for money.


She said she wasn't initially interested in the site at all, but a friend signed her up and when messages started arriving in her inbox -- some from casting directors -- she began to pay attention.


"I saw that I had the opportunity to meet successful people. You create a profile, you definitely set out what you want and what you're looking for, and I made sure my caption said 'networking,' and I starting meeting people," she told Canada AM.


Kanku said she went on a number of dates through the site, and eventually hooked up with a wealthy man whom she dated for about six months. In that time she estimates she received about $3,000 per month from her beau, which often went towards her books or tuition.


Her goal, she said, was to "surround myself with rich and successful people because rich people don't come to the poor -- you have to go to them."

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High Class London Escort and Italian Courtesan available in London and Worldwide... - PunterPress - Escorts News

High Class London Escort and Italian Courtesan available in London and Worldwide... - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

I am an Independent London Escort who is educated, immaculately groomed and always well dressed for every occasion... I aim to bring passion and excitement to our relationship...

I am a confident young woman and I will be your perfect companion for any business occasion, dinner-date or private interlude. Passionate about all aspects of my life as well as being a romantic and sincere young woman, behind closed doors I can be your perfect plaything, lover, muse or mistress. We will experience an emotional and always unforgettable adventure. I hope to please you and under the right conditions, to attend to your every need...

Chiara Todano's curator insight, May 18, 2015 5:52 PM

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Tuition for sex? By definition, that would be: pros-ti-tu-tion 1. the act or practice of engaging  in promiscuous sexual relations, especially for money  

Tuition for sex? By definition, that would be: pros-ti-tu-tion 1. the act or practice of engaging  in promiscuous sexual relations, especially for money       | Escorts |

So now we learn that hundreds of so-called sugar babies are offering sex for money to older sugar daddies so they can afford to pay college tuition.


It’s not just tuition — they get gifts, jewelry, shoes, frocks and bags, dinners and trips.

Thank heavens it’s not just cash. That would be prostitution.


No, this is different, one 20-year-old fashion student told The News’ Nicole Lyn Pesce, because the 60-year-old she has extracurricular sex with pays her $4,000 tab to F.I.T. directly. “I don’t call it prostitution, because you are not being paid directly for sex.”


At least the women on the sex-for-sale site are not in denial about what they do for a living.

Like “Gorgeous Molly” from Brooklyn, who’s providing a flat-rate special today of $100 for an outcall. There’s just one caveat: “I do NOT come to the projects,” she warns.




Or like Ms. Taylor Steele at, who offers a “Breakfast in Bed Bliss Encounter” at $500 for 90 minutes. The F.I.T. student has to be available for her sugar daddy throughout the month, but Ms. Steele could make $4K in one eight-hour day.


Yes, many men willing to pay thousands FOR SEX are in their 50s, 60s, 70s, even 80s — but not all.


On, the sugar baby cybermatchup service that appears to be replacing madams just by using euphemisms, is featuring 37-year-old Dr. Jeff, who’s willing to pay $20,000. One problem: His sugar baby will have to divvy up the cash with others, as Dr. Jeff is into group checkups.


And what’s the difference between women who marry Larry King look-alikes so they can be royally taken care of and this? Trophy wives are accepted by society, hell — they get reality shows. In the days of Madame de Pompadour they called them courtesans. Now it’s sugar babies, though some might call them other names.


This has got to have hardworking baristas and other young women trying to work off student loans and pay New York City rents thinking about a career switch. If you’re lying in bed staring at your own debt ceiling, you might as well have sex with an old man and think of England — or Ryan Gosling — right?


What sucks about it is that ladies who are on the subway to work by 7 a.m. might be asking themselves, “Am I a fool for earning money the hard way?” Despair not — at least you’re not giving away a little piece of your soul every time you make a frappuccino.


Feelings about prostitution started changing somewhere around the time ­Jesus asked folks not to cast the first stone at Mary Magdalene. It’s legal in dozens of countries, including Singapore, where you get caned for throwing gum on the sidewalk. Many Americans feel that what happens between consenting adults is their business.


But having sex for money is prostitution, whether the buyer hands the cash to you, your madam or your college bursar. Calling it anything else doesn’t pass the duck test.

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