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Rescooped by Cíntia Rabello from Teaching in the XXI Century

Personalize Learning: The Toolkit

Personalize Learning: The Toolkit | Ensino, Aprendizagem & Tecnologia | Scoop.it

How do you personalize learning? First you need to know what personalized learning is. Here is a new site that provides resources, research, models, examples, and stories. This page provides a toolkit that can help your organization begin personalizing learning to meet the needs of all learners. 


Check out the chart that compares Personalization, Differentiation, and Indivdiualization. You can download the chart and a report that explains the details of the chart.  The Three Stages of Personalized Learning Environments can help you determine where you are in personalizing learning. 


Universal Design for Learning (UDL) provides the framework in personalizing learning for all learners. UDL also guides the design of the Personal Learner Profile[TM]. It provides the UDL lens to select the appropriate tools for the Personal Learning Backpack[TM]. UDL guides how Personalized Learning meets the Common Core. 

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Personalized Learning Toolkit

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Have to study this for the upcoming year!

Rescooped by Cíntia Rabello from Teaching in the XXI Century

Digital Learning should be Personalized Learning

Digital Learning should be Personalized Learning | Ensino, Aprendizagem & Tecnologia | Scoop.it

Learning is most effective when it’s personalised. That happens when people feel they are participants in their own learning, shaping what and how they learn, and able to articulate its value to them.

Via Smaragda Papadopoulou, João Greno Brogueira
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