Men Of The Year: Aamir Khan | English Usage for French Insights |

In 2003, when Coca Cola faced flak from a non-governmental agency for pesticide and insecticide content in their drinks, the company chose Aamir to clarify their stand. The actor certified the safety levels of the product he endorsed on television. The general perception was that the star had to service his client: they paid him money. Aamir says he could have cancelled his advertising contract with Coca Cola and become a national hero overnight, for fighting for public health against a multinational giant. But he didn’t. Without the company’s knowledge, he had all claims of Coca Cola independently verified by his lawyers through a neutral laboratory. Once convinced, he spoke the truth. His argument was simple: pesticides and insecticides were not being added to make Coca Cola, they already existed in the water used to make the soft drink. That was the same water we drank, and the same water we used for agriculture. Since the water goes through five levels of treatment to manufacture Coca Cola, there were considerably fewer pesticides in the cola than in the water we drink and the food we consume.