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Cherryl is a super sweet busty redhead - PunterPress - Escorts News

Cherryl is a super sweet busty redhead - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

London Escort Cherryl is a super sweet busty babe, charming witty and intelligent Cherryl is a fun loving lady who enjoys laughter and good times, a lover of eating aout and weekends away Cherryl is fabulous to be around and she will always ensure you a great time whatever setting or meeting you choose, Cherryl has the most incredible body and the most fabulous smile, so whatever event function or scenario you have in mind Cherryl will make it totally awesome...

Kiev Escort SEXY RIMMA +380501318919's comment, March 9, 2015 6:45 PM
Believe it or not, the MC1R genes that cause red hair are also responsible for other physical characteristics that make redheaded sex the best ever.
Whether you love a redhead or you're a redhead yourself, those vibrant tresses can actually translate into a wild bedroom experience.

Redheads are more physically sensitive
The genes responsible for red hair also cause redheads to respond differently to physical stimuli than men or women with other hair colors. Redheads feel hot and cold temperatures more rapidly and respond to pain differently than blonds or brunettes. This heightened sensitivity can easily translate into exciting sexual play with hot and cold lubes, ice cubes and even sex toys that trigger heightened physical responses. With faster and fuller physical responses, many redheads report that it doesn't take much effort to reach the big "o."

Redheads have special pheromones
Redheads exude sexiness from their very pores. In his book The Redheaded Encyclopedia, author Stephen Douglas asserts that redheads have a sweet and musky scent on their skin as a result of pheromone production. These pheromones, in turn, drive would-be suitors absolutely mad with desire. Online forums dedicated to the sexiness of redheads (yes, they exist, and it only takes a quick Google search to find them) further support the claim that redheads smell like sexiness in all the right ways.

Redheads have more sex
As it turns out, the stereotypical lusty redhead isn't too far from the truth. The most compelling argument for hot redheaded sex is the simple fact that gingers have more sex than their blond or brunette counterparts. A University of Hamburg sex researcher found that women with red hair, whether they're single or in a committed relationship, participate in substantially more sexual activity than other women. If they're hitting the sheets all the time, it's bound to be pretty hot, right?

Redheads have a reputation for eroticism
We're all familiar with the stereotype of the hot-tempered redhead. Some theorists purport that redheads are emotional and volatile because of their heightened sensitivity to pain and other physical stimuli. Regardless of the actual science behind the stereotype, a redhead's reputation for being passionate and opinionated can certainly pay dividends when it comes to sex. A passionate lover is always a fabulous thing, especially when he or she knows how to say loudly and convincingly, "Touch me there!"

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Brothels safer place to work, former prostitute tells students

Brothels safer place to work, former prostitute tells students | Escorts |

Students, or ''sugar babies'', who do sex work should be working in brothels rather than relying on online prostitution organisations, a former Canberra sex worker says.


The Sunday Canberra Times reported hundreds of ACT university students are receiving gifts and having their tuition fees and rent paid by so-called ''sugar daddies'' whom they have found online.


About 200 students at the Australian National University, the University of Canberra, the Canberra Institute of Technology and the Australian Catholic University are members of a website that matches millionaires with young women, it was reported.


A former prostitute and the star of the erotic film franchise The Horny Housewife, Nikki Stern, says that Gen Y students who are engaging in what she calls ''sugar-coated prostitution'' would be better protected if they worked in brothels.


''Canberra is not a cheap place to live, so sex work is a very practical solution to their problem if they're OK with it, are in control and know what they are doing,'' Ms Stern said.


''It would be safer to work in a brothel. If they're prepared to do this sort of work - if they've crossed that line anyway - then I would recommend they go and work in brothels, as it is legalised and there are other women around in the same situation.


''It's just far safer; you've probably got security. They [the clients] don't contact you directly, they're removed from you, you use a fake name. There's all sort of protections in place,'' she said.


Ms Stern, who has written a book about her experiences in the sex industry, Not Your Ordinary Housewife, said most of her colleagues at a Canberra brothel in the 1990s were struggling students.


''The students who I knew were prostitutes were not getting any great luxury from it. They weren't doing this type of work to buy fancy clothes. It was more of a necessity to just pay the rent, that kind of thing, whereas these women today seem to be doing it for the non-essential items of life, like holidays and gadgets,'' she said.


Exchanging sexual favours for HECS payments is nothing new, however Ms Stern said the fact that it is continuing is a worrying insight into tertiary education.


''It's sad that education funding is still so poor that women feel the need to do this to get through their university studies. However, it doesn't sound like it's a survival thing any more. Maybe they have come from fairly good homes, become accustomed to a nice lifestyle and have been a little bit spoiled, then they realise it's a bit harder to make ends meet when they are studying,'' she said.


Eros Foundation co-ordinator and spokesman for the national adult industry group, Robbie Swan, said a number of single sex workers are well-educated and come from privileged backgrounds. ''There is no doubt that there are girls from private, elite schools working in the sex industry,'' he said.

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MPs’ computers used to access porn sites, including foot and fat fetishism, more than 2,500 times

MPs’ computers used to access porn sites, including foot and fat fetishism, more than 2,500 times | Escorts |

Parliamentary computers are being used to view hardcore pornography featuring sadomasochism and foot and fat fetishism.

The X-rated websites have been accessed more than 2,500 times on computers used by MPs, peers and their staff.

Gay cruising websites have also been visited a further 3,500 times along with obscure erotica sites – including one showing naked women posing with cats.

Asked for an explanation, a  parliamentary spokesman claimed the sites may have been visited accidentally.

The Mail on Sunday obtained the information through a Freedom of Information enquiry. It covers a 14-month period between May 2011 and July 2012.

The visits are a breach of parliamentary IT rules, which bar online ‘pornography’, ‘nudity’  and ‘adult/mature content’.

It follows the revelation in this newspaper earlier this month that parliamentary computers were used to click thousands of times on a website that encourages adulterous affairs.

Harry Potter, a barrister specialising in obscenity cases, said: ‘Having viewed the material, it does not in my opinion fall foul of the law as constituting extreme pornography. It is, however, undoubtedly hardcore pornography.’ A variety of foot fetish websites – which include pornographic images of lurid sex acts involving feet – have been viewed 470 times.

Another website featuring an array of pictures of naked women lying next to cats has been viewed 17 times.

A Polish pornography website was accessed 292 times in May 2011. In the same month a dating website was clicked on 653 times. The website boasts it is ‘dedicated to connecting fun-loving singles across the UK’.

