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Ebony Spankee - Submissive Ann Marie - London Submissive Girls - PunterPress - Escorts News

Ebony Spankee - Submissive Ann Marie - London Submissive Girls - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

My name is Ann, I'm a 5ft 7 black British female and your typical naughty catholic school girl. I have golden brown skin that's smooth and supple to the touch, big almond shaped eyes, beautifully round breasts with dark nipples and long slender legs with a deliciously round and perky, spankable bottom...

I have a naughty and frisky nature that's in dire need of being tamed. I like to break the rules in attempt to push you to your limits, actions which need to be reprimanded.

I wonder how many spanks will it will take to turn my pert brown bottom a charming red? What sounds will I make as you cane me? Will I flinch or try to wriggle away? Perhaps you’ll have to gag me to muffle my screams, or blindfold me so I have no sense of what’s to come next...

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Bondage Benefits: BDSM Practitioners Healthier Than 'Vanilla' People

Bondage Benefits: BDSM Practitioners Healthier Than 'Vanilla' People | Escorts |

Despite the fact that their sexual preferences are listed in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as potentially problematic, people who play with whips and chains in the bedroom may actually be more psychologically healthy than those who don't.


A new study finds that practitioners of bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, or BDSM, score better on a variety of personality and psychological measures than "vanilla" people who don't engage in unusual sex acts. BDSM is a sexual practice that revolves around those four fetishes.


BDSM is listed in the DSM-5, the newest edition of the definitive psychiatrist's manual, as a paraphilia, or unusual sexual fixation — a label that has caused controversy between kinky communities and psychiatrists, who themselves are mixed on whether sexual predilections belong in the catalog of mental disorders. As written, the DSM-5 does not label BDSM a disorder unless it causes harm to the practitioner or to others. [Hot Stuff? 10 Unusual Sexual Fixations]


Kinky controversy

Nevertheless, some psychiatrists see the inclusion of BDSM and other kinks in the manual as stigmatizing, particularly because studies have failed to show evidence that enjoying sex with a side of pain is linked to psychological problems. The new study, published May 16 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, finds that, in fact, BDSM practitioners may be better off psychologically than the general public.


BDSM practitioners "either did not differ from the general population and if they differed, they always differed in the more favorable direction," said study researcher Andreas Wismeijer, a psychologist at Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands who conducted the research while at Tilburg University.


Wismeijer did not set out to study the psychological health of BDSM aficionados. His research typically focuses on the psychology of secrets and secrecy. A chance meeting with the founder of the Netherlands' largest BDSM Web forum convinced him the group might make an interesting study population to look at how secrets are kept and who keeps them.


Wismeijer and his colleagues put out a request on the forum for people in the BDSM "scene" to take a variety of psychological questionnaires online. They also sought participants who didn't do BDSM via a women's magazine website, a personal secret website and a university website.


Healthy fixation?

None of the participants knew what the surveys were about, other than they were on "human behavior." All told, 902 BDSM practitioners and 434 vanilla (non-BDSM) participants filled out questionnaires on personality, sensitivity to rejection, style of attachment in relationships and well-being.


The researchers chose these baseline measures because previous research on those in the BDSM community has focused on dire outcomes — whether they're more likely to have mental disorders or report rape and abuse compared with the general public. (They aren't, studies have found.)


The new results reveal that on a basic level, BDSM practitioners don't appear to be more troubled than the general population. They were more extroverted, more open to new experiences and more conscientious than vanilla participants; they were also less neurotic, a personality trait marked by anxiety. BDSM aficionados also scored lower than the general public on rejection sensitivity, a measure of how paranoid people are about others disliking them.


People in the BDSM scene reported higher levels of well-being in the past two weeks than people outside it, and they reported more secure feelings of attachment in their relationships, the researchers found.


Of the BDSM practitioners, 33 percent of the men reported being submissive, 48 percent dominant and 18 percent "switch," or willing to switch between submissive and dominant roles in bed. About 75 percent of the female BDSM respondents were submissive, 8 percent dominant and 16 percent switch. [10 Surprising Sex Statistics]


These roles showed some links to psychological health, such that dominants tended to score highest in all quarters, submissives lowest and switches in the middle. However, submissives never scored lower than vanilla participants on mental health, and frequently scored higher, Wismeijer told LiveScience.


"Within the BDSM community, [submissives] were always perceived as the most vulnerable, but still, there was not one finding in which the submissives scored less favorable than the controls," he said.


Sexual health

The study is somewhat limited by a self-selecting response pool and by the fact that BDSM practitioners could have been answering in ways to make themselves look better and avoid stigma, Wismeijer said — though the fact that the participants didn't know the reasons for the study ameliorates that concern somewhat. The findings are reason for mental health professionals to take an accepting approach to BDSM practitioners, Wismeijer said.


"We did not have any findings suggesting that people who practice BDSM have a damaged psychological profile or have some sort of psychopathology or personality disorder," he said.


Wismeijer isn't exactly sure why BDSM practitioners might be psychologically healthier than the general public. They tend to be more aware of their sexual needs and desires than vanilla people, he said, which could translate to less frustration in bed and in relationships. Coming to terms with their unusual sexual predilections and choosing to live the BDSM lifestyle may also take hard psychological work that translates to positive mental health, he said.


One study alone shouldn't determine whether a condition is placed in the DSM or not, Wismeijer said, but added that combined with other research, the new findings suggest BDSM is better seen as a lifestyle choice, if a slightly strange one.


"I'm not so convinced that BDSM should be placed within the DSM-5," he said.

Kristof Side's curator insight, February 29, 4:52 PM

Yes my kinksters you are more than normal ! 

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Grace Bellavue: "Social media has given sex workers a real opportunity to be heard”

Grace Bellavue: "Social media has given sex workers a real opportunity to be heard” | Escorts |

In Woody Allen’s short story "The Whore of Mensa", a call girl service dispatches pretty blondes to clients’ hotel rooms. Except there’s no sex: the girls are all literature majors, getting paid to sell intellectual stimulation to men who fancy a hurried tête-à-tête on anything from Proust to Chomsky.


Outlandish as Allen’s fantasy is, it’s apparent that while sex sells, the package deal of sex and brains sells even better.


Grace Bellavue is the closest thing Australia has to a celebrity sex worker. The 25-year-old Adelaide escort is a sapiosexual’s wet dream: a brainy ex-digital marketer who’s as likely to tweet saucy details of life as a sex worker as she is her opinion on marriage equality.


