The Teacher’s Quick Guide To Pinterest | Edudemic | English teaching 101 |

Pinterest, created in 2009 and launched in March of 2010, has been ranked 10th out of the top visited social networking sites across the world, allowing users to search for pins with a specific theme or subject. According to Pearson (2011), teachers can easily bookmark or “pin” lesson plans across the web for a later date, organize resources for the classroom, share unique ideas, and allow for collaboration with students, parents, and colleagues. A good example of pinning can be found in a blog-post entitled 30 Inspiring Pinterest Pins for Teachers (2012) where the author shares 30 specific pin boards covering everything from arts and crafts to methods of classroom management through visually stimulating images. While perusing these ideas, I decided to create a group board for my own students to collaborate with one another and other teachers from around the world.

Via Raul Kohl