The Parliament IT firewall is supposed to block ‘personals/dating’ websites. However, in addition to the 2,549 clicks on porn sites, gay cruising websites have been visited 3,459 times.

A gay dating website was accessed 2,828 times in May 2011. The website states it provides a ‘platform for the gay and bisexual male and transgender community’. Another website that allows users to pick which MPs have  ‘the most sex-appeal’ has been clicked on 12,371 times.

A sex-toy shopping website was also visited.

Earlier this month, The Mail on Sunday revealed that Out Of Town Affairs, a website that brings together married men and women seeking sex, was clicked on 52,375 times in seven months on Parliament computers.

Matthew Sinclair, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘Many people working in Parliament are spending far too much time surfing websites that have nothing to do with their jobs. What’s more, this evidence suggests codes of conduct are being breached.

‘It is vital that taxpayers are able to scrutinise how time they are paying for is spent and that anyone caught breaking the rules is appropriately punished.’

A Parliament spokeswoman said it was possible the sites were visited accidentally. She said: ‘A user may access a site that contains optional or automatic links to another which are recorded without active connection.

‘But where there is trustworthy evidence that an employee has breached the acceptable use policy, it is treated as an issue subject to disciplinary procedures.

‘However, direct employees of Parliament are not the only users of the parliamentary network.’

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Tracy -Young, Sexy, Busty, Beautiful, Eastern European - PunterPress - Escorts News

Tracy -Young, Sexy, Busty, Beautiful, Eastern European - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Tracy is the most sweet and charming girl you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. You may see her for a while but you will want her to stay forever. with a beautiful fit body and smooth skin, she will supprise you with her stunning figure. seductive eyes and sexy smile are irresistible. Very friendly and passionate. Absolutely not to be missed...

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Evidence not morality should guide sex work policy

Evidence not morality should guide sex work policy | Escorts |

The sexual revolution happened in the late 1960s, so it seems insane that so-called western liberal democracies still appear to have major hang-ups about sex.


This is especially true when it comes to commercialised forms of sex, whether that be sex work (or prostitution as some prefer to say), exotic dancing, lap-dancing or pornography.


On the issue of sex work and prostitution, various parts of the world appear to be suffering from a mix of moral panic and ideological myopia. That is to say, various governments including those of Western Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland in Australia and Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, France and Denmark internationally have recently conducted reviews on how to better control the sex industry.


In New South Wales, for example, where sex work has been decriminalised for almost 20 years, the current Liberal government has stated in an Issues Paper – Regulation of Brothels in NSW – that it is “committed to improving the regulation of brothels”.


So, what is the rationale for this new regulation?


Again, the government states in its Issue Paper that the objectives of the proposed regulatory system are threefold: the protection of residential amenity; protection of sex workers and safeguarding public health.


Similar policy objectives have been echoed in Western Australia, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. However, the primary aim in these three latter jurisdictions is to ban “prostitution”.


The drive to ban or heavily regulate sex work appears to be under-pinned by a near-sighted belief within political, religious and certain feminist circles that all sex workers are female and victims of human trafficking who need to be rescued.

Safeguarding public health

The idea that public health needs to be safeguarded from brothels conjures gross stereotypes about sex workers. It suggests that the various women and men – straight, gay, bisexual and transgender – who provide sexual services, whether they be brothel or street-based, are “vectors of disease” and social contagions.


This is Victorian-era view of sex workers, not a rational, evidence-based 21st century one.


Recent research by the Kirby Institute from 2012 and 2010 clearly demonstrated that the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among brothel-based sex workers in Sydney and Perth was “at least as low as the general population”.


STISydney (n=140)Perth (n=111)Chlamydia2.8%2.7Gonorrhoea00Mycoplasma genitalium3.63.6Trichomoniasis0.70.9

Table 1: STI Prevalence Amongst Sex Workers in Sydney and Perth. Kirby Institute, 2012 (Sydney) and 2010 (Perth)


Similarly, recent claims about the dangerous spread of STIs in regional and rural mining towns as a result of FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) sex workers cavorting with miners and local residents have also been dispelled.


In overall terms, it can be said Australian sex workers practice safe sex.

Protecting sex workers

Protecting sex workers from violence and exploitation in the workplace from clients, brothel owners or managers and even the police is an admirable and difficult to oppose policy objective. So too is ensuring that sex workers’ workplaces – indoor and outdoor – have high levels of health and occupational safety standards.


Recent government reviews of sex work here in Australia and internationally have wrapped up the idea of protecting sex workers in two main rhetorical discourses: first, the idea that sex work and human trafficking are one in the same thing; and, second, that sex work does not constitute “real” work.


Together, these two standpoints have given rise to what Dr. Laura Augustin calls the “rescue-industry” in her book, Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry. In short, the “rescue-ists”, a panoply of feminist and Christian groups, see all sex workers as victims of trafficking or patriarchy.


As research scientist Dr Brooke Magnanti (aka Belle du Jour, a former sex worker and blogger) also notes in her recent book The Sex Myth:

Labelling sex workers as victims is dangerous ground for anyone who claims to be in favour of women’s equality. It presents them as all the same and denies them a voice in the debate.

Protecting residential areas

If policymakers are sincere about protecting the health and safety of sex workers then they are likely to find themselves in a catch-22 situation if their aim is to also protect residential amenity – the “livability” of certain areas.


Protecting the amenity of suburbanites carries significantly more political currency than protecting the well-being of sex workers. Hence, the protection of sex workers is likely to become a second or third priority within this context.


Sex work – indoor and outdoor – runs the risk of being forced to locate in isolated and essentially unsafe spaces such as industrial zones, run-down parts of cities and other clandestine spaces. It is difficult to see how this outcome will protect sex workers.


Like all other land-uses,, brothels (and other sex industry venues) project outwards into their surroundings to an extent. The question is whether this is any more or less problematic than other land uses.


Recent research) on community attitudes to the effects of sex premises on local neighbourhoods in Sydney and Parramatta shows that “the majority of people living near a sex premise are either unaware of its existence, or regard the business as having neutral impacts”.


In fact, the majority (86.1% on average) of respondents considered brothels to have a neutral impact across a total of 13 types of effects.

Trafficking and sex work are not the same

It would be naïve to claim that the sex industry, or any other industry for that matter, is perfect.