"Nefarious escort, writer, miscreant and vagabond with a penchant for scotch and hip hop," her Twitter bio reads. Her profile picture is her face – another don't of sex work – layered over a larger image of her lingerie-clad ass. Last week, she tweeted: “Off to a hotel suite for some anal, blow jobs, wine, spa baths and hot sex. Time to go to work.”


In person, Grace – real name Pippa – is even more fascinating. I meet her at the Grace Hotel in Sydney’s central business district, where she stays each time she’s in town to amuse herself. Wearing a mid-length pale pink Peplum dress and tailored black suit jacket, she sits down to a plateful of sushi from the breakfast buffet and apologises for being late.

“Housekeeping came early, so I had to run around hiding all the condom wrappers from last night and get out of there as fast as I could.”


She’s in town for five nights as part of an Australian tour she undertakes at least four times a year to keep her growing list of interstate clients happy. Many of them already know her intimately: with more than 9,000 Twitter followers, almost 70 per cent of her bookings now come through social media. She tweets about politics, gives advice on blowjobs and encourages other sex workers to get online. Her willingness to discuss the more sobering aspects of her job and her ongoing campaign to improve the rights of Australian sex workers – she’s a regular contributor to Australian women’s blog Mamamia, and last year presented a talk at TEDxAdelaide about the future of sex work – has turned her into the unofficial spokesperson the sex work industry never had.


In a way, it’s all the product of very good marketing. Grace’s personality is her brand. She left the job security of call girl agencies two years ago to start her own freelance escort business, and, using her background in digital marketing, launched a slick-looking website and a Twitter account that quickly found a market.  It’s a rare strategy in a line of work long associated with shame and secrecy."


“The idea of allowing your private psyche into a public domain for comment alongside your body is a daunting thing,” she says over breakfast. “We still have a lot of stigma, judgment and backbiting due to the nature of our profession. But social media has given sex workers a real opportunity to be heard.”


It’s an opportunity she’s wanted for a long time. She became a sex worker at 18, lured to a brothel in her tome town by curiosity and the promise of passion, a schoolgirl fantasy instilled in her by the Mills and Boon novels she read growing up. Sex fascinated her. Not the fumbling encounters of her teenage peers, but the idea that sex could be art, a thing she could practice and perfect. Her first encounter didn’t live up to expectations: her first client, a 37-year-old first timer, had even less an idea of what to do than she did. But she was eager to see how the experience could change her. She wanted to know whether she would look different in the mirror at home, whether she’d feel more adult. She saw twelve more clients that night, walking out of her first shift with something like $1,000 in her pocket.

At home, she couldn’t explain the sudden influx of cash to her parents, telling them instead that she was dealing drugs. It took her months to get up the courage to confess to her mother, who reacted by kicking her out. That she had no one to confide in or ask for advice is part of the reason she’s so open about sharing what she does with the public these days. “This is very much a job that needs debriefing,” she says, not intending the joke.


For the next few years she experimented with desk jobs before deciding on a career in digital project management. She pursued this but, bored of the nine-to-five, took up sex work again, working for escort agencies around Adelaide and Brisbane. She did this three times – from sex work back to the office – to appease the men she dated, all of whom observed similarly rigid views on monogamy. But the itch still wasn’t scratched.

“I was too frustrated in the office, I couldn’t rid myself of the desire to run my own business. So I went back for good.”


The Twitter thing started as an experiment, but has since become her best weapon in advocating for the decriminalisation of sex work in Australia. Alongside national sex workers association Scarlet Alliance, local health organisation SIN and state based sex industry collectives SWAGGERR and House of ASPaSIA, all focused on improving the rights of sex workers, Grace has, in the last two years, become actively involved in lobbying the Australian government to remove all references to prostitution in legal definitions of criminal acts.


(Prostitution in Australia, like in the United States, is governed by each state and territory, and varies across the country: Queensland, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory have adopted models in which prostitution is legalised, while New South Wales (NSW) remains the only state in which sex work is almost completely decriminalised. Because of this NSW is often regarded as the leading model of sex work legislation globally alongside New Zealand, which has also adopted a decriminalisation model. The rest of Australia has seen no change in existing laws that uphold brothels and street workers as illegal, mirroring similar legislation in the UK and the United States, where Nevada is the only state to allow legal prostitution through brothels.)


The current battle is being fought on Grace’s home turf in Adelaide, where the South Australian government is debating the introduction of a new parliamentary bill – introduced by Labor MP Stephanie Key – that would see the state adopting an almost pure decriminalisation model, something sex work advocacy groups have been attempting to introduce in the state since the 1970’s. If successful, the bill will allow brothel owners to run their business in accordance with pre-existing consumer laws, reduce penalties for street based sex work and clear sex workers in the state of any previous prostitution-related offences.


Think of sex work like the hospitality industry – a transitional job where not everyone has the same skill set. But those who want to stick around and legitimise their skills can do so with the aid of a professional framework. In the same vein, decriminalisation gives sex workers the freedom to develop their own professional networks and code of ethics aimed at increasing sexual health and education in the industry.


“Decriminalisation works,” Grace says. “It allows sex work to be socially contextualised and regarded as a valid profession to be afforded the same human rights as workers in any other job.”


It also helps destigmatise the purchase of sex, making us that much less likely to be shocked or outraged every time a politician is caught in flagrante delicto with a sex worker.


“Clients get demonised more than we do. If you want a decent blowjob or want to try something new in a safe space, it should be okay to feel unashamed about going to a sex worker.”


Part of the problem is the lack of a united voice in the industry. Sex work can be an alienating job: where brothels are banned, it is illegal for sex workers to work together. The majority of sex workers spend most of their time alone, or in hotel rooms with clients, with little opportunity for peer bonding or large-scale coordinated efforts. This is why Grace has been so adamant to get other sex workers to follow her lead on social media: as she sees it, platforms like Twitter can provide a global support network for the sex work industry, aiding the spread of information and, when the need calls for it, act as a warning bell.


In May last year, Grace used Twitter to reveal the identity of a paroled rapist who attacked her in an Adelaide apartment. A former client, the man had threatened her a number of times before she had finally insisted he no longer call her. Using a false name, he lured her to the apartment where he pinned her against the wall by her throat and threatened to rape her. A well-timed scream saved her.


