Weird World: Bizarre 'panty face' fetish fashion trend sees Japanese girls wearing knickers on head | Escorts |

Superman is famed for donning scarlet undies over his blue superhero suit, and now it seems the fad for wearing pants other than under your trousers has hit the Japanese fashion world.

A new craze for wearing pants across the wearer’s face is chronicled in the book Kaopan, the literal translation of kao meaning face andpantsu being panties.

The inspiration for this bizarre fashion statement lies with the film adaptation of comedy manga series Hentai Kamen.

It centres on the titular character who wears nothing other than a pair of knickers on his face and a banana hammock to protect his, erm banana.

The photo book documents how you can adopt this bizarre craze in everyday life; while studying, socialising with friends and even when swimming.

“Whether this is a fetish that has existed for some time or whether the movie has spurred it on is anyone’s guess,” reported a bemused Rocket News writer.

You can get your mitts on a copy of Kapoan on Amazon, but if you’re more interested in the exploits of Hentai Kamen in his new film, check out the trailer below.