It is also disingenuous of our policymakers and anti-sex work proponents to claim thatall sex workers are the victims of either human trafficking or coercion. As UNAIDS has recently noted:


In reality, trafficking and sex work are two very different things. Trafficking involves coercion and deceit; it results in various forms of exploitation, including forced labour, and is a gross violation of human rights. Sex work, on the other hand, does not involve coercion or deceit. Even when it is illegal, sex work comprises freely entered into and consensual sex between adults, and like other forms of labour provides sex workers with a livelihood.


Ultimately, efforts to criminalise or over-regulate the purchase or selling of sex through the introduction of the so-called Swedish or Nordic model as suggested in Northern Ireland and Scotland, or strict licencing regimes, such as those contained in the recently prorogued Prostitution Bill in Western Australia, are likely to do more harm than good to the health and well-being of sex workers.


Public policy on the regulation of sex work needs to be premised on a solid evidence base and participation from sex workers and sex work organisations, as opposed to the ideological and religious beliefs of the few.

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Escort Agencies London

Escort Agencies London | Escorts |

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Porn is the only industry basically where racial...

Porn is the only industry basically where racial... | Escorts |
“Porn is the only industry basically where racial discrimination in the work place is wide out in the open and occurs daily & the government could care less. It’s a true eye opener to the fact...”

Via Deanna Dahlsad, Gracie Passette
Deanna Dahlsad's curator insight, February 17, 2013 1:57 PM

Quotes from Justin Long, Black male porn star on Clutch Magazine’s “Cum Stronger: The Problem with Black Porn”

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Exclusive Escorts - PunterPress - Escorts News

Exclusive Escorts - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

We are offering a fine selection of beautiful women providing discreet escort services. All the girls have genuine photographs. Our escorts are exquisite, stunning companions who will exceed your expectations on each occasion...

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Enter the world of Mizz Barbie Bitch, and BDSM in Toronto

Enter the world of Mizz Barbie Bitch, and BDSM in Toronto | Escorts |

The metal kitchen chairs with soaring backs did seem an odd decorating choice, particularly with bright pink boas draped over top.


But it was the medical equipment in the kitchen that really tipped one off that this was no ordinary condo. There, beneath a large pane of glass, was a stretcher doubling as a dining table.


“It’s actually a post-mortem table, for autopsies,” a woman later explained in a Yonge Street coffee shop. “And those chairs, as soon as you walk in, they’re there to tell you you’re just a little man in a big place.”


Mizz Barbie, we’ll call her (she has asked that her real name not be used for security reasons), has worked as a dominatrix for 20 years, tying up, whipping, humiliating and fulfilling strange desires.


Now 42, she got her start in the industry in her early 20s through a boyfriend who worked as a stripper and did BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission and sadomasochism).


She was a young single mother working in audio engineering, but was curious about her boyfriend’s line of work and its subculture. Her career began when she tagged along on a house call he was making.


Mizz Barbie admits she didn’t know what she was doing, but says she went with the flow and learned along the way. She and her boyfriend worked together at first before she set out on her own.


“Hell has no fury like Mizz Barbie’s. Looking for new submissive slaves to play with, egos to annihilate and wills to crush,” reads her ad on an adult website.


Clients are often tied up, sometimes for long periods of time. Bondage has become an art unto itself; the types of knots, the materials used and where a tie is on the client’s body can vary the experience.


Mizz Barbie gets as many as 30 calls a week and charges $225 an hour, the average session lasting one to two hours. She claims her clients are typically 45- to 65-year-old white men, “usually in a position of power,” including lawyers and judges.


“My theory is that these men come in just to have the burden of that responsibility taken away,” said Danielle Lindemann, author of the 2012 book Dominatrix: Gender, Eroticism, and Control in the Dungeon.


Contrary to the common assumption, pro-dommes, as they’re known, usually don’t have sex with their clients or even remove their clothes. But sexual titillation and satisfaction is a big part of what is being sought. And while dominatrix work is not typically prostitution, it still straddles the line between legal and illegal.


However, while the legality may remain questionable, there is no doubt BDSM has gone increasingly mainstream, thanks in large part to the erotic fiction trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey.


The blockbuster has become synonymous with sexual deviance, and though many pro-dommes say its depiction of BDSM is inaccurate, the books have far more people talking about whips in the bedroom.


Mizz Barbie agreed there is a new curiosity about her line of work. Just recently, she got talking with a group of middle-aged women at the bar, and mentioned she was a dominatrix.


“They were riveted, and it was questions, questions, questions. They said, ‘We’re not letting you go anywhere.’”


BDSM in the courts: Straddling  a legal line

Brenda Cossman, a University of Toronto professor of sexuality and the law, said such activities might still be considered sex work, even if there is no intercourse.


In 1998, dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford was found guilty of running a common bawdy house and fined $3,000. As a result of a court challenge that involved Bedford, the common bawdy house law was ruled unconstitutional last year. The Supreme Court of Canada will hear an appeal.


There are also legal issues for BDSM between partners, since much of the activity can cause bodily harm and constitute assault.


Courts are still trying to decide if consent can be a valid defence for assault, Cossman said. Some courts have ruled on injuries resulting from a bar room brawl or a hockey game and decided consent can be a defence for assault if there is “some high purpose being served,” she said.


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How A 'Nice Girl' Started Working As A Phone Sex Operator

How A 'Nice Girl' Started Working As A Phone Sex Operator | Escorts |

If you have the right attitude, working on a phone sex hotline isn't the worst job in the world.


A woman who used to work as a "phone sex actress" hosted a Q&A thread on The Straight Dope Message Board, an adjunct to the popular Straight Dope column that's published in more than 30 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada.


According to "Tonya," she's a "nice girl" who worked in the industry from 1994 to 1997 because "the money was better than anything else I was qualified to do (or at least anything else that was legal)."


"Hey, as far as I was concerned, it was an acting job," she wrote. "Anyone who had actually seen me playing solitaire on my computer, sipping coffee and wearing a cotton nightshirt with little duckies all over it when I worked would never have doubted that."


We reached out to Cecil Adams, administrator of the site, who gave us permission to share some of the Q&As from her post. We've slightly edited questions and answers for clarity.


Q: Can I ask how you got hired?

A: I read about the job in the Help Wanted ads in the local newspaper. There was a group interview in a hotel conference room. In that interview, we were told about the job and given some tips. Those of us who were still interested at the end of the interview were given applications to fill out, and then we did audition calls. After the audition call, a supervisor called us to tell us whether we'd passed and then, we could begin working.


Q: How much did it pay?