She reported the incident to police, but unconvinced she would be taken seriously, tweeted a photo of her attacker as a warning to sex workers in the area.


“It’s 2012. No human should have to face assault and attempted rape at work,” she told her followers.


The decision to report the man to the police was “not made lightly”, Grace says. In Australia, any sex worker who files a police report faces declaring his or her status as a sex worker. This information can be officially recorded, and can thus be potentially accessed by anyone who has the right to demand and obtain a criminal background check. As a sex worker with her own business and a huge following, she is lucky: there’s no real need for her to try and hide who she is in fear that someone she knows will discover what she does for a living. But most sex workers have a lot to gain from keeping their identity secret: many of the men and women Grace knows have family, friends and relationships that would undoubtedly suffer; a lot of sex workers also have children.


This is why Grace hesitated to report the violence against her, and why most sex workers choose not to report similar attacks to the police: a permanent police record affects everything from parental custody to access to housing, employment and community services. What landlord would lease his property to a registered sex worker? What company would hire someone who used to – or might still – be a sex worker?


“No one thinks about this stuff. Imagine being in a situation where someone is trying to do you harm, and you can’t report it or tell anyone about it. It’s shameful.”


Grace’s arguments about the ills of a non-decriminalised legal system are compelling, but they’re not convincing everyone. In particular the “white educated females” who Grace says harbour a deep dislike of the sex work industry and who – as the target demographic for Mamamia, where Grace has written about her parents’ reaction to her confession of wanting to be a sex worker and posted a chilling account of her encounter with the paroled rapist – regularly attack Grace by bringing up sex trafficking and the sticky morality of sex work by way of rebuttal to her posts. (She says sex trafficking, whilst a valid problem, is often mistaken for “sex migration”: sex workers moving to countries with better rates of pay and working conditions.)


“I wonder how many of the prostitutes care about how their profession affects the lives of the wives and children?,” wrote one commenter on one of Grace’s posts. “Oh I know: they could care less, as long as they get paid…”


Her resolve remains steadfast.


“At the end of the day, it’s true that we are fucking their husbands,” she says, suppressing a smile. “But it’s all part of changing the way we look at sex: when to do it, how to do it, and with whom.”


“If I just manage to convince just one or two people to see things from my perspective, then it’s all been worth it.”


It’s working. Since joining Twitter, Grace’s clientele has not just grown, but also significantly diversified. Her female and couple bookings have “gone through the roof”, and the number of bookings from first-time clients doubled.


“I feel a little like a My First Escort doll. I’m getting so many people who have never seen a sex worker before and who are curious to try it out. They always start out by following me Twitter, talking to me and finally building up the courage to make a booking.”


“It’s great to see more girls: I think for them it’s not so much being comfortable with me but getting some intellectual stimulation. Girls need personality and genuine conversation to be turned on.”


The fact her clients know her so well has also significantly changed her own experience of the job. For one, more and more clients are asking her to tweet about them. There are daily declarations of love, marriage proposals and invitations to elope. And almost every client turns up with a bottle of Scotch.


“They know I love Scotch because I’m always talking about it on Twitter. So they bring a bottle and they want to sit and drink and talk and ask me about my day.“


“So I ask them about their day and they tell me and we share this moment. I’m kind of like the therapist and they’re the patient.”


More and more, the term 'sex work' seems an inadequate description of the kind of service that Grace provides.


“It shits me, sometimes, but the fact of the matter is I seem to be having less and less sex. Who would have thought, right?”

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I will bring passion and excitement to you... - PunterPress - Escorts News

I will bring passion and excitement to you... - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

I have been described as a ‘pocket rocket’! I’m a petite UK size 8 at 47kg, standing 5’2 without Louboutins lol, shoes size 3 (2 designer shoes). I have brown/green deep eyes, full lips, soft, shiny and silky long brown hair with smooth, olive unblemished skin all over my splendidly toned body, with a luscious 34C breasts and a peachy, pert, fabulous bottom! I exercise with gusto daily (the results will be your pleasure to behold!) and I LOVE to eat -.I have as large an appetite for gastronomic delights as I do for mischief indoors… and for life itself! I keep myself in fine fettle, so that I always have bags of energy to lavish on you. My feminine totally natural, pearching & tatoo free figure with seductive curves in the right places will thrill and spoil you.

I am available for breif encounter, as well as dinner dates, overnight liaisons, travel worldwide, weekends away, social parties, a romantic date at your hotel or for an even more private interlude at my very discreet and beautifully comfortable residence in Central London (Earl’s Court)...

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The Porn Industry Has Already Dreamed Up Awesome Ideas For Google Glass (GOOG)

The Porn Industry Has Already Dreamed Up Awesome Ideas For Google Glass (GOOG) | Escorts |

On a long enough timeline a majority of technology gets re-appropriated for our sexual gratification.


Some products get into the erotic side of things later in their life cycles, but some get heaps of sexy attention right away.


So it's time to ask how Google Glass will be used for porn.

We talked to some active professionals working in the pornography industry to get their opinions on how Google's face-based computer will factor into (and maybe even change) the business.


Since it records video from the wearer's perspective, the immediate thought is that Glass would make an awesome means to record point-of-view porn, sinking a viewer into exactly what the actor sees.


Lee Roy Myers of told us he feels that "if the quality is high and the footage is not too dizzying, it will offer viewers a completely new POV porn viewing experience. We can get shots that we never could before because of the placement and size of the camera. Is it the future of porn? I don't know. But I am excited to try it and see."


But forget for a moment those worries of video production. Google Glass has a nice feature for the more pragmatic porn customer — it's hands-free.

"I see Glass taking the porn viewing experience into a place where it’s completely hands-free, and which greatly reduces distractions that might be 'mood killers,'" said Allison Vivas, president of porn site Pink Visual.


And it's no secret that the porn industry has been rocky in the past — with so many sites streaming adult content for free, there's often little or no motivation to shell out the cash that would otherwise compensate the actors, directors, crew, and the like. But Vivas thinks Glass presents a real opportunity here, saying "if Glass somehow introduces a means to supply consumers with a porn experience that can’t be pirated, that would be an enormous boon to the adult industry, as we’ve been absolutely ravaged by content piracy in recent years."


