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Como as TICs podem contribuir para a educação
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Top 10 Tips to Use Word Clouds in eLearning - eLearning Industry

Top 10 Tips to Use Word Clouds in eLearning - eLearning Industry | Ensino, Aprendizagem & Tecnologia | Scoop.it
Word clouds are ideal for eLearning professionals who are looking for ways to visually represent text, whether this is content within an eLearning course or writings of the learners. Color and size can be used to denote a word's level of importance within the cloud, which helps learners to acquire and retain significant ideas (i.e. bolded words) more effectively. While word clouds are often associated with language arts eLearning courses, they can actually be used in virtually any eLearning setting.

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online4ed's curator insight, October 16, 2014 11:48 PM
Love using this in research classes.
Ness Crouch's curator insight, July 2, 10:16 PM

I love using word clouds. They have so many great opportunities for learning. I've used them for brainstorming, spelling, art and presentations. 

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What to test instead

What to test instead | Ensino, Aprendizagem & Tecnologia | Scoop.it
When Harvard University announced last month that it was investigating 125 students for cheating on a take-home exam, most of the ensuing public fuss focused on the students: whether they were kids...

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