A: When I started, it was $8.00 an hour plus bonus. Bonus was based on requests from people who specifically asked for you. You have to get more than ten requests per month to get a bonus. Most months I ended up averaging about $15.00 hourly. I also got a 1, 2, or 3 percent raise every six months.


Q: Did you receive any kind of benefits?

A: The only benefit we got was our birthday off with pay. My husband's job provided the health insurance.


Q: Did you have set hours? A separate phone line?

A: Yes, my regular shift was 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., which was timed for the kids being in bed. Because of my hours, no separate phone line was needed, but I did disable the call waiting while working.


Q: Were you working off a script, improvising within some specific guidelines or just totally making it up as you went along?

A: There was no script. It was all improv. We did have some general idea, though, because the call always went to an operator first, who found out what kind of woman the guy was looking for and if he was interested in anything specific. Then the operator would call me and say something like "I have a guy who wants a blonde with ..." Then, when she patches the guy through, I already had an idea of what he was looking for. The rest, I was pretty good at drawing out.


Q: How did the phone system work?

A: At the start of my shift, I'd call in and let the operators know I was ready. They'd clock me in. When a call came, they'd patch it through to me. When the call was over, I'd call the office and let them know I was free again. Break times worked the same way. When my shift was over, I'd call to clock out.


Q: Did your employer ever monitor your calls?

A: Calls were randomly monitored for training (we did training calls with a trainer who would give us advice on how to improve our performance) and to make sure we weren't breaking rules. And you never knew you were monitored until after the fact.


Q: What do you usually wear while working?

A: Well, the coy answer would be "whatever the client wanted me to be wearing." The truthful answer would be a cotton nightgown or sleep shirt in the summer, sweats in the winter (my office was in the basement, and it got chilly down there).


Q: How much variety was there in the kinds of callers you received?

A: There was a pretty good variety. I had guys who would call with their girlfriends; I'd have women who may have been gay, or may have just been investigating aspects of their sexuality; I had guys who were into animals, bodily functions, married women who cheat on their husbands, whatever.

Q: Did you ever have a call that didn't go the way you expected?

A: Well, probably the closest would be when the guy doesn't so much want to talk about sex as he just wants to talk. I was pretty good at that, too.


Q: What was the strangest call you ever had?

A: There was the one guy who wanted to talk to an overweight, 30-something-year-old housewife. And I thought to myself, 'Boy is he in luck!'


Q: How did you keep from just cracking up laughing?

A: Boy, it was tough sometimes. In fact, every once in a blue moon, I'd lose it, and fake a coughing fit.


Q: Did you ever actually get into it, or did you always fake your enthusiasm?

A: Just like anyone else with a normal, healthy sexual appetite, there are certain things that turn me on, and I did have some regular customers that I developed a good rapport with. About 98 percent of the time, I faked it, but the other 2 percent, I sometimes thought, I should be paying him.


Q: Were there things you couldn't talk about on the phone because it'd be against federal law?

A: The number one Federal law concerned child pornography. I could not, at any time, portray someone who was under 18 years of age. I couldn't talk about a time when I was under 18 and had sex (if a customer asked when I lost my virginity, the answer had to be 18 or over).


I also was not required (by the company) to participate in rape or forced sex fantasies. Although that was up to me.


Q: How did they keep you from taking your best clients and going independent?

A: We signed a contract saying we wouldn't. But when I told one of my regular clients that I was leaving, he told me he wouldn't talk to anyone else. I told him there was nothing I could do about that. I did however, offer to send him a photograph (not really of me, of course), and when I sent him the photo, I sent him a number I could be reached at, too.

I'm sure the company would have been very angry, and I'm not trying to justify my actions, but I really was going to be leaving anyway, and the fact that he was willing to pay me $100.00 an hour versus paying my former employer $85.00 an hour says something. He also calls me by my real name now, and I've seen him on TV.


Read the full thread with all the Q&As here.

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Simona will make it oh so memorable - PunterPress - Escorts News

Simona will make it oh so memorable - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

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Swapping sex for a degree: the myth of the 'sugar daddy'

This year has already seen a flurry of media commentary regarding the “sugar daddy” phenomenon, much of it self-generated for publicity reasons by sites such


Sugar daddies (and to a lesser extent sugar mummies) are wealthy older people seeking a “mutually beneficial” arrangement with a younger person. Increasingly, we are told, students are turning to these sites to fund the cost of a university degree.


To date, the media commentary has been mostly of the titillating kind, sometimes with pseudo polls to gauge public reaction and generate debate. Depending on the commentator’s ideology, swapping sex for education is either proof of the increasing amorality of modern culture, or of the harsh economic reality of living in a knowledge economy.


But, beyond the headlines, what is really going on?

Sex for education – fact or fiction?

Of course using sugar daddies or mummies to fund a degree has happened, and will happen. The question becomes one of degree. Let’s take the example of the University of Sydney, which reportedly has 137 students profiled on the aforementioned site, making it the number one Australian university for new signups.


According to the most recent government data, the University of Sydney has 51,168 students. So if the number in the article is correct, only a quarter of 1% of students have signed up.


It’s a fair assumption that most, if not all, of the signups are female, making it approaching half of 1% of women – still a very small number.


But it is approximately four times the rate of the overall incidence of sex workers in Australia (approximately one tenth of 1% according to the government).


Still, student populations have vastly disproportionate numbers of young adults compared to the general population, so the data is massively skewed. Now take out those students who signed up for a dare, or on an impulse and have no intention of following through.


Also take out those who signed up for reasons other than paying for education, but just happen to be a university student. The point here is that the real number of students swapping sex for education is very, very small.

A virtual presence

Still, these people are very, very visible. People share so much information about themselves nowadays, it’s easy to find out just about anything about anyone.


So we have to differentiate between increased incidence and increased reporting.


When I was an undergraduate student in the 1980s, I knew of two people who took up sex work to cover the cost of living during their education. Theirs was a secret they shared to only a handful of close friends.


Nowadays people like that are more visible because it’s easier to find them, or their statistic, on the web. And of course, the actual sites offering the services heavily promote media coverage, both good and bad, for commercial reasons.

The tone of debate

The language the media uses doesn’t help the debate. A conversation about sex workers, tuition fees, cost of living and cultural and sexual politics sells more copies when you add in the “ick” factor of references to sugar daddies and sugar babies. It also doesn’t hurt to include a photo of Hugh Hefner and friends.


It’s hard to have an intelligent conversation on that sort of playing field.


But this conversation could be an intelligent one if we tried.


First, the media needs to stop drawing causative relationships between the cost of education and sex work, until an empirical study explicitly shows rising costs in education are causing more people to enter this industry.