Gamelink is a more than 20-year veteran of the adult industry and focuses on digital distribution of porn films. When I spoke to CEO Jeff Dillon, he made a cool distinction — Gamelink is a technology company, not a porn company. "We're the Amazon of porn," he said. "So I'd love to see a Glass app that can recognize sex toys used in movies then take the user to a place online where they can buy them." In a roundabout way, Dillon's vision has Google Glass making a weird sort of "in-app purchase" device.


And let us not forget the actors themselves! We spoke to Joanna Angel, a self-identifying "porn-trepreneur" who's worked in the industry for 10 years, currently running an adult site called Burning Angel. When the inevitable "Would you ever get bored and watch a movie on Google Glass while having sex?" question rolled around, she fired back that "that'd be like having sex in a movie theater. That's pretty cool."


We asked her if Glass was just a fad and she confessed that she wasn't sure. "One thing, though," she added. "Every new invention — if it sticks — porn will find a way to use it ... It just takes a little while."

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Independent high class escort working in Kensington - PunterPress - Escorts News

Independent high class escort working in Kensington - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |
I am an independent high class escort working in Kensington. I am a vivacious, friendly and sociable young woman. I have a very mischievous personality, a great sense of humour, a wicked grin and wonderfully dirty giggle...
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10 brothels across the world where customers are offered much more than sex

10 brothels across the world where customers are offered much more than sex | Escorts |

People who visit brothels have many options in the world where they can go to have sex with the sex workers.


Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. It is discussed in the Bible as well. However, the meaning of prostitution differs from country to country. Many countries have legalized the profession but it’s illegal in many others.


During the Second World War, Japanese soldiers pushed many women into prostitution – mostly among them were Korean and Chinese women. They were sent to Japanese brothel during the war.


Prostitution is legal in many American states and Amsterdam. People who visit brothels have many options in the world where they can go to have sex with the sex workers. brings the top ten coolest brothels across the world where they offer much more than sex to the customers...


Visit and Click the slides to find out about the brothels… 

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Dear John Letters: An Anthology of Stories from Hookers, Customers, and Assorted Sex Workers

Dear John Letters: An Anthology of Stories from Hookers, Customers, and Assorted Sex Workers | Escorts |

Sex workers have become much more visible in politics and culture over the last couple of decades. Thanks to a surge of activism starting in the 1990s, memoirs and essays about sex work have become their own subgenre. Even in liberal circles, a lot of stigma still remains, but publicly admitting that you're an escort, stripper, or porn star is a lot more likely to be accepted as a valid choice.


But while the workers have been able to edge ever so slightly into the daylight, the clients have remained securely and silently in the shadows. With their new anthology, Johns, Marks, Tricks, and Chicken Hawks: Professionals and Clients Writing About Each Other,co-editors David Henry Sterry and R.J. Martin, Jr. are trying to shift the conversation to include both sides of the transaction. Sterry, and Martin will be reading at The Booksmith on Haight Street tonight along with several contributors. Sterry, who worked as a rent boy when he was 17, talked to us about sex, money, and how to be a good client.


SF Weekly: Why did you take the approach of doing a book about clients?

Well, the first book that we put together [Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys] was all sex workers. I just felt like it would be cool to see what people who are buying sex are thinking about it as opposed to people who are just selling it. People buy and sell sex for such different reasons, depending on who they are and what their circumstances are. People who are buying sex -- they're not heard from. It's this billion-dollar industry with no customers. So, I really wanted to find people who would write articulately about what the experience is like for them.


Who are some of the people you got to write for you?

I tried so hard to get so many people to write about buying sex, but it was very, very difficult. Much more difficult than I thought. Somehow, at this point in our culture, it's easier to say "I'm a prostitute," than "I'm a John." I have all these sort of liberal, arty friends, and none of them would write about it.

I found much more accessibility in the gay community. The only people I could get who were heterosexual wanted to use a fake name. There's only one person in the book who would use their real name when it came to buying sex. I posted stuff in hundreds and hundreds of places, and I have enormous networks of people. It was shockingly difficult to get people just to write about it, but then to get them to use their real names was almost impossible.


Of the people you got to write about buying sex, what did they have to say about their reasons and what they got from it?

It was interesting. There's a guy who calls himself a "captain of industry," who writes about having sex with a transgendered person and this guy has a high-powered job where he makes these very important life-and-death decisions. And he talks about how he wants someone else to be in charge of him. But he can't do it in his real life, so he pays this transgendered person to take control of him. I saw that myself when I worked, as well. ... People pay sex workers to give them stuff that they can't ask for from people they know.


And then there's Chester Brown, the cartoonist. There's the one guy who's really so out about paying for sex. He has such a different view than the rest of society does about this whole thing. I was talking to him, and I said, "A lot of men say 'I don't pay for sex, I pay so I can just walk away.'" And he said, "Well, I couldn't really walk away, I'm in a relationship with this woman. She's obviously not my girlfriend, and she does have sex with other men for money, but I'm in a long-term relationship with this woman that just happens to involve me paying money to her for sex." And he says that for him, he doesn't like the idea of having a traditional girlfriend, or a wife, or a partnership. ... The whole idea of domesticity kind of puts a damper on the sexual spark that was there.


When you were a sex worker, what were your feelings about your clients?

Well, I wanted to please them. I wanted to do well. I was 17, I was young, you know. The people that I worked for were a very high-end agency, and it was made very clear to me, "If you fuck this up, you're going to get hurt." So there was kind of a pressure from above to perform well.

But for myself, also, I wanted to please these people, these clients of mine. Some of them were really nice to me, and some of them were really mean to me. I'd say about 40 or 50 percent of them, these women who'd hire me didn't even really seem to want sex, which was so weird to me. Like, they just wanted to talk and be listened to. A lot of them wanted to talk about sex, but a lot of them just wanted to bitch and moan about their horrible husbands and their ungrateful children.


Some of them were just great. This one woman who was a yogini, she was so nice to me. She asked me "Would you like to take your clothes off?" Like, no one ever asked me that, as if I mattered. As if what I felt had any importance at all. But she did. That just made me like her so much.


What do the other sex workers have to say about their clients?

Oh, it's the whole realm, you know. The story that starts off the book is by this woman that I just love. Her name's Jessica, and she describes this relationship she had with this guy. He was just another guy, but they've known each other for a decade now, and he's helped her out. When she's in a terrible situation with no one to turn to, she can call this guy who started out as a client and now is almost like family to her.


