In Pursuit of Personalized Learning | Ensino, Aprendizagem & Tecnologia |

The complex needs of our 21st century learners are driving our education systems to a new focus on personalized learning. Articles, videos and blogs with impressive examples of personalized learning are flooding the media. Many examples involve uses of technology that amaze and motivate us to move forward in that direction, but what can we do in the meantime? Are there basic shifts in focus we can take to move us forward without weeks of PD or specialized training?


The four descriptions in this blog help to clarify PL and identify some strategies that foster this preferred way of learning. These strategies are already evident in our classrooms and with more emphasis can be used as a springboard to greater personalized learning opportunities.


1. "Teaching students HOW to think instead of WHAT to think"

2. "Opening the door to Choices"

3. "Creating collaborative cultures"

4. "Showcasing the Learning Process"

Via Kathleen McClaskey, juandoming