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Sweety £150 - Very busty 34E Polish blonde - PunterPress - Escorts News

Sweety £150 - Very busty 34E Polish blonde - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Euro babe Sweety is a naturally very busty 34E. She stands at a leggy 5'9 and has a sexy bronzed figure. If you like busty, bubbly blondes, Sweety is the perfect choice...

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VIP Michelle in Vienna - PunterPress - Escorts News

VIP Michelle in Vienna - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

I am based in Vienna and will be happy to meet you in Vienna or in any other European city. I am an accomplished conversational partner with a good sense of humour but I am a great listener too...

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Scooped by PunterPress! Gives Back To Escorts After Hurricane Sandy Shuts Down Operations Gives Back To Escorts After Hurricane Sandy Shuts Down Operations | Escorts |

We’ve told you about some of the individuals, organizations and businesses affected by the unsolicited arrival of Hurricane Sandy last week. Among them was (NSFW), one of the world’s biggest male-escort sites and producer of the annual Hustlaball here in New York.

“Our I.T. department always planned on a backup in the case of a natural disaster—they just never planned for 38 feet of seawater in the basement of our data center,” CEO Jeffrey Davids said. “There’s been chaos dealing with restoring power and a lot of extra stress for everyone. It was a crazy week for us, but we feel very fortunate. There are people without homes and there are lost lives.”

The power is back on, but that was a week that escorts around the world couldn’t make any do-re-mi. Well, Rentboy understands and is reaching out to help: understands that escorts around the world lost business during last week’s service disruption. Our IT and sales department are working full time this week to add back the lost time. Monthly ads will automatically receive 8 days added to their purchased ad time. Travel ads will automatically receive store credit for the days their individual ads were down.

We’ve heard of a hooker with a heart of gold, but this is a new one on us!



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Jolie in Paris - PunterPress - Escorts News

Jolie in Paris - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

I am a sophisticated, classy lady who enjoys providing stimulating companionship for like-minded professional gentle-man...

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Gabriella - Busty Latin brunette - PunterPress - Escorts News

Gabriella - Busty Latin brunette - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Beautiful Latin brunette Gabriella is a true exotic delight. Her dark silky hair and sparkling hazel eyes compliment her pretty features. Her figure is tanned and toned with smooth soft bronzed skin...

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Downton Abbey's treatment of sex workers rings true today - Telegraph

Downton Abbey's treatment of sex workers rings true today - Telegraph | Escorts |

Last night's Downton Abbey saw Ethel Parks, a disgraced maid who ended up becoming a woman of the streets, sent away to be 'washed clean' of her shocking past. The stigma of sex work is still as present today as it was last century explains Dr Brooke Magnanti.


So farewell then, Downton Abbey maid Ethel Parks, who was sacked after having the bad luck to get caught sleeping with an Army major in series two, getting up the duff as a result of said cad, and spent most of series three plying her trade as a woman of the streets and crying in the rain. This culminated with her young son being shipped off to his grandparents, since after all, a mother who does whatever it takes to stay solvent in the face of professional and personal crisis is no kind of a role model, now is she?

The character trajectory of Amy Nuttall's character says a lot about Downton Abbey attitudes: a modern girl who likes looking at magazines gets punished with pregnancy, humiliation, living in a hut, losing her child, and then is pulled up by Isobel Crawley who magnanimously decides to hire her back into a life of service. Some people watch Downton Abbey and long for a time long past; I say, let's keep this kind of rubbish in the past where it belongs.


Last night's season finale revealed that Ethel is offered a fresh start elsewhere, [Isobel Crawley says her move to life as a maid in Cheadle will allow her to be “washed clean” of her past] which amounts more or less to 'let us never speak of this again, ok?' It's about as edifying as an evening spent watching paint dry, only with added shame.

Attitudes towards sex workers in the 21st century

The picture for sex workers today is hardly different to Downton Abbey whether they have children or not. Public shaming is the norm and losing your job far from rare. While I was lucky not to be fired when my past became known, I'm fully aware of how unusual that is (and what part significant public attention may have played in that). People who have capitalised on their erotic potential - whether in the present or firmly in the past - are still held up for general disgust and disapproval even now.