So, that's on one end of the bell curve, and on the other, this woman was working the streets, and a guy picked her up and pretended to be a cop to try to get free sex out of her. But she called him on his shit: it's really a funny story. Clearly he's not a cop; he's clearly a thief and a bully, and someone who's trying to weasel sex out of her for free. So that's at the other end of the bell curve: people who are violent and abusive and have no respect for other human beings. Probably not much respect for themselves, either.


If someone was going to become a client, what would your advice be on how to be a good client?

My advice would be make sure you're with someone who is very comfortable doing what you want to do. Don't try to force someone to do something that they might not want. Be very respectful. Show up on time. Smell good -- that's very important. It may not seem that important, but smelling good is a very important thing when you want to become a good client.


Give them the money up front, as quick as possible. In an envelope. On the dresser. That's very, very important. And you know, a lot of clients, they agree on something and they keep wanting more stuff. "A little bit longer," "Oh, but you could do this, you could do that." I think that's very bad behavior from a client. If you want other things, arrange it beforehand, and if something comes up, you pay for it. People want stuff for free, and it really annoys me so much.


Try to, if you can, put yourself in the mindset of what needs this person has, and if you can satisfy any of those needs. Put yourself in the other person's stiletto heels, as it were.

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Snoop Lion Opens Up About His Pimp Past

Snoop Lion Opens Up About His Pimp Past | Escorts |

When Snoop Dogg called himself a "pimp" back in 2003, he wasn't joking. "I put an organization together," the rapper-turned Rasta artist Snoop Lion tells contributing editor Jonah Weiner in the new issue of Rolling Stone. "I did a Playboy tour, and I had a bus follow me with ten bitches on it. I could fire a bitch, fuck a bitch, get a new ho: It was my program. City to city, titty to titty, hotel room to hotel room, athlete to athlete, entertainer to entertainer."


Q&A: Snoop Lion Strikes Back at Bunny Wailer


While he doesn't name names, he claims professional athletes would use his services. "If I'm in a city where where the Denver Broncos or the Nuggets play, I get a couple of they players to come hang out, pick and choose, and whichever one you like comes with a number," he says. "A lot of athletes bought pussy from me."  


Unlike most pimps, Snoop says he let his women keep the money. "I'd act like I'd take the money from the bitch, but I'd let her have it," he says. "It was never about the money; it was about the fascination of being a pimp . . . As a kid I dreamed of being a pimp, I dreamed of having cars and clothes and bitches to match. I said, 'Fuck it - I'm finna do it.'"


Somehow, Snoop's relationship with his wife Shante Broadus has survived all this. "My wife had to take a backseat to this shit," he says. "And I love her to this day because she coulda shook out on a nigga, but she stayed in my corner. So when I decided to let it go, she was still there."


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Liza is a charming intelligent young lady - PunterPress - Escorts News

Liza is a charming intelligent young lady - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Liza is a charming intelligent young lady who has the ability to blend into any scenario or situation that you care to mention, Liza with her striking blonde hair and ice cool blue eyes is a girl whose looks instantly transport your heart to paradise, her charm, and incredible personality will leave you in no doubt that you have been in the company of someone very special indeed, Liza is a girl for any occasion or event, no matter what it may be, Liza will make your booking memorable and ever so special!! Liza is a sexy blonde who loves to entertain gentlemen that appreciate unrushed and very sensual encounters...

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So You Want to Quit Your Day Job & Become A Sex Worker

So You Want to Quit Your Day Job & Become A Sex Worker | Escorts |

So you want to quit your day job…

Ok, first thing? Don’t.
Not right away, anyway. You’ve got some serious planning to do first, sugarbritches! It took me nearly a year to get everything ready to go from working in this industry part-time to making it my full-time job and my sole means of income. If this is a choice that you have the luxury of making in advance, make the most of the time you have to make the move as painless as possible.

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10 Tips For The Aspiring Feminist Dominatrix

10 Tips For The Aspiring Feminist Dominatrix | Escorts |

Sticking it to the man –- sometimes quite literally -- for hundreds of dollars per hour must sound like a dream come true to feminists struggling to make it through the Great Recession. Unfortunately, being a dominatrix is not all kicking ass and smashing the patriarchy.


...If working at a Portlandia-esque feminist bookstore isn’t in the cards, here’s the short list of things to consider before you dive headlong into a new career as a feminist dominatrix

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Adventurous, playful, misstress Kasey!! - PunterPress - Escorts News

Adventurous, playful, misstress Kasey!! - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Busty Oriental escort Kasey, a genuinely beautiful, sexy busty dark hair and olive skin with a perfect slim sexy busty figure and a talent for soft and sensual dominatrix also fetish play. Beautiful and sexy in any outfit, her perfect, tight, busty figure will take your breath away. Well equipped with toys, outfits, and a great selection of shoes and boots Kasey is guaranteed to make your fantasies come true!...

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Toronto sex workers crush myths in new photo exhibit

Toronto sex workers crush myths in new photo exhibit | Escorts |

Eleven current and former sex workers living in Toronto have decided to tear down some myths and show the city what life on the street really looks like. They all signed up to be part of The Exposure Project, an initiative created by the All Saints Church-Community Centre, and photos they've taken will be shown in an exhibit at the centre on Friday.

I spoke with one of the artists, Janet, and she said her goal is to reframe the way people think about sex workers. Not all of them work on the streets, not all of them are drug users, and not all of them are forced into the work, by any means. Carly Kalish of All Saints thought of the idea, and she says it's her goal to help empower the women in an accessible way.


"We like to have creative options for people to express themselves and learn about themselves therapeutically. You can do that through art and creative expression; you don't always have to talk and do a regular therapy session and spill your guts."

got to see the photos as they were hung up the other day, and they are truly beautiful and arresting. The women had complete creative freedom as they worked, and there are bright shots of buildings and houses in the city, faces, shots of co-workers, rumpled beds.And yes, drugs and homelessness. The photos capture so many facets and fluctuations of life on the streets, and their tones roam the full range from darkness and solitude to brightness and innocence.

This is definitely an eye-opening exhibit, and worth checking out. The artists will be present, and there will be snacks and drinks served all evening. The photographs will be auctioned off in a silent auction, as well. It's on Friday, May 31 at 8 p.m., and tickets are $42.75, with all proceeds going back to All Saints to fund creative projects for women.

