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Percepções e reflexões do quotidiano educativo sob uma perspetiva antropológica
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The Future of Learning: Compelling, Customized, Connected & Competency-Based

The Future of Learning: Compelling, Customized, Connected & Competency-Based | Era Digital - um olhar ciberantropológico |
There is an emerging opportunity to boost student achievement and improve working for teachers here in the U.S--and a huge opportunity to expand access to quality learning to every young person on earth.

Via Gust MEES
Lisa Marie Blaschke's curator insight, June 14, 11:34 PM

Compelling, customized (I like personalized better, but it's not a "C")' connected, and competency-based lea earning will all be a part of the future of learning. And as learners become more independent and are given an environment that supports freedom of exploration, they will also become more self-determined. Sounds like Heutagogy!

Betty Skeet's curator insight, June 15, 4:54 AM

Expanding access to quality learning...for every young person on earth?

Kathy Lynch's curator insight, June 15, 10:22 AM

Thx to Gust Mees

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Dynamic Learning Networks Expand Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration in Leading Companies | PRWEB

Brandon Hall Group released this week The Shifting Workforce: Driving Development with Dynamic Learning Networks, a research paper that details how four leading companies are expanding their corporate learning environments to encompass structured knowledge sharing, collaboration, peer coaching, and experience-based connections.

Via Peter B. Sloep, Frederic DOMON, manuel area, Jesús Salinas, juandoming
Peter B. Sloep's curator insight, June 28, 2013 6:37 AM

The term 'research paper' is somewhat of a misnomer, that is, if you expect a paper in which factual claims are backed by data and the heritage of the ideas put forth is acknowledged by referring to people who first published those ideas. Although they do claim the paper is based on interviews with people at the companies, the ideas they describe about social learning, about learning in communities, about peer support are not attributed to anyone and seem to originate from the Brandon Hall research group. Even if the paper ostensibly serves marketing purposes, I find this reprehensible. But setting such quibbles aside, the Brandon Hall report is valuable and interesting as it makes a plea for professional networked learning and describes peer support as a powerful means to facilitate such learning. It does so by examining four large companies who have embraced networked learning.


For those of you who are familiar with professional networked learning, the paper contains not so much novelty. What caught my attention, though, is their attempt to blend informal development and knowledge sharing with formal training. Thus the companies have deployed a platform (®River) for networked learning through peers who engage in community formation  (for which the report seems to be a plug), but they also retain their LMS. Another thing that struck me is the pivotal role they attribute to competencies. Whether learning informally in the network or formally in the LMS, employee development is gauged in terms of competency development. Although there certainly is a place for that, lists of competencies rapidly  become a straightjacket. Either people refrain from learning new things (knowledge creation) altogether or if they do it remains under the company's radar. Neither, I would say, is in the company's interest (@pbsloep)


NB This scoop refers to a press release about said report. It contains a link to the report itself, which you may download after leaving your contact.

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The 7 characteristics of a digitally competent teacher

The 7 characteristics of a digitally competent teacher | Era Digital - um olhar ciberantropológico |
Being a proper digitally competent teacher is not as simple as picking up an iPhone and tweeting. You need to be a good digital citizen, understand privacy, and more. In an effort to clarify and explain some of the most important characteristics that a digitally competent teacher must have, we whipped up this fun visual. [...]

Via Gust MEES, Paul West
Vilma Galstaun's curator insight, June 12, 4:34 PM

Some important issues to consider when preparing for becoming ICT literate and competent.

Enrique Robles's curator insight, June 13, 7:36 AM

very very good

Library@NYP's curator insight, June 13, 7:57 AM

The teacher has to be digitally savvy to engage next generation students.

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What Is Competency-Based Education?

What Is Competency-Based Education? | Era Digital - um olhar ciberantropológico |
The most important characteristic of competency-based education is that it measures learning rather than time. Students progress by demonstrating their competence, which means they prove that they have mastered the knowledge.


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Via Gust MEES
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