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Rescooped by Alain Theriault MBA from Social Marketing Revolution

Social Media Marketing's Top 10 Benefits via Forbes

Social Media Marketing's Top 10 Benefits via Forbes | Entrepreneurial Coaching | Scoop.it

Ten Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1. Increased Brand Recognition.

2. Improved brand loyalty.

3. More Opportunities to Convert.

4. Higher conversion rates.

5. Higher Brand Authority.

6. Increased Inbound Traffic.

7. Decreased Marketing Costs

8. Better Search Engine Rankings

9. Richer Customer Experiences.

10. Improved Customer Insights

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Jakarta Web Developer's curator insight, August 12, 2014 9:57 AM

Social Media Marketing's Top 10 Benefits via Forbes

Jakarta Web Developer's curator insight, August 12, 2014 10:23 AM

Social Media Marketing's Top 10 Benefits via Forbes

Stephen Van Delinder's curator insight, August 12, 2014 11:43 AM

I agree with Marty (@ScentTrail) on this one. Social Media Marketing will probably not lower your costs if you are doing it correctly. The rest of this is spot on. Your competition may or may not already be utilizing social, but either way it is something you need to be doing. The real beauty is customer availability, whether your competition is social or not, virtually all of your customers are. Social gives you the opportunity to start a dialogue with them in real time where they already are in a non-intrusive way. When used correctly, the results can far exceed this list of 10. 


Companies also have more opportunities to be creative when outreaching on social. Traditional email outreach open rates are typically around 20% depending on the industry (http://support2.constantcontact.com/articles/FAQ/2499); but I've conducted guerrilla outreach on social platforms that exceeded 90% response rates. There's really no reason not to utilize social in a B2C model. 

Rescooped by Alain Theriault MBA from Startup Revolution

Startups Avoid the Talking To Yourself About Yourself Blackhole

Startups Avoid the Talking To Yourself About Yourself Blackhole | Entrepreneurial Coaching | Scoop.it

Popping Startup Bubble
As we create our Triangle Startup Factory funded startup called Curagami (http://www.curagami.com) we operate largely in self imposed bubble. Books such as The Lean Startup explain the need to get OUT THERE working with customers to create validated learning as soon as possible.

We can see why. Problem solving can be solipsistic. Problems can create more problems on into infinity. Since our tool is about know what content matters and why the irony of falling into the problem black hole would be crippling. Here are a few ideas for how to break out of the startup bubble:

* Work with "beta customers" who are almost part of your team but running businesses your tool can help (such as Moon-Audio and Vestique for Curagami).

* Start forming community ASAP. We stumbled a little on this when our Curator Contest got swamped with my need to have chemo again. We ill get back on the horse because forming community is a CSF (Critical Success Factor).

* Create Key Performance Indicators for EXTERNAL validation metrics such as whitepaper downloads, unique visitors, time on site and email list growth.

* Curate content from a wide range of experts and sources because curation is easier and cheaper than content creation, more relevant to what is happening now and it helps your brand because you gain in authority by curating content from authorities.

* Define your "competitive space" BROADLY. Don't just look directly across the table discover who and what is competing for your customers mindshare and then steal the good stuff and lead with asynchronous marketing.

* Find a universal topic such as seasonality (locally "universal" and others can easily empathize with HOT and COLD) and the weather.

* Create asynchronous marketing and if that sounds disruptive and as if you should blow shit up you are getting the idea. Sometimes you should do some strange things JUST TO SEE how they blow up. Try not to blow up the good stuff :).

When startups do any two of those ideas they are less likely to fall into the talking to themselves about themselves black hole that can easily swallow a startup whole.

The link to Google Plus shares more information about how to use universal signals to create empathy and community:

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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