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High Class London Escorts - PunterPress - Escorts News

High Class London Escorts - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

High class and stunning ladies available in Central London and international bookings. Choose Pearl Ladies for great service, beautiful models and discretion. Pearl Ladies x

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Just Business? The Unknown World of Male Prostitution in the Netherlands

Just Business? The Unknown World of Male Prostitution in the Netherlands | Escorts |

The vibrant Red Light District in Amsterdam is one of the most important, but also one of the most controversial tourist attractions in the Netherlands. On all but two small streets, women sell their bodies for sex. In the Barndesteeg and the Bloedstraat, one can find transgender or transsexual prostitutes. Men are nowhere to be found behind windows. Instead, they operate in parks, gay bars, gay clubs, chat rooms and illegal brothels.


Male prostitution is hardly discussed in the Netherlands, but it is out there – in every province, region and city. It is therefore important to raise awareness about the existence of these boys and men. During our quest to paint a picture of male prostitution in the country, we were often surprised by the helpfulness of the community even while being shocked about some of the details of the business.


Male prostitution is characterized by three major taboos. First, receiving money for sex is not generally accepted (from either male or female clients). Second, homosexuality is still stigmatized. And third, men are not “supposed” to be the victims of prostitution or sexual abuse, which often leads to their not seeking professional help when they need it (Repetur, 2011).

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Paying Hundreds of Dollars for Used Panties? Secrets of the Underwear Fetishist

Paying Hundreds of Dollars for Used Panties? Secrets of the Underwear Fetishist | Escorts |
Is it the scent, the material, the taboo, or the trophy aspect that used panties buyers find so enticing?

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Sex doesn’t sell... An old industry is in deep recession

Sex doesn’t sell... An old industry is in deep recession | Escorts |

TIMES are tough for Debbie, a prostitute in western England who runs a private flat with other “mature ladies”. She does two or three jobs a day. A year ago she was doing eight or nine. She has cut her prices: “If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t still be open.” She says that she can now make more money doing up furniture and attending car-boot sales than she can turning tricks.


George McCoy, who runs a website reviewing over 5,000 massage parlours and individuals, says that many are struggling. Sex workers tell him they have been forced to hold down prices. Like other businesses, massage parlours and private flats are suffering from rising rents and energy costs. Even Mr McCoy’s website is under the cosh: visitor numbers are down by a third.


In part, this reflects the sluggish economy. Overall consumer spending at the end of 2012 was almost 4% lower than its 2007 peak. And Vivienne, an independent escort in the south who works part-time to supplement her income as a photographer, says paying for sex is a luxury: “Food is more important; the mortgage is more important; petrol is more important.” She is offering discounts out of desperation, reckoning it is better to reduce prices by £20 ($30) than to have no customers at all. Another woman says that some punters are just as anxious to talk about the difficult job market as they are to have sex.


The days of being able to make a full-time living out of prostitution are long gone, reckons Vivienne, at least in larger towns and cities. “It’s stupidly competitive right now,” she laments. More people are entering prostitution, agrees Cari Mitchell of the English Collective of Prostitutes. Some working women in Westminster say they have halved their prices because the market has become so saturated. In London, and increasingly elsewhere, immigrants provide strong competition. But Sophie, an expensive escort in Edinburgh, says she is seeing an influx of newbies including students and the recently laid-off, many of them offering more for less.


Parts of the sex trade are comparatively hale. At the top end of the market, Marie, another escort in Scotland, says custom has not dried up. Girls increasingly report requests for discounts, she says. But those who lower their prices sometimes swiftly raise them again, deterred by the kind of customer who is attracted to bargains. The market for dominatrices is holding up well, too, according to Mr McCoy. Some of the cheapest massage parlours, such as Club 25 in Sheffield (the price is in the name), attractive to the skint, are busy. Some newcomers are offering cut-price services such as webcams and phone sex.


On the streets, where prices are lowest and life is harshest, things are more desperate. Georgina Perry, the service manager for Open Doors, an NHS centre in east London that offers health services to sex workers, says that in the past few years some former prostitutes who had found low-paid work, for example as cleaners, have returned to the sex trade as other jobs have become harder to find. The women are back on the streets, charging £20 at most.


Many of these changes reflect broader trends in Britain’s unstable, part-time economy. But the danger in sex work is greater than in other industries. Newcomers advertising on websites include photos of their faces, their e-mail addresses and offers of risky services in their profiles, says Sophie, the Edinburgh escort, aghast. Moving around in search of clients, prostitutes must deal with unfamiliar and potentially dangerous men. Since July 310 have contacted Ugly Mugs, a scheme that encourages sex workers to report violence, although only around a quarter went to the police. Sex workers are taking greater risks for smaller returns.

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In Germany, Sex Workers Get Special Training To Serve The Disabled

In Germany, Sex Workers Get Special Training To Serve The Disabled | Escorts |

Crossing two taboo topics: prostitution and the sexuality of the physically and mentally handicapped.

NUREMBERG - The cozy office of the Kassandra counseling center for sex workers in the southern German state of Bavaria, features one bright red sofa, a large wooden table and pastel-colored painting on the wall. This is usually where men and women who wish to leave the sex industry come in search of training classes to change careers.


But a different kind of training is underway this evening. Seven workers have come to earn their diplomas in "qualified sexual accompaniment and assistance."


Barbel Ahlborn, who heads the Nuremberg counseling center, is proud of the courses that Kassandra developed with Pro Familia, a family planning center. "This is a unique model project for the nation,” she says.


The training has taught sex workers Erika, Birgit, Kai, Elisabeth and Romy, as well as Richard and Kurt (all names have been changed), how they can help disabled people to blossom their sexuality.


The end of the course is celebrated with some sparkling wine, pizza and salad. But participants know that their having a certificate in accompaniment and assistance is not going to change what many people think – because their very line of work, i.e. prostitution, is still taboo.

Even more alienating to many, they believe, is the idea that paid services should be available to those with physical and mental disabilities. Says Romy: "Public opinion will be split – some will welcome this, but the many who have always been against sex workers will say it’s perverse."


Simone Hartmann, deputy head of Pro Familia in Nuremberg doesn’t see things quite so pessimistically. "Today, the sexuality and sexual autonomy of disabled people is no longer a taboo subject, even if it isn’t yet absolutely normal to actually deal with it," she says.