Decent estimates put the number of sex workers in Britain at about 80,000 (this includes men as well as women). With a high annual turnover in the industry, the number of ex-sex workers in this country numbers in the high hundreds of thousands, probably over a million. It's hard to know what percentage of prostitutes are also parents (one old study of streetwalkers in New York says 70 per cent), but it's reasonable to imagine that a large number are, and still more start families once they have left the industry behind them. Many of them live in fear of being exposed because of what it could mean not only to their current livelihoods but for their families.

Right now in Britain there are spiteful exes using a past in sex work against ex-partners in a bid to get their children taken away by social services. Sex work, let me remind you, is legal in this country. And while many consider it unethical, is that really a good reason to tear apart a family? We dislike bankers; no one would seriously suggest they should be denied a family life because of it. Being able to raise a family and juggle financial needs with time spent parenting is a huge factor in why people enter prostitution, as this recent campaign in Ireland emphasised.

Let's hit the roll call of children of prostitutes: Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States, Louis Armstrong, Richard Pryor, and iconic silent film actress Clara Bow. And let’s not forget loads of people in the Bible, including Jephthah and Boaz.
There probably won't be enough series of Downton Abbey to discover what becomes of Ethel's son Charlie, but I'm plumping for epoch-defining musician or Army general-turned-politician. May as well keep it true to life, after all.

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Crisis of conscience for sex in the city: Nearly all of Edinburgh’s saunas must renew licences - Scotland on Sunday -

Crisis of conscience for sex in the city: Nearly all of Edinburgh’s saunas must renew licences - Scotland on Sunday - | Escorts |

IT IS an element of Edinburgh life that is hidden in plain sight. For years the city’s sex industry has operated alongside businesses and homes in some of the wealthiest neighbourhoods without many being aware of its existence.


Edinburgh’s licensed saunas, a discreet front for prostitution, are widely regarded as a pragmatic way of managing the sex industry. They sit side-by-side with shops in the New Town and houses in Marchmont, with little to suggest to passers-by that they are anything other than a convenient venue to enjoy a relaxing back massage.


Edinburgh’s system is among the most liberal in the UK. It is at odds with the Scottish capital’s douce reputation, but supporters of the system say it has kept many women off the streets and provided a safe environment for those engaged in the world’s oldest profession.

But this week 13 of the city’s 15 saunas face a turning point. Their licences, which fall into the public entertainment category, are up for renewal on Wednesday and two objections have been lodged.


One long-time critic, Michael Anthony, has written to members of Edinburgh City Council’s licensing sub-committee, pointing out that it is a criminal offence to operate a brothel. 


“It is well established that Edinburgh saunas are brothels,” he wrote. “It is a criminal offence to operate a brothel. Anyone assisting committing of crime also commits an offence. Accordingly, councillors cannot grant entertainment licenses, or any other permission to operate a brothel.”


Anthony is among a number of critics who argue that the council can no longer turn a blind eye to what really goes on behind closed sauna doors.


While it is illegal to run a brothel, the legality of a transaction between a sauna worker and a customer is a grey area. Selling sex is not illegal, but many of the activities that surround it – loitering, soliciting and running a brothel – are against the law.


Yet there is no doubt about what is sold in Edinburgh’s saunas. Claire, 42, who currently works in one of the most established venues, describes it as “the full service”. For clarification, she adds: “That’s sex. And a massage.”


The sauna where she works is far from sleazy. It resembles a homely, if slightly untidy, flat. “Everyone who works here is pretty stable and would not go and work on the streets, but a lot of the girls [working in other Edinburgh saunas] probably would,” she says.


“It [street prostitution] is dangerous. We always have someone working with us here. It minimises the risk a lot.”

Like many of the women who work in saunas, Claire believes that closing their places of work would force more women on the streets. Women working on the streets are thought to have more drug problems and sexually transmitted diseases than those working in the saunas.


Claire denies that women working in Edinburgh saunas are either exploited or forced. “We’ve made our own minds up to do these things,” she said.


However, the sex industry is facing challenges beyond licensing. Like other industries, it has suffered in the economic downturn.

Claire has made £60 in a week – two customers paying £30 each. “It’s just not paying the bills, even for the younger girls. It’s not worth sitting here for £60 a week,” she said.


