Breathtaking Colors of the Sky - My Modern Metropolis | Epic pics |

While Austria-based photographer Edgar Moskopp has almost an endless amount of incredible landscape shots, the ones where he brings out the vibrant colors of the sky are the ones we just can't get enough of. While he's been taking pictures since he was just 15-years-old, it wasn't until he got his first DSLR, back only five years ago, that he truly fell in love with photography.


Moskopp uses a variety of programs to bring out the colors in his photos and he's open to sharing his process. "As the majority of my shots are HDR-shots, the first software my photos run through is usually Photomatix Pro," he tells us. "I will then import the resulting HDR-images into Lightroom, sort them and do basic adjustments. I then take the images into Photoshop to do the final adjustments."