That much was clear at a Munich conference on the sexual and reproductive rights of disabled people, which was held a few months ago. While many heads of facilities for the disabled no longer disagree with the fact that handicapped people have a right to express their sexuality, to publically acknowledge that their establishment allows sex workers to operate in it is an image issue, they say.


Meanwhile there are frequent discussions on Internet forums about the sexuality of the disabled. Can paraplegic men, for example, have sex? And if so, how? In her blog, the female partner of one such man reveals that: "Over time, by learning to caress parts of the body we didn’t use to find erotic, we rediscovered each other in new, more intense, ways."


Prostitution or “sexual accompaniment”?

Erika, who moonlights as a sex worker, says she thinks people have the wrong idea about “sexually accompanying” the disabled. "It’s not always about intercourse, but also touch and tenderness," she points out. She tells the story of her first visit to an old man in a retirement home, an experience she calls one of the very best she’s had as a sex worker because of something he said. When she left, he whispered: "If the others only knew how wild we were being!” And yet: "All we did was dance and touch each other a little."


Now the Nuremberg native will be providing services to physically and mentally disabled people as well, for which she charges 150 euros. Her partner knows what she does: "He’s a grown man, not a boy, and he knows me and knows I’m not crazy – just a little different from other people.”


Social worker Kurt says that he first became aware of the sexual needs of the disabled from working as a group leader in a facility for the mentally handicapped. "Sexuality is something that must be experienced but these folks don’t have the chance," he says. He doesn’t have concrete ideas about his new line of work yet – "I think a lot of it will be about explaining, helping people learn about their bodies, letting them see and touch a naked man, that kind of stuff,” he says.


Unlike Richard, who only wants to work with female clients, Kurt says he can see himself with men although it would depend on whom. Kurt has grown children. They know about his plans, "and it’s no big deal, they think it’s cool," he says.


But Birgit, a lively slim woman who’s been earning her living as a sex worker for the past 26 years, says that her daughter did not welcome the news when she told her.


While qualifications in sexual accompaniment and assistance may be a new milestone, several therapists in Germany have been urging awareness of the issue since the 1990s , and there are individual practitioners around the country offering services – as a general rule, caressing, body contact, massage, in some cases sexual release but without kissing, oral sex, or intercourse. Indeed, to the annoyance of Kassandra’s Ahlborn, Pro Familia has even drawn a line between prostitution and “sexual accompaniment.”


"Prostitution is legal in Germany. Sex workers are independent business people. They pay taxes,” she says.


Course participant Kai, who has worked as a professional for many years, believes that the prejudice against sex work is unfair. "It’s serious work," she says, pointing out that not all men are lucky enough to find life partners and sex workers bridge a need. She adds that she’s happy that the joint effort by Kassandra and Pro Familia has lent an open “note of seriousness to our work."


For her part, Pro Familia’s Hartmann is aware that prostitution is a sensitive issue. If Pro Familia teamed up with Kassandra to run the course, she says, it was because it was necessary: "Particularly in Bavaria, the need for appropriate and qualified people to work with the disabled in this regard was becoming ever more pressing,” she says.

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Arts Festival Highlights Sex Workers: Strippers, Prostitutes and Educators

Arts Festival Highlights Sex Workers: Strippers, Prostitutes and Educators | Escorts |
The San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival has screened close to 300 movies, challenged stereotypes, resurrected archetypes and provided a forum for the accomplishments of sex worker performers, artists and filmmakers from San Francisco and around the world.

“The many films that deal with prostitution reflect a culture’s unease and obsession with sexuality. They are the realization of the fantasies that surround the act of exchanging money for sex.”


                                            --Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work


The San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival (, presented at San Francisco’s Roxie Theater for well over a decade, recognizes and honors diverse prostitutes, dancers, porn performers and other sex workers who have been integral members of arts communities throughout history. The San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival has screened close to 300 movies, challenged stereotypes, resurrected archetypes and provided a forum for the accomplishments of sex worker performers, artists and filmmakers from San Francisco and around the world.


An affirmation of this community’s strength and creativity, the Festival highlights work such as “Global Sex Workers on the March!” the latest from the extensive body of videos by Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers ( Michael Kasino’s “Pay It No Mind’” memorializes co-founder of Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (S.T.A.R.). Marsha P. Johnson, activist, sex worker and Stonewall instigator, who “threw the shot glass heard around the world.”


While recognizing the courage of these artists and activists, much of work addresses repression, stigma and violence. In Kristen DiAngelo’s “American Courtesans,” many of the women featured relate a past of family or professional victimization, and pull the viewer through the trauma and catharsis stories to bear witness to eventual claiming of spaces of radical empowerment as whores, writes festival curator, Laure McElroy. “American Courtesans” debuted at Women International Film & Arts Festival and is heralded as a passionate film as well as a game-changing tool for therapists to “educate our community about sex and sex work in order to abate and abolish the misunderstandings and violence against sex workers.” (Natalie Mills, LMFT)  (


Victims, survivors, workers, Alex Perlman’s "Lot Lizard" does not take any easy ways out by simplifying the stories of the featured or making them pithy. “A brilliant and moving documentary, Lot Lizard looks closely at figures in the shadows of the nighttime truck lots, and allows the participants in this hidden economy to speak for themselves,” writes Southern Methodist University Film Professor Kevin Heffernan, “...over the course of the film, we come to see them in their fully complex humanity and as participants in an equally complex and interlocking economy of which we all are a part.” (


When it gets too tough, these artists revert to satire ala former stripper Gina Golds’ hilarious “Stripper Damage,” ( as well as Festival favorites “Whore Logic” with The incredible Edible Akynos by PJ Starr and “Last Rescue in Siam” by EMPower in Thailand. (


Other highlights include events and performances such as Oral Services (a spoken word event) with Amber Dawn, Brontez Purnell, Laure McElroy, Juba Kalamka, Rhiannon Argo, Ckiara Rose, Lola Sunshine, Jacques La Femme, editors of Dear Dawn and Doug Upp.


Activist and educational highlights include “Anti-Trafficking and The Carceral State” with Emi Koyama; “Privilege, Oppression and InterseXionality,” an innovative four day social justice training for sex workers and allies; and “The Institute of Sexworkology with classes with Lambda Award winning author Amber Dawn, Alice in Bondage Land, The Incredible Edible Akynos and Mission SRO Collaborative exploring “how Housing Justice can be used as a powerful framework for building solidarity with street-based sex workers.”