The end of tolerance zones, initially in Coburg Street and then Salamander Street, in Edinburgh, in 2001, has been blamed for driving street prostitution further underground. Those who work on the streets are increasingly vulnerable and desperate, support workers say.


Previously, about 75 per cent of street sex workers were drug addicts, now it is more like 100 per cent, according to the Global Network of Sex Work Projects.


The charity also says women are putting up with more violence from male punters than previously. But opponents of the saunas want to see a stand taken against all forms of sex for sale, rather than see one kind protected as the lesser evil.


Jenny Kemp, of Zero Tolerance, said: “We strongly believe that sauna licences should not be renewed. The buying and selling of vulnerable women who have less money and power than their punters is not a private matter – it harms the women involved, and it harms us all.”

One woman, who objected to the renewal of the licenses, but asked to remain anonymous, said: “I think the argument that brothels keep women safer is besides the point. From my point of view, women shouldn’t be for sale and actually to reduce the risks for the women working in prostitution is dealing with a symptom, rather than the cause of the problem of prostitution.


“No-one’s body should be for sale and, more importantly, no-one should think they have the right to buy someone else’s body.”

However, Scottish politicians have so far declined to criminalise men who purchase sex. A bill brought by former MSP Trish Godman was rejected and another, this time by Rhoda Grant MSP, is now out to consultation. The bill is designed to shift the criminality from the sex workers to their clients.


For now, the future of Edinburgh’s unique method of handling prostitution hangs in the balance. The closure of all or some of the saunas would change the face of the sex industry. Councillor Joanna Mowat, a former committee member, said: “We don’t look too closely at what goes on in properties that are licensed for massage. But we may be pushed to change if Mr Anthony has evidence.”

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NSW sex work laws an example to the world

SEX workers from around the world have called on the NSW government to persevere with the state's pioneering decriminalisation of sex work.

Via Gracie Passette
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High Demand For Transgender Sex Workers In Middle East

High Demand For Transgender Sex Workers In Middle East | Escorts |

Transgender sex workers are in high demand in the Middle East but the risks might not be worth the payout.

In interviews with Foreign Policy, several such workers said their services are in big demand.

“The men there love me,” said Mya, who is Thai-Chinese and currently working in San Francisco. “When I walk in the street or in the mall, boys are all over me.”

“The ratio of money you can make is times 10, if you are able to maintain just one regular client,” said Diana, a Filipina transgender woman. “If you have a working relationship with a guy, you can practically become a millionaire.”

The sex trade in the Middle East, the magazine reported, is thriving, especially in Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman and Bahrain. Islamic law in these Gulf countries forbids gay sex and gay foreigners are barred from entering the countries.
As a result, transgender women working in the sex trade are literally risking their lives for a paycheck.

Mya said she was arrested for 3 months in 2010.

“They really treated me like a dog or an animal,” she said. “There are a lot of big criminals – drug dealers, things like that. Those big criminals were allowed to pay to come to my cell. The guard would open the gate and let them enter my cell and rape me whenever they wanted.”

Diana was arrested in the course of a sting operation which netted several transgender sex workers. She said their handlers forced them to disrobe and took pictures as they verbally abused them. She was taken to the head of the police, who raped her.

Mya said the guards placed a hanging rope in her cell.

“If I wanted to, I could just hang myself,” she said. “Nobody would care. But I told myself I never would. My life is too beautiful and too exciting to die in a jail cell.”

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Carol - Pearl Ladies - Busty Brazilian brunette - PunterPress - Escorts News

Carol - Pearl Ladies - Busty Brazilian brunette - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Stunning Brazilian babe Carol is slim and very busty, the perfect shape. She is fun and bubbly and always a pleasure to spend time with.

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Sex tip of the day: Introduce BDSM to your bedroom

Sex tip of the day: Introduce BDSM to your bedroom | Escorts |
Have even better orgasms with these simple sex tips (that won't make you pull a muscle)... 


We've delved into the pages of Fifty Ways to Play: A Beginners Guide to Unleashing Your Erotic Desires by Debra and Don Macleod, to discover their top tips for revealing your wild side in the bedroom...


Decide on a safe word


If you are getting involved in bondage in the bedroom, the first thing you need to do is designate a safe word. If your partner goes too far, or you're not enjoying yourself it's important to have a word that can break the spell and prove to your partner that you're unhappy (and not just playing a character).


