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In 2012, 70% of the American working population is either actively disengaged or not engaged - per Gallup's most recent report. Active disengagement is costing U.S. companies an estimated $450 to $550 billion annually. Today, business leaders must collaborate with their Human Resource (HR) partners to address these stunning and frankly company crippling employee engagement trends. To effectively engage all stakehoulders, employee collaboration and social business transformation must be ingrained, and championed, throughout the organizational fabric.

I believe that Human Resources is one of the most important functions in business, poised to lead social business transformation and true, lasting and meaningful employee engagement initiatives. In a knowledge sharing and hyper connected economy, finding, engaging, and keeping talent is the only way companies can compete and win. In my book "The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence" I credited our company's success and growth to our ability to cultivate a culture of gratitude and accountability. We accomplished business growth because our company leaders were able to partner with a strong, customer focused, HR organization.


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