And second, stop trivialising the real issue of social injustice in higher education by focusing on titillating stories such as these. Each day hundreds of children are born in Australia into socio-economic circumstances that set additional barriers in their way to gaining a university education.


We need to have serious discussions about this, not about salacious side issues.


That is not to say that this issue is not worthy of discussion. I invite and trust my expert colleagues with relevant expertise in (for example) gender and sexual exploitation, morality and ethics, to contribute to the debate and know they will do it to a far higher standard than has been done to date.

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Vip Alina in Los Angeles - PunterPress - Escorts News

Vip Alina in Los Angeles - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

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Book Elvira for a overnight - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

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TDs ill-informed on prostitution, say sex workers -

Two women working in the sex trade in Ireland have said that TDs "don't understand how prostitution works now".

The 29-year-old Romanian and an American citizen in her early 30s made the comments after giving testimony before a Dail committee for two hours last week.


"They do not really understand how prostitution works now. We explained that many sex workers come over to make some money and then move on. It is not like the majority don't want to go on to do other things" said Rachel, originally from Romania, after the hearing.


"They heard from so many organisations against prostitution, perhaps because this is such a religious country. I hope more escorts contact the media and explain how this works and why so many girls come to Ireland. This business is not like it was 10 years ago when there were six or 10 hookers working in a brothel with a pimp. Nowadays it is much more different and there is not the coercion. You can be yourself, get a flat, mobile phone and SIM cards.


"We told them that we don't want to have the law that would make our clients criminals. They are our clients; they are our income."


She said the 'Sweden' model being proposed by a group of feminist, religious and other groups – 15 of which were heard at the committee's sessions – had driven prostitutes back on to the streets and had made their lives more dangerous.


"Miss Smith", the other woman who gave evidence on Wednesday, is from California and charges her clients "donations" of up to €1,500 for an "overnight" at a hotel. "It seemed to me they were relying on outdated information. They certainly did seem ill-informed," she said.


Another woman in the trade, who has a post-graduate qualification from Oxford University and who speaks four languages, said she had been denied a chance to speak directly to the committee.


Meanwhile, the head of the Irish Countrywomen's Association (ICA) has hit out at the firm which operates the prostitution website Escorts Ireland.


London-based E Designers, which runs the website, last week issued a statement criticising last year's RTE's Prime Time Investigates programme 'Profiting from Prostitution', saying it was not balanced. It is to send a complaint to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.


Yesterday, the president of the ICA, Liz Wall, said E Designers was using a loophole in the law, operating in the UK in order not to be prosecuted for promoting prostitution.


The ICA is one of a group of organisations campaigning to have new laws making it a criminal offence for men to pay women for sex.

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BDSM: Where dungeons can be sexy and pain is a good thing

BDSM: Where dungeons can be sexy and pain is a good thing | Escorts |

The mood is set: lights are dim, candles are lit and the champagne has been flowing.


You are lying on the bed, waiting for your lover to return when, to your surprise, he or she pulls out some handcuffs. You’re feeling adventurous so you let them lock you in. He or she asks if they can flog you…you have no idea what this means.


BDSM or bondage/discipline, Dominance/submission and sadomasochism/masochism carries a stigma of violence and pain. It’s frowned upon in mainstream society although most people don’t realize they are already interested in it.


The use of handcuffs or blindfolds – even spanking - is a form of BDSM and is commonly accepted as rough sex. According to the 2005 Durex Global Sex Survey, 22 percent of people admitted to using handcuffs or blindfolds during sex. Nineteen percent liked spanking during sex, also known as flogging. The survery involved 317,000 people in 41 countries. Twenty percent of people have used some kind of bondage utility and five percent identify as being involved in the BDSM community.


Dungeon owner Brittany Delta said the biggest misconception about BDSM is that it’s serious.


“People think there’s no humor in it - they are dead wrong,” Delta said, “It’s whips and chains, yes, but it turns to wrestling and Stone Cold Steve Austin head locks. It’s lots of fun.”


People assume those who are into BDSM must have a psychological issue and desire to inflict pain onto another person. Charles Moser found, via survey, “There is no evidence at all supporting the theory of BDSM practitioners having any special psychiatric problems or even problems based solely on their preferences.”


Researchers presented data in 2007 to the World Congress of Sexology which showed that “BDSM is simply a sexual interest attractive to a minority, not a pathological symptom of past abuse or difficulty with normal sex.” Although some members of the BDSM community joke that they all have problems that brought them here.


Delta said she’s learned to accept others for who they are through owning a dungeon.


“Most people think BDSM is for those with personality disorders but first, find me someone who doesn’t have one of some kind. It’s the taboo that draws people in. Everyone likes bad and things that aren’t socially accepted - it‘s more intriguing.”


I will admit that the idea of being tied up and gagged would seem frightful to almost anyone; when it comes to the unknown, we fear what we don’t understand. But in BDSM, it’s more about accepting rather than understanding.


Fetish photographer Kayleigh Shawn said BDSM isn’t for everyone.

“Some people’s mindsets are appropriate for BDSM. Everyone thinks they are kinky, but they aren’t. Everyone is sexual but it takes a different mental capacity to be involved in BDSM,” Shawn said. “You have to be able to step outside the box of normal sexuality and accept that what you’re into is outside that box. You have to be able to accept people’s different fetishes even though they might not be similar to your own.”


A friend of mine has a spit fetish. He doesn’t think himself strange or unusual but the idea of being spat upon doesn’t turn on anyone else I know. All your fantasies are normal to you, and probably to someone else. I guarantee that whatever is going on in that freaky little mind of yours will most likely turn on someone else as well.


“The only thing the BDSM has in common is they are all into BDSM. Not background, not ethnicity, nothing. Just our acceptance of each other. You need to be able to look at some people getting freaky and say ‘yeah, okay, that’s not my thing but I’m glad you’re going at it,’” Shawn said.


Good advice if you are intrigued: “If you are going to try BDSM, takes some classes and be safe. People think we are sick because they find us on CSI scenes when things go wrong,” Delta said. “Don’t hope you are doing it right - go learn. Also, don’t jump in too fast. We are a good community and love to help others who are interested.”


So if you fancy yourself interested and you find yourself being blindfolded or restrained, think about this: If you let yourself go and free yourself of inhibitions, you might find you like something new. Just because society says no to something, it doesn’t make it wrong.