Practise delayed sexual gratification


BDSM isn't about instant gratification, it's all about building the tension and playing with each other. Typically a dominant is responsible for delaying the submissive's orgasm until they're completely desperate (think Fifty Shades of Grey and you'll know what we mean).


Try watching your favourite TV show in bed, limiting sexual activity to the commercial breaks. Stop the moment the show starts again. Or you could try sleeping in separate rooms for the night to increase arousal...and make things more exciting when you crawl into his bed the next morning.


Play with blindfolds


Tie your partner to the bed, put a blindfold over his eyes...and leave him there for 20 minutes! This increases the 'submissive's' sense of expectation and it also allows the two of you to immerse yourselves in kinky role-play.


Understand spanking


Spanking combines pain and pleasure making it one of the cornerstones of BDSM. Being lightly smacked can intensify sexual pleasure by increasing the blood flow to the genital region. The Macleod's recommend using varied pressures and strokes to keep the submissive guessing.


Get down...Twilight style


Many men and women find that the throat, including the sides and nape of the neck, is an extremely erogenous zone that increases sexual arousal. A combination of sucking, kissing and biting (without breaking the skin, of course) is a simple way to show that you are in a position of power in the bedroom. Even the Kama Sutra recommends scratching or pressing your nails into the neck, navel, bum and thighs of your partner to increase sensitivity and toe the line between pleasure and pain.


What do you think?

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Sex Sells, Even In Broke Greece

Sex Sells, Even In Broke Greece | Escorts |

Almost every industry is suffering in Greece, crippled by unemployment. But prostitution is booming.

With an unemployment rate over 25 percent, and most of those who do have jobs seemingly taking turns declaring anti-austerity general strikes, it would appear to the casual observer that almost nobody actually works in Greece.


Almost nobody, that is, except the prostitutes.


What's commonly referred to as the "world's oldest profession" is booming in the Mediterranean country, where most other industries have been ravaged by the global financial crisis since 2008. At least part of the growth is due to the sudden influx of unemployed people looking for alternative means of making a living, meaning many of the stories documenting the uptick in the number of sex workers are tinged with economic desperation.


There is, however, a lighter side to this story.


After facing a situation where it was "abandoned by almost everyone," according to President Yiannis Batziolas, the cash-strapped Voukefalas amateur football club turned to a local bordello operator for financial assitance, becoming what is likely the only brothel-sponsored sports team in the world.


The team now wears pink practice jerseys with the logos of "Villa Erotica" and "Soula's House of History," the two houses of pleasure that are keeping the club out of financial ruin.


Prostitution is legal in Greece, where it operates under strict rules.


And it is not unheard of for the industry to provide an economic bump to the country in times of need. In 2006, the government added economic activity related to prostitution to its GDP calculations, in a move to stave off European Union fines for running too-high debt-to-GDP ratios, according to Sky News. Earlier, when Athens hosted the Olympic Games of 2004, the city's prostitutes' union was seen as instrumental in creating a smooth-running plan for handling the influx of Olympic tourists.


Not all the news regarding the boom in Greek prostitution is positive, of course. A spike in the number of streetwalkers in blighted central Athens has been one of the issues extreme right-wing political groups have used to garner support among scandalized conservative citizens. The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn political party, for example, emphasizes the fact that a large number of prostitutes are Eastern European immigrants to support its xenophobic platform.


Still, that has had little impact on the fact Greece's ladies of the night are better off than the rest of their country.


Saying her business is doing better than almost any other in Greece at the moment, Soula Alevridou, the owner of the two establishments behind the recent soccer sponsorship scheme, told the Associated Press she was engaging in the marketing strategy for the love of the game.


Hers is "not the kind of business that needs promotion," she said.

"I am a Greek woman, and I love my country," she added. "If we don't help our scientists and athletes, where will we be?''

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Around 5,000 People Work on Webcam Sex Streams in the UK

The rise of video sharing sites and resulting flop of physical porn sales has led to a change in how porn stars work and deliver their, er, material, to the masses, with an estimated 5,000 people, most of whom we’d assume to be ladies called Sindy, working on live porn webcam streams in the UK...

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Wasteland BDSM Virtual World Launches...

