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Scooped by Paul Aneja - eTrends

Top 10 most noteworthy enterprise IT architecture stories of the year

Top 10 most noteworthy enterprise IT architecture stories of the year | Enterprise Architecture ◭ Tech Strategy | Scoop.it
Deciding between SOAP and REST Web services for enterprise IT architecture isn't simple because there are benefits and downsides to each.
Paul Aneja - eTrends's insight:

Top Enterprise IT Architcture stories of the year. 


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Rescooped by Paul Aneja - eTrends from Tech Revolution 3.0

How to avoid bad IT architecture

Take a tip from the cloud vendors: Thinking in terms of services is a good way to ensure your IT architecture isn't accidental...


Bad IT architecture: Solutions:

* Characterize the architecture
* Inventory deficiencies with the current state (such as the first eight of the nine symptoms)
* Understand the factors driving change to the current state
* Design a target architecture
* Integrate ETAM into every IT methodology and practice that affects the technical architecture (pretty much all of them)
* Change the IT culture -- and to a significant extent the culture of the rest of the business as well -- so that good architecture is how we do things around here.



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