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Gag Order: Sex Workers Allege Mistreatment at

Gag Order: Sex Workers Allege Mistreatment at | Escorts |

When news broke last week that Peter Acworth, the founder and CEO of local porn, had been arrested for cocaine possession, many were surprised by the misstep from a man who's built his empire on a strict code of ethical behavior and transparency. He's been lauded in the Wall Street Journal and theNew York Times for revolutionizing the porn industry and improving the neighborhood around the Armory, his headquarters at Mission and 14th streets. Kink is also the subject of the eponymous James Franco-produced documentary that premiered at Sundance. So the details of Acworth's arrest — police discovered the drugs while investigating a complaint about a makeshift shooting range inside the Armory — seemed in stark contrast to his usually upstanding image.


This image has been essential to Kink's success. While the idea of any porn company in the neighborhood might raise a few eyebrows, Kink's BDSM content sparked protests when the company moved into the Armory in 2007. (If the recent Fifty Shades of Grey craze hasn't turned you on to the acronym yet, it stands for bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism.) Whatever the fetish, caters to it; the company hosts nearly 30 subscription sites, offering everything from foot worship to gangbangs to electric play to bondage.


Acworth responded to the opposition the way he often handles criticism — by pointing to his ethics and opening the Armory doors. Part pornographer, part activist, Acworth has devoted himself to demystifying BDSM for those outside the lifestyle and protecting those within it. Kink outlines its tough ethical standards in its lists of models' rights and shooting rules, both of which are posted on the site. These tenets protect models and go a long way in combating the critics who are quick to conflate BDSM with abuse.

However, even as Kink flourishes — it's nearly doubled the number of sites it operates since moving into the Armory — doubts about its ethical standards linger. The company attracted unwanted attention last summer when it abruptly switched its cam girls' pay rate and sparked a debate about its commitment to models' rights.


Now, two former models allege they were denied workers' compensation when injured on Kink sets, one of whom further states she was coerced into a performance that left her with long-lasting injuries and was offered money in exchange for keeping quiet about those injuries. Other workers claim to have been terminated or chose to resign when they questioned Kink's business practices, including the use of an erectile dysfunction drug called Trimix.

These allegations threaten the company's conscientious reputation, and conflict with the stories offered by current directors and models who say their experiences inside the Armory have always been ethical and enjoyable...

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What Prostitutes, Nurses and Nannies Have in Common

What Prostitutes, Nurses and Nannies Have in Common | Escorts |

My longest stint as a care worker has been as a prostitute, but nearly every job I've ever held has involved what Arlie Russell Hochschild termed "emotional labor." No one who's known me as an escort, a nanny, or a waitress is surprised to see me going to nursing school; emotional labor gives the most back to me, despite whatever complications it brings up.


Hochschild defines emotional labor as "the management of feeling to create a publicly observable facial and bodily display." This is distinguished from "emotion work," the private use of emotional self-manipulation, because emotional labor "is sold for a wage and therefore has exchange value." In emotional labor, a worker's emotion is the commodity. Bartenders, therapists, child care workers and the like trade in emotions, and put their own private feelings on the line in the process. Emotional labor, like all work, takes its own peculiar tolls. In the world of commodified caring, the greatest risk to professional longevity is burnout, the stultifying feeling of not being able to keep up with the emotional demands of the job...

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Opinion | Inhumane and illogical treatment of us sex workers...

Opinion | Inhumane and illogical treatment of us sex workers... | Escorts |

As politicians – both real and fictional – look at prostitution laws, the spokesperson for sex workers' union argues that women in her field need legal protection

In one of the recent episodes of the political drama ‘Borgen’, the lead character Birgitte Nyborg was first in favour of criminalising prostitution, but then changed her mind and supported giving rights to sex workers. Among real life politicians, we’re fortunate to be able to find lawmakers that feel the same way. These MPs have three main tasks if they want to accomplish their goal. Firstly, they need to undo an enormous mistake that was made as part of the 1999 legalisation of the sex trade. Secondly, they need to modernise laws preventing organised prostitution. And lastly, they need to make sure that the few legal rights we do have are protected.


When the sex trade was legalised in 1999, the change wasn’t a matter of a change of heart about whether it was acceptable. It was a change of tactics that approached prostitution as a social problem. So while lawmakers made it legal in one respect, they didn’t make it legal in all respects. Today, that decision seems incomprehensible. Business regulations, labour rules and social services should protect people. Why not extend these protections to sex workers, especially if their trade is considered to be a social problem? If that’s the case then we should be some of the people in most need of legal protection.


Sex workers, for example, don’t have the right to sign up for unemployment insurance. Only the fewest of us would be likely to take advantage of that opportunity if it were available, but there are some that would. For those that did, it would be a way to get help if they wanted to take classes to learn a new trade. Yet, that’s not permitted – even though parliament is nearly unanimous in its desire for us to change our careers. Instead of letting us go through the existing channels, parliament comes up with one costly exit programme after the other. Each just as ineffective as the last.


What’s more, we’re not allowed to enter into binding contracts. This is a major hindrance that would help alleviate many of the practical problems that instead wind up turning into cases of human trafficking. Such is often the case with many foreign sex workers. They get help to come to Denmark, and then once they get here they wind up disagreeing with their handlers about what the deal was.


The next problem is the ban on organised prostitution. The common perception is that the ban protects us by making sure that anyone who makes money off our work gets punished for it. Not only do these people get punished, it was never the intent of the law that they should. The ban was intended as a way to protect public decency, and this is why the state hangs on to the money it confiscates in cases of organised prostitution, instead of giving it back to the sex workers it was taken from.


It isn’t illegal to make money from the work performed by sex workers, and it is impossible to make it illegal. If it were, then the stores that sold us the items we use in our work would also need to be punished. What winds up getting punished is the act of organising sex workers. That would include a woman that runs a brothel, even if what she did was to make a schedule of who works when. Such a schedule is a practical help that we sex workers want; nevertheless the person that draws it up is violating the law, even though she’s not exploiting us.


The ban on organised prostitution should be thrown out, in the eyes of sex workers’ union SiO. We know that this worries many, but in order to allay those fears we propose that the law preventing someone from hiring another person as a sex worker be kept. By doing so, we’d make sure that the unemployed, for example, weren’t required to apply for jobs as prostitutes. It also means that should a woman who runs a brothel try to boss a sex worker around as if she were her own employee, she could be prosecuted. The change would provide real protection for sex workers, not keep alive some outdated notion of public decency.