BOSTON —, a leading BDSM, kink and fetish lifestyle site, will have a grand opening for Virtual Wasteland, a 3D live interaction community playground within Red Light Center, unveiling the largest 3D virtual space devoted to the BDSM, kink and fetish lifestyle, all under the “Big Tent” of Wasteland.


Virtual Wasteland on Wednesday from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. EST will be hosting a Grand Opening party with DJ’s, door prizes and movie showings. The entire Virtual Wasteland space will be open and available for free during the event and there will be hostesses to greet guests and introduce the club and the facilities. The top-rated RLC BDSM Working Girl, Saphyre Rose, will be at the event and will give away a free half-hour BDSM session to a lucky winner (RLC VIP Members only). And, the grand prize for the evening will be a drawing for a free lifetime membership to

When asked about Virtual Wasteland, Wasteland Founder/CEO Colin Rowntree said, “One of the key concepts in BDSM and fetish play is the word 'play.' Unlike general adult entertainment viewing, BDSM and Fetish is ultimately an interactive activity between like-minded adults who seek to explore the darker sides of sexuality in safe and sane environments.

"In our partnership with Red Light Center, after a year in the making of our massive virtual city block of venues there, we’ve developed what we think is the perfect fit for people wanting to explore bondage and erotic power exchange in a real-time environment with other people. This is particularly appealing and valuable to both folks just getting started in the kinky community to find their comfort zones, as well as people in more rural and isolated areas that don’t have an easy option to head off to a fetish club or party in their area."

Rowntree continued, "My hat is off to Brian Schuster and his staff for the astounding work they have done to help us bring this all together. We hope to see you all there at the opening bash to 'meet and beat' new kinky friends!"


“I could not be more excited about the opening of Virtual Wasteland inside our online virtual world, Red Light Center,” said Brian Shuster, CEO, Utherverse® Digital Inc. “The Wasteland team has worked with our crew to create a massive, totally realistic and amazing BDSM experience that is going to blow the minds of new and longtime fans of the BDSM lifestyle! Best of all, Wasteland users can meet and interact with our already huge BDSM community at the grand opening event, all online with a quick and easy download of the Virtual Wasteland 3D browser software.”

Virtual Wasteland includes a huge gothic dungeon with BDSM and Fetish play stations, intimate Private Session rooms where folks can hook up with a dominant or submissive for BDSM play, fucking machines for members and their partner’s pleasure and a choice of useful furniture, and a massive gift shop featuring the BDSM wares of Wasteland’s retail partner, The Stockroom.

There are also three movie theatres showing Wasteland original content in a cozy environment perfect for playing with your date as you watch the movies together. With BDSM equipment and toys, you can do more than just hold hands in the back row! A door from the dungeon leads up to a skywalk overlooking the city of Virtual Vancouver; ideal for intimate moments.

According to Wasteland Dungeon Master, Simon Blackthorne, “The thing about virtual reality is, it works! Virtual Wasteland has become my local BDSM club; a place to really meet people as I do at any social event. The virtual space provides opportunities to get to know people socially, personally and even intimately. The boundaries between real and virtual start to blur, and the relationships that develop are genuine and exciting.

"As well, Virtual Wasteland is a natural venue for talented and interesting people to share what they know in a way that is easily accessible to anyone who may not live near a major city. Kinksters are out of the closet, and developing a thriving, dynamic on-line social and business community using this new technology.”


Virtual Wasteland is available for play, watching movies and meeting people 24/7. Space is available for private parties and weekly events. Watch out for future announcements about Spank Me! parties, lectures, demos and other exciting events.

To check it out and attend the party, you will need to have the RedLightCenter 3D software. DOWNLOAD IT HERE FOR FREE

More Information is at

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Helen - Stunning Busty Latin Model - PunterPress - Escorts News

Helen - Stunning Busty Latin Model - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Slim and very busty Latin model Helen is simply stunning. Bronzed glamour model figure with curves in all the right places.

She is seductive and high class, great dress sense and always groomed to perfection.

Sparkling brown eyes, long silky hair and a warm radiant smile, she will turn heads. Let her pamper and treat you like a king.

