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Scooped by Mary Perfitt-Nelson

Creating Environments for Learning: Essential Readings

Creating Environments for Learning:  Essential Readings | Engagement Based Teaching and Learning | Scoop.it
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Mary Perfitt-Nelson's insight:

Seven essential articles to get you thinking about the Cultural Force:  Environment.  The environment can be improved, inexpensively, to create more opportunities for thinking and learning.  


This packet was given to participants at the Culture of Thinking (Cohort 2) learning event by Ron Richhart on May 18, 2013 (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan).  For more information:  http://blog.oakland.k12.mi.us/cot/



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Rescooped by Mary Perfitt-Nelson from Teacher Tips & Tools

Teachers’ Ultimate Guide to Using Videos | MindShift

Teachers’ Ultimate Guide to Using Videos | MindShift | Engagement Based Teaching and Learning | Scoop.it

"With one billion monthly users (and growing), YouTube's popularity is a pretty clear indication that video is a powerful medium. And kids' unrelenting fascination with videos is motivating many educators to find ways to leverage them for all kinds of purposes."

Via Beth Dichter, Tracy Shaw
Beth Dichter's curator insight, March 27, 2013 7:06 PM

If you are looking for a great guide on using videos in our classroom check out this post and download this Teachers' Guide to Using Videos. The guide is split into the following sections:

* 5 Awesome Sites for Instructional Videos

* 6 Excellent Sites that Supplement your Lessons

* What’s Good? Curating and Evaluating Video Content

* Blending Videos into your Curriculum – This section looks at:

     Ignite Conversations

     Pique Interest, Create Perplexity and Inspire Inquiry!

     Flip Your Classroom: Extend and Engage!

     Exercises for Flipped Classrooms

     Demonstrate Labs, Experiments and Abstract Concepts

     Opportunities for Publishing

     Ten Great Examples of Educational Videos

The post ends with this statement: "You’ll find a slew of valuable resources, including video links for all kinds of subjects — history, math, science, language arts, and more — and ideas on how to inspire students to use videos as a conduit to dig in, ask questions, and learn." Take the time to download the pdf (available at the site).


Paige Jaeger 's curator insight, March 28, 2013 5:52 AM

Video's should enhance instruction, not supplant it.  However, some videos do a better job than teachers do.  Interesting guide and be sure to follow the links.  We like to suggest that videos "activate thinking"  and compel students to come up with further questions.  This is very common core, as the students then would have to "research and investigate" to build knowledge and have an evidence-based discussion!