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MarkLogic - Enterprise NoSQL Database
Next generation big data, requires a next generation database
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What is MarkLogic?

What is MarkLogic? | MarkLogic - Enterprise NoSQL Database |



Dominic Spitz's insight:

→ Enterprise NoSQL Database Technology:

For more than a decade, MarkLogic has delivered a powerful and trusted enterprise-grade NoSQL database that enables organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information. Key features include ACID transactions, horizontal scaling, real-time indexing, high availability, disaster recovery, government-grade security, and more

→ Best Big Data Search:

Big Data is only valuable if you can find the information that is critical to your organization’s success. Searching across different data types — text, images, date/time, geospatial, and currencies — from multiple, disparate systems is difficult, and often requires weeks of data manipulation and normalization. Only when you have the power to search across all your data are you able to get the full value out of your information. With MarkLogic, you can easily add new information, index “as-is,” and get up to date sub-second search results.

→ Application Development:


Application development teams continually face challenges around costs, resources, time-to-market, feature completeness, and quality. Tools that promote rapid development and best practices are critical for meeting the stringent requirements of application initiatives. With the growing challenge of managing unstructured information and Big Data, development efficiency and effectiveness are more important than ever. You can quickly develop advanced database applications that search through terabytes of information to store and retrieve any type of data, using MarkLogic’s rich application development tools and APIs.

→ Analytics & Business Intelligence:


Big Data opens up the potential for predictive analysis, competitive and customer intelligence, sentiment analysis, social media surveillance, and so much more. However, not every Big Data technology platform supports real-time Business Intelligence

→ Get Inside the Brains of MarkLogic - MarkLogic Architecture:

Fast, agile, and scalable – that’s what makes MarkLogic the leading database for unstructured information. It fuses together database internals, search-style indexing, and application server behaviors into a unified system. It uses XML documents as its data model, and stores the documents within a transactional repository. It indexes the words and values from each of the loaded documents, as well as the document structure.

→ Real-time Your Hadoop:

Get the best of real-time Big Data Applications with the benefits of batch processing and archival storage by combining Hadoop with MarkLogic. The MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop allows you to easily move data between MarkLogic and Hadoop within applications, creating opportunities to identify new business insights


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Scooped by Dominic Spitz!

Big Data -- Ready, Set, Go! New SGI(R) DataRaptor(TM) With MarkLogic(R) Database is Having Big Data for Lunch

Big Data -- Ready, Set, Go! New SGI(R) DataRaptor(TM) With MarkLogic(R) Database is Having Big Data for Lunch | MarkLogic - Enterprise NoSQL Database |

MarkLogic Corporation, provider of the enterprise NoSQL database, and SGI (Nasdaq:SGI), the trusted leader in technical computing and provider of Hadoop® Big Data solutions, today announced the SGI® DataRaptor™ with MarkLogic® database. An integrated and optimized hardware and software solution, SGI DataRaptor is designed to make it faster and easier for organizations to generate reliable, scalable and secure Big Data results.

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