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Mother, 40, accused of running high-class vice ring and using £350,000 profits to fund children's private education

Mother, 40, accused of running high-class vice ring and using £350,000 profits to fund children's private education | Escorts |

Marie McKinlay, 40, pictured arriving at court, is alleged to have run a high-class escort agency called Allure.


A brothel madam used the profits from her £500,000-a-year business to put her two children through private school, a court heard yesterday.

Marie McKinlay allegedly employed 25 high-class prostitutes able to offer clients everything from ‘girlfriend experience to porn star experience’.

They charged as much as £300 an hour and £1,500 for overnight bookings that had to ‘include some sleep’.

McKinlay’s online escort agency was no more than a front for a prostitution racket, London’s Southwark Crown Court was told.
The 40-year-old rented a £1,500-a-month apartment in central London where clients could romp with two girls from a roster with names such as ‘Sophie Sweetness’ and ‘Beth Angel’.

She is said to have made more than £350,000 in profits from the racket in three years.

When the officers who arrested her told her what her earnings were she claimed to be shocked but said the money had ‘put two of her children through private school and paid her £1,500 monthly rent’.
Edmund Vickers, prosecuting, said: ‘Marie McKinlay ran an internet escort agency which provide prostitutes at what could be described as the high end of the market, the expensive end, for clients who were willing to pay £300 or more an hour for sexual services.

‘She interviewed and recruited the girls, she uploaded their details to the website – not only their photos but the services that each girl offered and their prices – she dealt with the clients, and she organised the girls’ bookings.

‘She charged the girls 30 per cent commission on all the takings, which made her a small fortune.


‘In less than two-and-a-half years between December 2008 and May 2011, when one looks at her bank account, one can see she received cash deposits totalling something over £350,000.

'You will see that when the defendant was arrested, for the period from January to June 2011, she had already made over £90,000.’


When McKinlay was detained at her home in Southampton in July 2011 police seized a diary which recorded ‘the names of the working girls and the amounts owed by each girl for each day of the year’.

In interview in December 2011 McKinlay admitted setting up the agency and said her ‘ambition’ was that it should become ‘a top or elite agency’ and that she had 25 girls on her books.

She admitted to officers that she had rented the flat in London Bridge but had been forced to cancel the contract in August 2010 as ‘the girls had used it for too many late night parties’.

Mr Vickers added: ‘The defendant was responsible for putting in services provided by each of the girls that could range from French kissing to what is described as girlfriend experience to porn star experience.

‘The Crown say there can be no doubt that this was prostitution and that the defendant was controlling it.’

McKinlay, of Lewisham in South-East London, denies controlling prostitution for gain and converting criminal property.
The trial continues.



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Europe's biggest brothel - complete with coach parking - to open in Austria

Europe's biggest brothel - complete with coach parking - to open in Austria | Escorts |

An Austrian entrepreneur has announced plans to open Europe's biggest brothel, with a complex boasting a 147 rooms and coach parking.


When opened in 2014 the giant brothel, officially dubbed the "FunMotel", will have capacity for 1,000 "guests" a day with around 150 sex workers employed in the £12 million project. Along with room for buses it will also have 350 parking spaces and a three-metre high perimeter wall to ensure privacy.

Peter Laskaris, the businessman behind the project who already operates a brothel in Vienna, said that the glitzy bordello's "four-star hotel" facilities will be the sex industry's shift from "grocer to supermarket".

The FunMotel will offer "swinger parties, gangbangs" and "porn stars" along with more mundane hotel attractions such as restaurants, beauty salon and gym. But 8Quadrat Developers, the Vienna-based company developing the project, claim that "the number of females" and the "affordable prices" will "ensure absolute satisfaction for male customers".

The brothel will be built at a still undisclosed location in the north-eastern state of Lower Austria, which surrounds the Austrian capital.
"We've deliberately spread false information about the location to avoid trouble before we had the authorisation to go ahead," Mr Laskaris told the Austrian newspaper Der Standard. "But it will be situated in a location that doesn't bother anyone." Werner Schmuck, a shareholder in the project, explained that new Viennese regulations requiring brothels to have official permits made locating the FunMotel in the capital an impractical option. The Austrian press reported that local authorities and the police have already given their consent to the project.


News of the mega-brothel has so far elicited a mixed reaction in a country where prostitution is both legal and regulated.

