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Entrepreneurship in the World
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Scooped by Samuel Pavin

8 Hats entrepreneurs often wear

8 Hats entrepreneurs often wear | Entrepreneurship in the World | Scoop.it

Entrepreneurs creating companies are often the only ones in the company at the start.

Samuel Pavin's insight:

A quickly-read article but a point to be made again (and a piece of advice for all entrepreneurs) that an entrepreneur is not only a guy with an idea.

There is usually quite a skillset required to not only found but also run a company - be it a startup or a well-established one.

taniaATenthuse.me's comment, August 21, 2013 9:11 AM
Thanks for sharing Samuel. As always, a nice read, especially for the inexperienced entrepreneurs!
taniaATenthuse.me's curator insight, August 21, 2013 11:09 AM

Entrepreuneurs are expected to perform multiple tasks while starting their own business. Diversity in the roles and tasks they have to undertake is unavoidable. 

Taffy Williams mentions 8 hats an entrepreneur may wear over the life of her or his business:





5_Teacher & Writer

6_PR & IR



Scooped by Samuel Pavin

6 Small Business ‘Hiring Hacks’

6 Small Business ‘Hiring Hacks’ | Entrepreneurship in the World | Scoop.it
Finding and hiring top talent is critical to a small company’s growth and success, yet this is just one of many hats worn by small business leaders. So how does one find quality talent when it’s a part-time job?
Samuel Pavin's insight:

[People special] A last bit about this "people" topic and the finding of the right person.
I stumbled upon this short piece, shared by Guy Kawasaki, and I think it does complement the ones I have shared previously.
Especially, from a very personal point of view, I not only strongly agree to but also recommend point 2.
Even from a formal interview point of view, just get out and discover who you are really facing (I always remember a point made in a study by a U.S. university - sadly can not put my hands on this one which I had not kept in the first place - that more than half of the good candidates for a job do actually suck during their interview. And usually, the ones performing are the arrogant people who are bound to suck at doing the job - but are so confident they are good that they do look good).
Disrupting the usual scheme might help get the best out of the people best-suited for a job.
From my own experience, the best interview I had in my younger days actually happened on a sunny bar terrace in Paris, sipping a beer and chatting about the job.
Sounds cool. Indeed. But I have retained that experience since then as it does also allow to upset people coming far too prepared for an interview and, at the same time, helps people get over the standard interview stress and allow for a proper dicussion.
Disruption is fancy at the moment. Let's disrupt the interviews and hiring processes. 

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