This position marks a change of SiO policy. Previously, we demanded the same rights as everyone else. Our change is partly in recognition that some people do have concerns. But it is also partly due to the general assumption that sex workers are employed in some enormous industry, and that this is some kind of labour conflict. The reality is quite different. Individual sex workers are required to be registered businesses (for tax collection purposes). In reality, we are an industry of 2,000 owner-operated companies, and we like it that way. We don’t want anyone bossing us around and want to maintain our flexibility and our right to decide over ourselves.


Lastly, we want the rights we theoretically do have to be respected. In the episode of ‘Borgen’ mentioned above, they talked about the police practice of accompanying tax officials when they call on brothels. During those inspections, the police, claiming to be protecting the tax officials, carry out illegal searches. Unfortunately, this is how it happens in the real world too. Such searches are a violation of our rights, and the only reason the police do it that way is because they have no real grounds to suspect us of anything. If they did, they’d be able to secure a warrant. It’s a myth, though, that our business is more criminal than any other. We’d like it if the police stopped tapping our phone calls, unless they, for a change, have reason to suspect serious crime. It would also be nice if the tax authorities started treating us professionally. They have no reason to, year and year out, place us high on their list of suspected tax cheats. That they do so is pure discrimination.

It is inhumane and illogical that at the same time as people say they want to protect us, they also violate our basic human rights. No wonder Birgitte Nyborg changed her mind.


The author is the spokesperson for sex workers’ union SiO.

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'Escort' web firm hits out at RTE sex work expose...

The "escort" agency web company at the centre of last year's Prime Time Investigates programme on prostitution has hit back at RTE saying its programme was unbalanced and did not give a fair voice to prostitutes working of their own free will.

The company, which controls the Escorts Ireland website, E Designers of London, issued a statement through its solicitors last week in which it said it was complaining to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland about the programme 'Profiting from Prostitution'.


It claims the programme did not include the "views of any sex workers' organisations or persons who chose to sell sex".


It also claims the programme "violated the privacy of innocent parties, most seriously the privacy of numerous sex workers (or potential victims of trafficking) by recording and filming them without their permission".


It added: "E Designers has made little comment on 'Profiting from Prostitution' since the programme aired, mainly as we can only speak for ourselves. However, we have decided to now tell some of our side of the story because we feel it is important that another viewpoint on this programme is expressed, and we can do that, whilst we suspect most of the persons impacted upon negatively by this programme are not in a position to do so."


RTE rejected claims in the E Designer letter and said it is now in the hands of their lawyers. A spokeswoman said: "We totally reject the claims in the statement which are untrue and the subject is now in the hands of our legal department, and we take any repetition of these spurious claims extremely seriously."


A solicitor for RTE followed this with a statement saying the contents of the letter were "untrue and seriously defamatory of RTE and those involved in the production of the programme".


Meanwhile, the Dail Committee on prostitution laws is to hear from a sex worker next week. The committee issued an invitation to "Rachel", a 27-year-old Romanian woman who had complained previously that she was not being given an opportunity to air her evidence.

So far, the committee has heard from groups supporting the changing of current laws to criminalise men who pay for sex. Of the 20 groups and individuals, 15 are part of or support the criminalisation proposals being promoted by the group calling itself Turn Off The Red Light (TORL).


Two of these groups have associations with the religious orders who ran the Magdalene Laundries.


Five individuals, all academics, spoke against the criminalisation proposals which, they said, would drive prostitution further underground and increase dangers to prostitutes.


On the first day of hearings, in December, all nine groups invited to make submissions supported the TORL proposals.


Three female sex workers who spoke to the Sunday Independent last week said they had applied to give evidence to the Dail Committee but had not received any reply.


The committee denies that it has denied sex workers a hearing. A spokesman said: "Given the huge number of submissions received, I'm sure you can understand that not all individuals or groups could be called to give further evidence at hearings. The committee decided to invite a small number of these to tease out specific points that were of interest.


"In selecting witnesses to give oral evidence, the committee has done its best to ensure a fair and balanced expression of views."



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Courtney ebony escort from Dior Escorts - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

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'I want a world where disabled people are valid sexual partners'

'I want a world where disabled people are valid sexual partners' | Escorts |

Recent reports that a care home procured sex workers for its disabled residents and new film The Sessions have put disability and sex in the spotlight. But is the focus on prostitution helpful? 


Ash King felt as if he had spent his adult life searching for some sort of sexual intimacy. Born with a severe spinal and muscular condition, sexwas something he still hadn't experienced by the age of 35 and he was afraid that, with his disability making him increasingly weak, he never would. In 2010, after becoming isolated and depressed, King decided to hire a sex worker.


"I couldn't make someone fall in love with me," he says, "but I could at least learn about my sexual potential and more about women by paying a sex worker." Looking back at his first sexual encounter, King describes it as an "enlightenment".


The sexual needs of people with disabilities are under the spotlight like never before after the release of Oscar-nominated film The Sessions, which is based on the true of story of a man confined to an iron lung who loses his virginity to a "sexual surrogate". And last month, ex-staff from a care home in Eastbourne, in East Sussex, told the press they had allowed sex workers into the home at the request of disabled residents. Helena Barrow, ex-manager of the Chaseley, a nursing home for 55 people with neurological problems and learning difficulties, called it the residents' "special visit", and said it helped them to relieve a "primeval need they cannot fulfil".


The Chaseley Trust, which runs the home, denies procuring prostitutes for its residents. But its chief executive, Sue Wyatt, said in a written statement: "We are acutely aware of the rights of disabled people and where an individual expresses a wish to have a physical relationship and we can safely and legally support them with their partner, we will do so."

King found his sexual surrogate online, through the TLC Trust, a UK organisation that seeks to connect people with disabilities to sex workers. According to its founder, sex therapist Tuppy Owens, each of the 100 sex workers listed on the website could be seeing around eight disabled clients a month. "Finding a sex worker who will talk, teach, accept … is a bit of a boost of confidence and self-esteem," she says.


Becky Adams, who describes herself as a former madam, runs a not-for-profit, telephone-based service supported by TLC, and says she receives about 12 inquiries a week from disabled and vulnerable people looking for a trusted sex worker. She plans to open the first brothel designed for disabled clients in the UK next year. She says she wants to provide an environment in which people with disabilities can explore theirsexuality. "That can be sex," she says, "but also having a cuddle. It could even be someone having an hour cross-dressing who wouldn't normally have the privacy to. I've been overwhelmed by the response we've had."