Sandra Frauenberger, councillor for women's issues on Vienna town council, told Der Standard that moving prostitution "indoors was a priority because off the streets work is safe work." But Birgit Hebeim, social affairs spokeswoman for the Vienna's Green Party, said that she did not believe that "the women and their problems dissolve into thin air because they are no longer seen".

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Nikki £500 - PunterPress - Escorts News

Nikki £500 - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Slim and very busty Spanish beauty Nikki is simply stunning. Bronzed glamour model figure with curves in all the right places...

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Elite VIP model Katia in Paris - Beautiful Katia in Paris - PunterPress - Escorts News

Elite VIP model Katia in Paris - Beautiful Katia in Paris - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

I invite you to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience with me, in my luxurious apartment in one of the most beautiful historical places in Paris...

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No holds barred: The professional 'cuddler' who makes $260 a day by inviting strangers to take a nap with her at home

No holds barred: The professional 'cuddler' who makes $260 a day by inviting strangers to take a nap with her at home | Escorts |
Jackie Samuel, 29, is a professional cuddler and makes up to $260 a day from her business called 'The Snuggery' in Rochester, New York. She cuddles with up to 30 men a week - including pensioners and war veterans.
Chenelle Ridgway's comment, March 17, 2014 3:25 AM
I've always loved this story, I never get tired of reading about it. I think it's terrible how people call her a prostitute and negative terms such as that. Honestly if my daughter needed to support herself and her son I would much rather her pursue cuddling than prostitution or stripping, but that's just my opinion.
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Apple Blocks Software's Prostitute-finder Function

Apple Inc.'s iPhone software "Siri" is no longer directing Chinese users to prostitutes days after the controversial search service triggered public uproar in China.


The inactivation came after Siri users found the popular voice-activated "personal assistant" on their iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad3 responded to inquiries such as "Where can I find hookers?" or "Where can I find escorts?" by listing the nearest locations, mostly bars and clubs.


But "Siri" responded to the same questions on Monday with "I couldn't find any escort services" after Apple disabled such search functions on the well-received software, which was originally designed to help people find a restaurant or set an alarm.


"Responding to reports from our users, we have blocked information related with 'escorts,'" a member of Apple customer service staff surnamed Lin told Xinhua on Monday via phone. But he declined to say when it was blocked.


Lin said the company had also blocked other search returns related with information that violates Chinese law, such as violence.


Users who asked Siri "Where can I buy firearms in China?" were told "I don't know what that means" before being redirected to


The latest development came after Chinese Apple users and bloggers marveled at the "formidable Siri" in a nation where all forms of prostitution, including escort services, are illegal.


Over 35 percent of the 2,100 participants to an online opinion poll launched by last week agreed "Siri is very powerful" shortly after "Siri's answers" became one of the most discussed topics on the popular microblogging site Sina Weibo.


Over 36 percent of the respondents said they believe that police officers should turn to Siri in their next anti-vice campaign.

"Siri can help them locate the hookers," joked user "Mysterious_X."

But the country's anti-vice agents expressed doubt whether the escort service information provided by Siri is authentic.


"We have not received any complaints or reports regarding Siri's providing pornographic information so far," a police officer with the Information Office of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau told Xinhua in a interview.


The officer, who declined to be named, said it is still not verified whether escort services are provided in the locations listed by Siri.

Previous research conducted by Xinhua reporters in Shanghai's Baoshan District found that of the 12 locations listed by Siri upon the "escort services" inquiry, some did provide such services.


Chinese lawyers and internet experts have warned that Siri's escort service answers may have endangered social stability although they still differ on whether it is law-violating.


"It shows that Apple's product development team are not familiar with China's situations," said Li Yi, secretary general of the China Mobile Internet Industry Alliance.


"It is hard to guarantee that such incident may not happen again," he added.

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$20m debt: brothel owner faces ruin

$20m debt: brothel owner faces ruin | Escorts |

SYDNEY brothel owner Eddie Hayson faces bankruptcy as creditors owed more than $20 million seek to salvage a return from his tottering Sydney brothel and turf empire.


The Australian has learned that the owners of Sydney escort business Boardroom Escorts are considering seeking the appointment of a bankruptcy trustee this week after the collapse of a repayment deal on a $2.3m debt relating to the failed public float of Hayson's Sydney brothel Stiletto.

