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We at EnglishCentral are here to help teachers and have a staff that has been in the English language classroom and knows what it takes to succeed there. We’d like to remind teachers (but stu...
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Learning English on one’s own can be difficult and overwhelming. With all the things that you have to study and do to master the language, it is effectual to have someone help you focus, one ...
Why use video to learn English? A debate.
Here is an article that appeared in the recent magazine – The English Connection. It is in the form of an email debate between a teacher in Korea, Michael Griffin and David Deubelbeiss, the D...
Disruptive Innovations
I have finally got around to reading my copy of Clayton Christensen’s “The Innovative University“. I’ve long followed his very clear minded theory and arguments about &#8220...
How Halloween Came to Be - EnglishCentral.com
A storyteller traces back the origins of this thrilling October event.
Making a Princess Costume for Halloween
A man shares different ways to make an eye-catching princess costume.