On Friday, May 24th Mariko Passion presents the “Whorrific Cabaret and Popcorn Theatre Bus Tour,” a long running San Francisco tradition, encouraging audience participation, costumes and performances at mystery locations around San Francisco. “This sex worker 'show and tell' edition visits the haunts and landmarks of SF whoredom (like City Hall) where sex workers dish the dirt about what really goes on in ‘the city that knows how.’ ”


The culmination of the festival is back by popular demand, Whores’ Bath, a day of pampering and “magical healing” by and for sex workers as newly defined in the Urban Dictionary. (


Sex work had never lacked for social stigma. The names pinned on us, like the images and ideas of us in the scholarly and popular media, are rarely created by us and our opinions are not sought. But we know who we are, we will TELL YOU who we are: whores of color making our money and flashing our titties in a sea of stereotypes; females-to-males-to-females-to pro/dommes; punk-rock trans*brats; drug addicts who do not deign to repent using OR whoring; workaday prostitutes out there in the lot trying to function under a police state that criminalizes our livelihoods and shames the lives that we have, sometimes out of necessity of poverty and sometimes out of a vocation to provide pleasure...

                                                                 --Laure McElroy, Film Curator


The San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival will be presented at locations in San Francisco and the Bay Area including the Roxie Theater, the Center for Sex & Culture, Faithful Fools, Hospitality House, the St. James Infirmary and CAL-PEP. from May 18th-26th. (

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Sasha - HOT Spanish Escort, Party girl, Available 24/7 - PunterPress - Escorts News

Sasha - HOT Spanish Escort, Party girl, Available 24/7 - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Sasha is a sizzling hot model escort with a body to die for and looks to kill. She's sensual, passionate, full of confidence and knows how to please. Her fun and playful nature guarantees that this stunning beauty is always extremely enjoyable company and her perfect body and silky soft skin will leave you wanting more. Sasha is not to be missed, she's the ultimate treat for any discerning gentleman...

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All In The Family: Mom And Son Run Sex Shop Together

All In The Family: Mom And Son Run Sex Shop Together | Escorts |

It's hard to think of anything more uncomfortable than discussing vibrators and seXXXy Alice in Wonderland costumes with your mother, but for sex shop owner Jimmy Burd, it's all in a day's work: his mother, Ida Burd, runs the West 28th Street business with him, and she told DNAinfothat tag-teaming with him was "the best decision we ever made." Awwwwwww!


Ida Burd, who is in her 80s and has four grandchildren, has apparently owned the shop, now called A&J Lingerie and More (and more), since 1968. Then, though, it was a ladies' dress shop, and probably didn't sell quite as manyfishnet bodystockings as it does now. Jimmy Burd helped her run that shop, but it closed down in 2001 because, according to Ida Burd, "women just don’t wear nice dresses anymore."


Luckily, though, they do wear crotchless lace thongs, and so the Burdses' business was reborn as a lingerie and sex toy emporium later that year. "I thought, in hard times, what always sells? Drugs, alcohol and sex," Jimmy Burd told DNAinfo. And boy, do they sell—12 years later, the duo's still going strong, earning some pretty favorable reviews from Yelpers.


Naturally, the Burds don't gift wrap pocket rockets side-by-side, because that would be weird; instead, Ida Burd works in the front room selling lingerie and costumes, and Jimmy Burd works in the slightly more X-rated back room. The two of them don't have a problem working together: "When times are tough, you do what you have to," Jimmy Burd says. (We called the shop to try and get more details about what that means, and Ida told us she couldn't talk because the Daily News was in the store taking photographs.)


And it looks like they're pretty good at what they do, considering Yelpers say the duo's "very knowledgable" and describe Ida Burd as "cute and super friendly," so if you're still trying to find Mom the perfect Mother's Day gift, maybe consider swinging by and picking up a pack of those dual pleasure anal beads you know she's always wanted.



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LinkedIn apparently has a 'prostitution problem'

LinkedIn apparently has a 'prostitution problem' | Escorts |

I always thought that Facebook was the social network for "fun stuff," while LinkedIn was the social network for "work stuff." I guess I need to change my definition of "work stuff." LinkedIn has just singled out escorts as specifically unwelcome on their platform, and changed their terms of service to banish users promoting sex in exchange for money.


To all you sex workers out there (I'm told you prefer the term "sex worker"!), be aware that this is not an overall ban on promotion of adult services on the LinkedIn platform. You can still promote yourself as a porn star or fetish model on LinkedIn, and it would still be legal and compliant with the updated LinkedIn terms of service. But you can no longer promote "escort services or prostitution" on your LinkedIn profile.


LinkedIn updated their terms of service to ban escort services on Monday. (You have to scroll two-thirds of the way down the page to get to the juicy part). In Section 10 of the terms, entitled LinkedIn "DOs" and “DON’Ts," the policy has been revised to state that LinkedIn users cannot "upload, post, email, InMail, transmit or otherwise make available or initiate any content that...promotes escort services or prostitution" -- "[e]ven if it is legal where you are located."


There's the rub. Sex work and escort services are legal in several countries -- and some parts of the United States, if I'm to believe the little cards that cab drivers hand me whenever I'm in Las Vegas.

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Sally is a 36F busty brunette - PunterPress - Escorts News

Sally is a 36F busty brunette - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

London Escort Sally is a busty sweet babe who will have you enthralled from the off, beautiful, affectionate and charming Sally is fabulous company and so uplifting, her bubbly welcoming personality will make you feel relaxed and most welcome, Sally is well educated and loves making new friends and experiencing new adventures a lover of travel and fashion spending time with Sally is like living out a dream,sensual, considerate and polite Sally will make any scene, setting or scenario a truly amazing one...

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Anonymous Heels Productions

Anonymous Heels Productions | Escorts |

Anonymous Heels is a sex-worker led media project working to produce and encourage more and better media about the sex industries and the people with experiences in the sex industries.


Sex workers are experts on our own lives, and our voices need to be heard. 


Our first video series, The Back End, illuminates a side of the sex industry that those outside of it rarely see. Sex work can be titillating and sensual, but also tedious, boring, and excruciatingly frustrating at times. We hope that a deeper understanding about the industry will lessen the stigma associated with sex work, leading towards better policies and better practices – and eventually a healthier and safer industry all around.

Via Gracie Passette
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