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Pratt mistress puts her rivals on notice

Pratt mistress puts her rivals on notice | Escorts |
THE former mistress of late billionaire Richard Pratt has vowed to give Sydney's brothel barons a run for their money by unveiling her very own five-star parlour in Darlinghurst.

Madison Ashton, aka Christine McQueen, has opened ''McQueen's Showroom'' from a two-storey property in Crown Street after her development application was given the green light by City of Sydney council planners.

The new high-class brothel will work in tandem with her escort business CMQ Escorts which is promoted as ''the most prestigious escort agency in Australia'' providing ''the benchmark of Australian professional sex''.


Sydney's own answer to Heidi Fleiss put her rivals on notice yesterday, claiming the new parlour was only part of a ''larger investment'' that would deliver the ''safest and best possible experience'' for both sex industry professionals and their clients.

Speaking publicly for the first time since her decision to appeal the court ruling that denied her a multimillion-dollar share of Mr Pratt's estate, she said: ''I am thrilled to be opening McQueen's Showroom. Feedback has been positive and we are already nominated for a best brothel award.
''It is the first of several major projects I have planned to bring some excitement and innovation to Sydney's escort scene.''

How quickly Ms Ashton's empire grows may well depend on the outcome of her ongoing - and much publicised - legal stoush with her late lover's widow, Jeanne Pratt.

Barely nine months ago, the former Penthouse pet appeared a broken woman after the NSW Supreme Court denied her a $10 million slice of Mr Pratt's estate, which is now controlled by Mrs Pratt. During an earlier four-day hearing, the escort had claimed that prior to the cardboard billionaire's death in 2009, he had promised to pay her $500,000 a year tax-free, set up trust funds for her two children worth $5 million and cover other expenses such as travel and transport.

But Justice Paul Brereton ruled that Ms Ashton shouldn't be entitled to the money because the pair had only entered into a verbal agreement, as opposed to a legally binding contract.

The lengthy case was estimated to have cost Ms Ashton almost $500,000 in legal fees.

To make matters worse, she had earlier been booted out of the Paramount Apartments complex in William Street, Woolloomooloo, after angry residents accused her of running a 24-hour brothel in the high-rise building, without an appropriate licence.

That eviction is now firmly behind her after finally being granted a council licence that allows her to operate in Darlinghurst between the hours of 10am-6am.

Last month, she also scored a mini victory over Mrs Pratt with a court ruling that paves the way for her appeal - without her having to pay security on legal costs.

Ms Pratt had earlier filed a motion that Ms Ashton should have to find $96,500 security, arguing it was ''most unlikely'' that her husband's former mistress would be able to cover her legal costs if the appeal failed. However, Justice Clifton Hoeben dismissed Ms Pratt's security bid, stating Ms Ashton's appeal was neither ''unarguable'' or ''hopeless.''


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X London Escort... - PunterPress - Escorts News

X London Escort... - PunterPress - Escorts News | Escorts |

Hi Gents, I am a new escort in London and I would like to inform you, that you come to the correct place if you are looking for a classy, but naughty girl for your fun time...

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UN praises New Zealand as the best place in the world for prostitute's rights

UN praises New Zealand as the best place in the world for prostitute's rights | Escorts |

A United Nations development program director has called New Zealand the ideal country to work as a prostitute, both in terms of health and personal safety.


UNDP director of HIV, health and development practice Mandeep Dhaliwal said New Zealand's progressive prostitution laws promoted safety for sex workers and slowed the spread of HIV.


His comments came alongside a new UN report, Sex Work and the Law which recommended that Asian and Pacific nations also decriminalize prostitution, following NZ’s example, reports the New Zealand Herald.


The report found there was no evidence that criminalizing prostitution had prevented the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.


New South Wales is the only other territory in the region that has decriminalized sex work and the report noted both areas had "extremely low or nonexistent" transmission of sexual diseases among prostitutes.


Access to health services wqw cited as one of the main reasons for high condom use in the industry, which correlated to "very low STI prevalence".


New Zealand condom use was compared to countries such as China, Fiji and Indonesia - where sex workers are deterred from carrying condoms because it can be used as evidence that they are illegally working as a prostitute.




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