One of her clients, Chris Fulton, 29, who has cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, has launched a campaign calling on the government to introduce a Netherlands-style grant scheme in which citizens with disabilities receive public money to pay for sexual services up to 12 times a year. But disability charities say the issue is not a priority. Richard Hawkes, chief executive of the disability charity Scope, says: "We need to break through taboos around disability and sex. But it's impossible to have any kind of relationship if you don't have the support you need to get out of bed, get washed and dressed, have a proper meal and get out of the house. At the same time, many disabled people are worrying how they'll pay the bills. Living costs are spiralling, jobs are hard to come by and the government is cutting disability living allowance and employment and support allowance."


In the UK, paying for sex is not against the law but it is illegal to solicit sexual services. Amanda Smith, an escort in her 40s from south London, who has a listing on the TLC website, says: "For some men, the only touch they've ever had is their mum bathing them." Talking about the practicalities of providing sexual services to disabled clients, she says: "I've lifted grown men who weighed less than a five-year-old from their wheelchair to the bed, and then back again, fully dressed for the takeover by carers or family."


Some of the bookings are made by the parent of the client, says Smith – typically fathers. "Sex is a need, like food," she says. "If you can't quell it, it should be taken care of. It's cruel not to."


It is language that is rarely used in reference to women with disabilities. Owens says she would like to see this change, and has known disabled women who have used male escorts. But she acknowledges that many disabled women feared the risk of being abused. They "don't trust male sex workers to be honourable", she says. A rare survey of disabled people's attitudes to prostitution, conducted by Disability Now magazine in 2005, found that just 19% of women said they would see trained sex workers, compared with 63% of men.


Mik Scarlet, a writer and campaigner in sexuality and disability, sees the use of sex workers as a potentially harmful development. "It's like the world telling you that disabled people are so unsexy that the only way they can have sex is to pay for it," he says. "If you're growing up as a disabled child or someone who's just come to disability, how does that affect how you feel about yourself? I don't want a world where it's easier for disabled people to visit sex workers, I want a world that sees disabled people as sexual and valid prospective partners."


Penny Pepper, author of Desires Reborn, a fictional depiction of the relationships of a group of disabled characters, agrees: "What disabled people need is full and equal rights. An inclusive society, which doesn't create barriers." Forming sexual relationships, casual or committed, with mistakes is part of that, she says.


Laurence Clark, a comedian who has cerebral palsy and featured, along with his wife Adele who also has cerebral palsy, in BBC documentary We Won't Drop the Baby as they prepared for the birth of their second child, says many people with disabilities are in emotionally and sexually fulfilling relationships.


Before getting married, he says he had mixed experiences of dating. "I found the traditional ways that people find partners, such as going to clubs and bars, didn't really work for me, as attraction in those sorts of environments is very much based on looks," says Clark. "But like lots of people, I tended to date through people that I met at work and people in my social networks."


He says the media greatly affects disabled people's self-confidence, rarely portraying them in relationships or even as having sexual partners. "It's a sad reflection on society when a disabled person thinks that a sex worker is the only option for them," he adds.


King says he has always wanted a girlfriend. The severity of his disability means he is able to do little for himself, though, and he needs a live-in personal assistant and close contact with his parents, who live across the street from him. "I have a lack of personal privacy that would seem to be essential for [a relationship]," he says. He jokes that there's also the small matter of his body not having the shape that draws "admiring glances". "I've always tried to make light of it," he says. "I've longed to be in a relationship ever since I can remember. It felt, and still feels, impossible."


For him, being with a sex worker was a way to have at least some sexual experiences. "To think I could have gone through my life never having known [what sex is like] is frightening," he says. "Nobody should ever have to do so. It's too much part of being human."

Some names have been changed

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How Sex Workers Do Their Taxes

How Sex Workers Do Their Taxes | Escorts |

Want to know what strippers can deduct and how prostitutes declare their earnings? We talked to writer and former sex worker Melissa Gira Grant to find out.

For sex workers, what are the practical reasons to pay taxes on sex work? What are the reasons not to?

Avoiding an audit is awesome. No one wants to be Heidi Fleiss'd. Particularly sex workers who operate a business with other sex workers — a house of BDSM, or a porn site with multiple models — the more people you have in business together, the more you might want to run a tight ship. Then again, if you're an independent escort, you might raise huge flags for claiming all of your income. It's a trade-off.

What percent of sex workers would you say pay taxes on sex work?

Even if I were inside the IRS, I couldn't throw out a reasonable guess: because prostitution is illegal almost everywhere in the US, and sex work more broadly — porn, stripping, etc. — carries such a huge social stigma, sex workers who file their taxes don't often claim "sex worker" as a profession on their taxes. The thing is, even though we face the risk of arrest, harassment, and social isolation for our work, we're still supposed to pay taxes on our income. How many do? It varies by industry. Strippers, phone sex operators, and porn performers work in slightly more formalized workplaces than escorts and massage parlor workers. They may even get W2's or 1099's.


Do you think MOST of them do? Or is there no way to say?

We put so much money back into the economy — hotel rooms, air travel, work clothes (the whole Pleaser company, which sells stripper shoes, would not exist without us), cabs, sex toy shops — all of which is taxed at point of sale. This idea that just because prostitution is illegal or sex work is part of the underground economy means we don't pay taxes is totally false. We just want to get something back for it, you know? And "sin taxes" on porn or strip clubs are always getting proposed as a way to financially punish people in the sex industry, or customers. In California they actually wanted to use a tax on strip clubs to raise money for domestic violence programs — as if strippers were somehow responsible? It's a hot button issue.

For those who do pay taxes, how do they report sex work? Are there any accountants who specialize in working with sex workers?

Again, that varies on the work, if you have another job that does generate a financial paper trail (always a good idea, and it makes you less reliant on the whims of the sex economy), and if you work independently or as part of a more formal business.


There's understanding accountants out there: ask your local Sex Workers' Outreach Project chapter for a professional recommendation.

What can sex workers write off?

If you are working in the sex trade as an independent contractor, like other freelancers, you can claim some work-related expenses as write-off's. Usually this just serves as a kind of chuckle-chuckle for dude econ writers who think it's absolutely hilarious that strippers could write-off heels and hair extensions. Tools of the trade, though. And especially when we don't get health insurance or other benefits from our employers — and if we're self-employed we might not be able to afford to cover those costs ourselves — every cent counts. Freelancers unite.

If sex work were legal, do you think more sex workers would pay taxes?

Sure, if the cops — whose salaries are paid for in part with sex workers' taxes — would stop arresting people for prostitution, that would certainly make paying taxes a much less bitter task.

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